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Placed Bottle
  • Placed Bottle item sprite
Not to be confused with Alchemy Table.

The Placed Bottle functions as a crafting station for potions.

Any of the following will function as this crafting station, as long as they are placed on a flat item of furniture – any Platform/Planter Box, Table, Dresser, Work Bench, Bookcase, Piano, Fireplace, or the Tinkerer's Workshop.

The Alchemy Table(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) from the Dungeon also crafts potions, but has improved functionality as it also offers a 1/3 (33.33%) chance of not consuming a particular crafting ingredient.


Used to craft

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  • If the crafting station does not work, make sure the platform with the Bottle is placed no higher than 2 blocks from the player's feet.
  • Where a Placed Bottle is required for crafting, the Guide will list the required crafting station as "Bottle".
  • Placed Lesser Healing and Mana Potions can be naturally found in the Dungeon, (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) but require the use of a Heavy Work Bench to be placed by the player.
  • All items that can be crafted at a Placed Bottle or Alchemy Table are decrafted into a random subset of their ingredients when thrown into Shimmer(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions).


  • While the Alchemy Table is more resource-efficient to use, the Placed Bottle is easier to obtain.


  • Mobile 1.2.12773: Fixed a bug where it had the wrong image in the crafting menu.