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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
The patch notes listed below pertain to the Desktop version Desktop version.
Added items are likely included in Console version Console version and Mobile version Mobile version as well. Bug fixes for Console and Mobile can be found in Console history and Mobile history, respectively. was a hotfix update for the Desktop version released on November 10, 2020.

Changes and Adjustments

  • Localization should now be updated to fully include 1.4.1 content. Special thanks to Criddle and Midnaait for additional contributions in regards to localization changes!
  • Reverted Town NPC House/Village check distance increase. This was doubled in 1.4.1, and has now been returned to 1.4 levels.
  • NPC Happiness now gives the "Space" bonus for 3-NPC towns. Previously, there was neither a bonus nor a penalty at 3 NPCs, but this was perceived as a penalty, so its been changed.
  • Skeletron Prime's bombs now explode on Planter Boxes (like they were changed to do on Platforms)
  • Capes now show when sitting or riding mounts. This was previously limited due to conflicts, but feedback indicated it was worth the potential awkwardness at times to have the option.
  • Queen Slime's minions can now drop Slime Staff at normal drop rates
  • Clicking anywhere on the creative/bestiary menu will pause searching. This should make the UI more intuitive and result in being accidentally "stuck" in the textbar less common.
  • Updated Timeless Traveler sprites, as the sprites being used were accidentally out of date versions
  • Spectre Goggles no longer override helmets entirely, as they are not full head accessories and were not meant to do so

Bug Fixes

  • Attempting a music-related fix for an issue where users cannot increase their music volume above 0%. This may also potentially fix some seemingly unrelated launch crashes which actually stem from the same root issue.
  • Fixed an issue with Happiness values that was causing them to round down heavily, negating minor differences and making it harder to reach certain thresholds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crowded penalty for only 1 NPC was acting like there were 2 extra NPCs, making it start more severely than intended
  • Fixed a back-end issue that prevented the Chinese localization for 1.4 being added to the game correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Ronin set would not show fireflies on a female character
  • Fixed an issue where player skin became much brighter under some circumstances, such as using some Light Pets
  • Fixed another syncing issue with Cracked Dungeon Bricks, which should resolve the teleporting enemies in Dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where increasing time rate in Journey mode would make the Credits run very fast on the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where certain parts of the credits roll did not support texture packs and could result in a crash
  • Fixed Life Drain not costing mana to use in PVP
  • Fixed a fault in the Prismatic Lacewing sprite file that caused severe issues for a small minority of Linux users
  • Fixed Princess discussing bosses/threats that hadn't been defeated yet
  • Fixed Princess's party hat not being on her head correctly
  • Fixed Video Visage's screen being offset when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue where some Vanity ears would show the back-ear in the wrong position when sitting
  • Fixed an issue where Tail accessories did not adjust their height correctly when sitting
  • Fixed an issue where certain hairs would "draw double" when sitting
  • Fixed a wide variety of NPC Dialogue, Bestiary, and Item Flavor Text grammatical/spelling/punctuation issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Town NPCs not teleporting into very tall/thin homes at night, or houses where chairs did not have sufficient space
  • Fixed Tall Hats having visual issues when riding a mount
  • Fixed a visual framing issue with the Bamboo Lantern
  • Fixed an issue where Stardust Guardian was no longer transparent when dyed
  • Fixed an issue where some critters would super jump while underwater
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs and Cats would sit in the same seat at night
  • Fixed an issue where Vanity Rocket Boot trails were inconsistently prioritized and not always showing the correct trail
  • Fixed an issue where Bones were still flagged as Ammo
  • Fixed an issue where Lunar Drills/Chainsaws were getting prefixes they shouldn't
  • Fixed an issue where the game did not Autopause in the Achievements menu
  • Fixed a sell value inconsistency introduced by 1.4.1's crafting cost change for Adamantite/Titanium Ore bars
  • Fixed an issue where Gamepad Master Mode slot visibility toggle did not work properly
  • Jousting Lances can no longer receive melee speed prefixes. They already could not benefit from Melee speed, but this fixes some bugs caused by Melee speed modifiers that impacted them.
  • Fixed an unusual exploit allowing you to force-teleport other players
  • Fixed some stat inaccuracies where several OOA armor's stats did not match their tooltips. Also made a few text adjustments to clarify specific damage types.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero's Shield was not giving its aggro boost
  • Fixed a minor visual issue with Tinkerer's Workshop where some of its pixels were not visible
  • Fixed Sky Dragon's Fury not animating when thrown on the ground
  • Fixed Sky Dragon's Fury's secondary fire not inflicting Flask debuffs
  • Fixed an issue where Souls in a Bottle were missing animation frames
  • Fixed an issue where Hair 6 and Hair 94 had a conflict with capes
  • Fixed an issue where Credits would scroll when paused
  • Town NPCs will only fire on enemies if that enemy can be targetted (ideally, no more Plantera Hooks and the like)
  • Fixed some inefficiency in Minion targetting that had performance impacts
  • Fixed some exploits/oversight related to Bee Hives, Bunny Cannons, and Antlion Eggs
  • Fixed an issue with enemy Bees attacking invincible enemies, such as the Mysterious Tablet.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling through Character Difficulty modes with Gamepad or WASD would follow a backwards order
  • Fixed a handful of item drop rates that were not properly affected by luck (mostly some OOA drops). Will not impact actual drop rates to much of a substantial degree.
  • Fixed an issue with a few leaf sprites that caused them to not correctly handle paint
  • Fixed an issue where most falling tile projectiles would fall through platforms, except for regular Sand. All of them now land on the platform, except hostile Sand ball projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue where some large texture items would scale down twice in chat
  • Fixed an issue where Reaper Hood's head texture had an offset frame
  • Fixed an issue where Robot Shirt worked with "hand" accessories, since its hands were incompatible with them. Robot Shirt and Pumpkin Shirt now do not work with Belt accessories either, for the same reason.
  • Fixed an issue where some texture sizes weren't updated in the code, which prevented texture packs of those sprites from working properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Paper Airplane projectile wasn't considered Ranged
  • Fixed an issue where Molotov Cocktail didn't gain Frost Armor's Frostburn debuff
  • Fixed an issue where Coin Gun would not prioritize Coin slots over Inventory slots
  • Fixed a crash stemming from using the Clinger Staff near the top of the world when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue with some helmets drawing incorrectly on the minimap when in reverse gravity
  • Fixed an issue where Brain of Cthulhu would despawn if there wasn't enough room to teleport
  • Fixed an issue where Paper Airplanes weren't correctly dropping in stacks

Balance Changes

Melee weapons

Brand of the Inferno
  • Use time decreased from 25 to 20 in light of recent buffs to similar tier weapons
Chlorophyte Claymore
  • Increased damage from 80 to 95 in light of recent buffs to similar tier weapons
Chlorophyte Saber
  • Increased damage from 48 to 57 in light of recent buffs to similar tier weapons
Christmas Tree Sword
  • Projectiles now deal 75% of the base damage instead of 50%

Ranged weapons

Super Star Shooter
  • Increased use time from 12 to 18.
  • Reduced damage from 70 to 60.
  • Note: Due to immune frame time, this will actually result in more consistent damage, and is actually a buff. The damage decrease was required to offset the significantly increased damage.

Magic weapons

Betsy's Wrath
  • Partially reverting damage buff from 1.4.1, reducing damage from 110 to 100

Summon weapons

Hornet Staff
  • Increased damage from 11 to 12 (building upon the initial increase in 1.4.1 from 9 to 11)
Vampire Frog Staff
  • Reverting damage buff from 1.4.1, reducing damage from 13 to 11. The AI/functionality changes from 1.4.1 have been more than sufficient on their own, and the extra damage was unneeded.
Imp Staff
  • Enemy immune frames caused by Imp attacks have been reduced from 10 to 6
Obsidian Armor
  • Reduced the Minion damage bonus on the helmet and legs from 9% to 8% each
  • Reduced the Minion damage increase on the set bonus from 25% to 15%
  • Reduced the Whip speed increase on the set bonus from 50% to 35%
Spider Staff
  • Summoning Spiders will now attempt to systematically summon the different types of spiders in order, rather than randomly. Due to immune frame schenanigans, this may result in more consistent damage, though it does not actually increase the maximum potential of the weapon.
Optic Staff
  • Enemy immune frames caused by Spazmamini and Retinamini attacks have been reduced from 16 to 12
  • Increased Spazmamini's movement speed while pursuing enemies
Deadly Sphere Staff
  • Enemy immune frames caused by Deadly Sphere attacks have been reduced from 10 to 8
  • Reduced explosion proc damage from 3x of minion base damage to 2.75x
Cool Whip
  • Cool Whip now inflicts Frostburn a short duration on hit
  • Increased the movement speed of the Snowflake minion by 50%
Desert Tiger
  • Now "bounces on" its current target if that target is in the air, staying more firmly latched on and dealing damage
  • Increased scaling damage per "minion slot" expended slightly (from 33% of base damage to 40% of base damage)
Rainbow Crystal Staff
  • Partially reverting the damage reduction in 1.4, increasing its damage from 80 to 130


Celestial Starboard
  • Made some adjustments to improve its handling, while still keeping the fix that made sure that Starboard got full dash distance
Star Cloaks
  • Only creates stars now when taking damage from enemy sources
Black Spot
  • Slightly increased acceleration, to slightly offset for the loss of overall speed in 1.4.1

Crafting Recipes

Chlorophyte Bars
  • Reduced crafting recipe from 6 to 5 ore per bar
Chlorophyte Bullets
  • Reduced crafting efficiency from 70 bullets per bar to 60 bullets per bar (to roughly maintain parity with the Bar crafting cost change)


Snow Flinx
Wall of Flesh
  • Removed its Poisoned immunity
Queen Bee
  • Added Poisoned immunity
Mourning Wood
  • Added Poisoned immunity
  • Added Poisoned immunity
Martian Probes
  • Added Poisoned immunity
Granite Golem/Elemental
  • Added On Fire! / Hellfire immunity
Frozen Zombies
Old One's Skeletons
  • Added Poisoned immunity

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