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Chat is the system by which players in a multiplayer game can communicate. Chat messages received are shown near the bottom left corner of the screen. Players can press Enter to open the chat box, type a message, then press Enter again to send it. It is also possible to cut, copy and paste entire messages being entered, using Ctrl+ X, Ctrl+ C, and Ctrl+ V respectively. The alternative shortcuts ⇧ Shift+ Delete, Ctrl+ Insert and ⇧ Shift+ Insert, respectively, also work.

For Xbox it is LB+D-pad down

While the chat box is open, a log of received messages is shown. Up to 500 messages can be remembered, and the and arrow keys scroll through the history.

Version 1.3 introduced tags, which can be used to display items in chat messages. To do this, have the inventory open before opening the chat box, and hold Alt while clicking an item in the main inventory to enter it into the message.

The server admin can use the "say" command to chat with their players from the console.

The chat display is functional in single player. It can still be used to enter messages or commands, though it is mainly used to display status messages, e.g. the beginning of an event or boss fight.


For server commands, see Server#List of console commands.

The following commands can be used by all players on vanilla servers. Mods, such as TShock or TerrariaPatcher, allow the player to use other, more advanced commands.

  • /me action – sends a message as a third-person action, for example: "* George sneezes."
  • /p message – if the user is on a party, sends the message only to fellow party members.
  • /playing or /players – gives a list of all players currently on the server.
  • /roll – gives a random integer between 1 and 100 (inclusive).

If the server is using a language other than English, some commands will be different:

English German French Italian Polish Portuguese Russian Chinese
/me /ich /moi /io /ja /eu /me
/p /g /g /s /d /g /p
/en train de jouer
/в игре
/roll /rollen /lance les dés /numero /rzuć /rolar /жребий /roll


Desktop versionConsole versionMobile versionLegacy tModLoader version
Desktop/Console/Mobile/Legacy tModLoader-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop, Console, Mobile, and Legacy tModLoader versions of Terraria.

Since version 1.3, chat messages can now contain tags. Tags change the way parts of messages are displayed. They are parts of a message in the format [tag:text] or [tag/options:text].

Tags can also be used in Announcement Boxes.

The options parameter is optional, and the tag name must not exceed 10 letters.

The following tags currently exist:

  • color or c – displays the text parameter in a different color. The options parameter specifies the color RGB values as a hexadecimal number.
Example: [c/FF0000:This text is red.]
  • item or i – displays an item. Moving the mouse over the item shows its normal tip text. The text parameter specifies the item type, either as a numeric ID or a name. The options parameter contains a comma-separated list of options that consist of a letter followed by a number. p specifies a modifier; s or x specify the number of stacked items.
Examples: [i/p57:4] displays a Ruthless Iron Broadsword (item ID 4); [i/s10:29] a stack of ten Life Crystals (item ID 29).
  • name or n – displays a player's name in angle brackets. This is prepended to all messages from players. The characters [, ], and \ can be escaped using a backslash.
Example: [n:Marcus] displays "<Marcus>". [n:\Ma\[rc\]us] displays "<\Ma[rc]us>".
  • a – shows an achievement. Clicking on it shows the achievements dialog. The text parameter specifies the achievement via its internal key.
Example: [a:NO_HOBO].
  • glyph or g – displays a controller button. See the Glyphs section below for possible values.

Invalid tags (for example, a non-existent achievement), are displayed with the text parameter as normal text.


Index Button Name
0 A A
1 B B
2 X X
3 Y Y
4 Back Back
5 Start Start
6 Left Shoulder Button Left shoulder button
7 Right Shoulder Button Right shoulder button
8 Left Trigger Left trigger
9 Right Trigger Right trigger
10 Left Stick Left stick
11 Right Stick Right stick
12 Undefined Stick Undefined stick
13 D-pad Right D-pad right
14 D-pad Left D-pad left
15 D-pad Down D-pad down
16 D-pad Up D-pad up
17 Left Stick Left Left stick left
18 Left Stick Right Left stick right
19 Left Stick Up Left stick up
20 Left Stick Down Left stick down
21 Right Stick Left Right stick left
22 Right Stick Right Right stick right
23 Right Stick Up Right stick up
24 Right Stick Down Right stick down
25 Left Stick Wiggling Left and Right Left stick wiggling left and right


  • Using multiple tags within each other is not possible; for example, [c/ff0000:[n:Marcus]] will result in "[n:Marcus]" with the last bracket not accepting the color. In addition, the name tag will not complete because of how the outside bracket was supposed to be used rather than the inside – order of operations, basically. However, it is possible to color a closing bracket if it directly follows the colon, so the output "[Marcus]" can be received by typing [c/ff0000:[Marcus][c/ff0000:]].
  • The c tag can work when it comes to renaming chests. However, with very limited characters, the player can only type 20 characters, including the characters for changing the color.
  • The a tag is also registered in the code with the name achievement; however, at 11 letters, this does not work.


  • Desktop 1.3.2: Made improvement to chat tags and they should no longer break over long lines.