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  • Book item spriteold Book item sprite
  • Book placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Placeable✔️ (1 wide × 1 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
Tooltip'It contains strange symbols'
RarityRarity level: 0
Research25 required

The Book is a crafting material used only to craft Bookcases and Pianos. Books can also be placed as decoration on Work Benches, Tables, or platforms. Books are obtained from the Dungeons' many shelves, where they can be freed with a Pickaxe.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, and Nintendo Switch version Nintendo Switch version, Books can be renewably obtained from Dungeon Crates or Stockade Crates, which can be fished out of the Dungeon. They can also be bought from the Wizard for 15.


Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Nebula BookcaseNebula BookcaseAncient ManipulatorAncient Manipulator
Nebula PianoNebula Piano
Solar BookcaseSolar Bookcase
Solar PianoSolar Piano
Stardust BookcaseStardust Bookcase
Stardust PianoStardust Piano
Vortex BookcaseVortex Bookcase
Vortex PianoVortex Piano
Bone BookcaseBone BookcaseBone WelderBone Welder
Bone PianoBone Piano
Lesion BookcaseLesion BookcaseDecay ChamberDecay Chamber
Lesion PianoLesion Piano
Flesh BookcaseFlesh BookcaseFlesh Cloning VatFlesh Cloning Vat
Flesh PianoFlesh Piano
Glass BookcaseGlass BookcaseGlass KilnGlass Kiln
Glass PianoGlass Piano
Honey BookcaseHoney BookcaseHoney DispenserHoney Dispenser
Honey PianoHoney Piano
Frozen BookcaseFrozen BookcaseIce MachineIce Machine
Frozen PianoFrozen Piano
Lihzahrd BookcaseLihzahrd BookcaseLihzahrd FurnaceLihzahrd Furnace
Lihzahrd PianoLihzahrd Piano
Living Wood BookcaseLiving Wood BookcaseLiving LoomLiving Loom
Living Wood PianoLiving Wood Piano
Bamboo BookcaseBamboo BookcaseSawmillSawmill
Bamboo PianoBamboo Piano
Boreal Wood BookcaseBoreal Wood Bookcase
Boreal Wood PianoBoreal Wood Piano
Cactus BookcaseCactus Bookcase (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Cactus PianoCactus Piano (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Crystal BookcaseCrystal Bookcase
Crystal PianoCrystal Piano
Dynasty BookcaseDynasty Bookcase
Dynasty PianoDynasty Piano (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Ebonwood BookcaseEbonwood Bookcase
Ebonwood PianoEbonwood Piano
Granite BookcaseGranite Bookcase
Granite PianoGranite Piano
Marble BookcaseMarble Bookcase
Marble PianoMarble Piano
Martian HolobookcaseMartian Holobookcase
Martian PianoMartian Piano
Meteorite BookcaseMeteorite Bookcase
Meteorite PianoMeteorite Piano
Mushroom BookcaseMushroom Bookcase
Mushroom PianoMushroom Piano
Palm Wood BookcasePalm Wood Bookcase
Palm Wood PianoPalm Wood Piano
Pearlwood BookcasePearlwood Bookcase
Pearlwood PianoPearlwood Piano
Pumpkin BookcasePumpkin Bookcase (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Pumpkin PianoPumpkin Piano (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Rich Mahogany BookcaseRich Mahogany Bookcase
Rich Mahogany PianoRich Mahogany Piano
Sandstone BookcaseSandstone Bookcase
Sandstone PianoSandstone Piano
Shadewood BookcaseShadewood Bookcase
Shadewood PianoShadewood Piano
Spider BookcaseSpider Bookcase
Spider PianoSpider Piano
Spooky BookcaseSpooky Bookcase
Spooky PianoSpooky Piano (Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionNintendo Switch version)
Skyware BookcaseSkyware BookcaseSky MillSky Mill
Skyware PianoSkyware Piano
Slime BookcaseSlime BookcaseSolidifierSolidifier
Slime PianoSlime Piano
Steampunk BookcaseSteampunk BookcaseSteampunk BoilerSteampunk Boiler
Steampunk PianoSteampunk Piano
Cactus BookcaseCactus Bookcase (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS versiontModLoader version)Work BenchWork Bench
Cactus PianoCactus Piano (Old-gen console versionNintendo 3DS versiontModLoader version)
Dynasty PianoDynasty Piano (tModLoader version)
Pumpkin BookcasePumpkin Bookcase
Pumpkin PianoPumpkin Piano
Spooky PianoSpooky Piano (Old-gen console version)
total: 76 row(s)


  • The Water Bolt looks like a Book, and is hidden among those on the shelves of the Dungeon. It has a distinct sprite that no ordinary books have, and some special behavior. Once freed from its disguise, it acts like other weapon items, not like a placeable block.
  • 285 books are necessary to craft all of the pianos and bookcases.

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  • Desktop
    • Sprite updated.
    • Now used to craft the Spider, Lesion, Sandstone, Bamboo, Nebula, Solar, Stardust, Vortex Pianos.
    • Can now be found in Dungeon Crates and Stockade Crates.