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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.
The patch notes listed below pertain to the Desktop version Desktop version.
Added items are likely included in Console version Console version and Mobile version Mobile version as well. Bug fixes for Console and Mobile can be found in Console history and Mobile history, respectively. fixed a few issues.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing Quick Stack to Nearby Chests from working with some chests
  • Fixed an issue where Favorited items in Void Bag would be placed into the player's inventory when Looting the Void Bag
  • Fixed an issue when Clentaminator solutions would break trees and cause them to drop the wrong wood
  • Fixed a typo in Ash Wood Breastplate's name (was "Ash Wood Breasplate" previously)
  • Fixed Royal Gel not protecting against Shimmer Slimes
  • Fixed an issue where Spear Range Boost Effects would have unreliable hit detection at high melee speeds
  • Fixed Bottled Honey not giving the Honey buff when used with Quick Heal
  • NPC Shops no longer update their discount price at all once the shop is open. Reenabled moving Greedy Ring/Discount Card in the accessory slots when the shop is open (since the price will no longer change dynamically)
  • Fixed Enchanted Moondial not recharging when Blood Moon/Solar Eclipse occur naturally
  • Fixed an issue where Shimmered items that create Fallen Stars would have the Fallen Stars vanish instantly during day. Additionally, Fallen Stars which are currently in the process of being "picked up" by a player will not vanish during day
  • Fixed an issue where Pearlsand Block was not properly flagged as a Material for some crafting recipes which took any Sand Blocks
  • Fixed Volcano's detonation sound playing for players very far away
  • Fixed Don't Starve death sounds not playing on Constant Seeds
  • Fixed an issue allowing you to switch loadouts while dead, Frozen, Webbed or Stoned
  • Fixed text issue with Fallen Starfish tooltip and Quest text giving the wrong location for fishing
  • Fixed a worldgen issue that would allow thin ice chasms to override Chests
  • Fixed the smart cursor outline of the Barrel not matching its shape
  • Minor updates to other language localization
  • Fixed a line of stray pixels on the Wand of Frosting sprite
  • Fixed an issue with Spear Range Boost Effects looking odd on Minecarts in some scenarios
  • Fixed Abigail's Flower being able to grow over and break a bunch of tiles it shouldn't be able to break
  • Fixed Gamepad Fast Use causing some items to be used indefinitely
  • Fixed Tortured Souls being able to pick up coins (who would want to give even MORE money to the tax man?)


  • A few items were set to be non-decraftable in Shimmer due to exploits
  • Reduced the sell value of Light Disc, Bananarang, Fairy Boots, and Hellfire Treads to be more reasonable
  • Fixed an issue with Sword Range Boost Effects not properly hitting behind the player, and generally improved their hit detection accuracy across the board
  • Fixed Blade of Grass Razor Leaves not inflicting Poisoned

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