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Furniture is a class of items that can be placed on blocks, or hung from them, usually to become background objects that characters can move over and through. Some are functional, such as crafting stations, Chests, Beds, mechanisms, and light sources (among others), while many are mainly decorative. Most furniture items are sorted into sets. Furniture is acquired through crafting, by collecting furniture items that appear naturally in the world, dropped by Pirates, or purchasing from NPCs. Most placed furniture can be freed with a pickaxe.

Although primarily decorative, when placed, the Pink Vase, Mug, and various cups also serve as a Placed Bottle crafting station.

Items that must be hung from "ceiling" blocks (the underside of blocks) cannot be hung from platforms, unless said platform is hammered into its lowered position.

Lava will dislodge most placed furniture, with the exception of pumps, statues, Ash Wood furniture and Obsidian furniture found in the Ruined Houses of the Underworld.

Although furniture can not be actuated in-game, if done through the use of external Map viewers that have world editing feature, they still work, i.e. beds can still be slept in.

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  • Desktop Fixed bug where chests and other furniture items would crash the world when placed on non-solid tiles.
  • Desktop
    • Pylons, Decay Chamber, Void Vault, Bast Statue, Hat Rack, Picnic Tables, Potted Trees and Plasma Lamp added.
    • Slice of Cake now obtainable.
    • Several new furniture items are now obtainable from Obsidian and Hellstone Crates.
  • Desktop 1.3.4: War Table, War Table Banner, and Defender's Forge added.
  • Desktop
    • Sinks, Bewitching Table, Ancient Manipulator, and Sharpening Station have been added.
    • Most furniture have new sprites.
    • Fishing crates are now placeable.
  • Desktop 1.2.4: Over 100 new Furniture items have been added to complete old furniture types.
  • Desktop 1.2.3: Over 100 new furnitures were added to existing tilesets.
  • Desktop
    • Hive Furniture- Now craftable with crisp honey.
    • Steampunk Furniture- Now craftable with cogs.
    • Pirates will now randomly drop fancy gold furniture.
    • You can now craft more furniture out of wood with a sawmill (barstools, banquet tables, etc..)
  • Desktop 1.2: Added a large amount of furniture added out of new crafting materials.