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Desktop/Console/Mobile-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions of Terraria.

Electrified is a debuff that causes the player to take significant damage when moving horizontally (-16 health per second) and a smaller amount of damage when not moving (-4 health per second). The damage inflicted by this debuff is capable of killing or severely weakening players relying on constant movement to avoid damage from enemies. Using a hook or teleporting with a Rod of Discord will not increase damage. Pressing ◀ Left or ▶ Right when unable to move (hooks, blocks, other debuffs, etc.) will also increase damage.


From enemy

From Duration Chance Total damage
Tesla TurretTesla Turret 5 seconds 2/3 (66.67%) 20 / 80
GigazapperGigazapper 4-8 seconds 1/1 (100%) 16-32 / 64-128


  • Technically, the -16 HP/s life draining only happens if player presses ◀ Left or ▶ Right controls, whether player is actually moving is not the reason for it happening.


  • Dying from the debuff will display one of the following unique death messages:
    • "<Player name> couldn't contain the watts."
    • "<Player name> was turned into a battery."
    • "<Player name>'s positive lifeforce became negative."
    • "<Player name> became a lightning rod."
  • The method in which Electrified damages the player is similar to how static electricity shocks people when they rub a static surface.


  • Desktop Tooltip changed from "You cannot move" to "Moving hurts!".
  • Desktop Can no longer be cancelled by right-clicking the buff icon.