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For the painting, see Graveyard (Painting).

The Graveyard is a mini-biome that appears when five or more Tombstones are in close proximity of the player. Unique Graveyard enemies spawn here day and night, as well as the usual creatures of the night, and the spawn rate is increased. NPC vendors have unique trades here, and the Ecto Mist on the ground enables unique crafting recipes for the player. These functional effects are only active with seven or more Tombstones nearby.[1]

As more Tombstones are added, the Graveyard's visual effects grow stronger: Colors desaturate, lightning randomly strikes in the background, and Ecto Mist accumulates on the ground.

Sunflowers reverse a Graveyard's effects: Each Sunflower negates the presence of one Tombstone.[2]


For information about the items crafted in a Graveyard, see Ecto Mist § Crafting.


  • All Tombstones within a rectangular area of 170×125[3] tiles centered on the player are considered when determining whether the area is a Graveyard biome.
  • A large amount of Ecto Mist coats surfaces in Graveyard biomes, which can obscure items like Pressure Plates. This could previously be toggled on and off with the "Blood and Gore" setting, but this appears to have been patched.
  • While night-only enemies can spawn at daytime through the graveyard, nocturnal bosses still cannot be spawned during the day.
  • NPCs in worlds with Hardcore characters will drop tombstones when they are killed, making it possible to build a Graveyard without sacrificing a character.
  • Although NPCs will complain when in a Graveyard, it does not actually affect their happiness at all. As a Graveyard is always in combination with a different biome, their happiness value will be based on the other present biome.
  • In this biome, every Zombie has the ability to open doors, albeit randomly. Maggot Zombies and Werewolves (only during Full Moon nights) immediately open doors, similarly to Blood Moon enemies.
  • The Happy! buff is revoked in a Graveyard.
  • An underground Graveyard will generate Ecto Mist, but not spawn its enemies.


Achievement Quiet Neighborhood.png
Quiet Neighborhood • Enter a misty graveyard filled with the surly dead.
Enter in a Graveyard for the first time.


  • Avoid letting Tombstones accumulate around one's base/spawn point during the early game due to the large number of enemies spawning in a Graveyard, including the particularly powerful Ghosts.
    • This is especially true for Mediumcore players, as generating Tombstones over and over on the same spawnpoint can lead to a softlock situation, where it becomes almost impossible to retrieve items without being attacked.
  • Making a flat spread-out tree-free graveyard easily accessible early on is a simple way to farm Abigail's Flower which is a powerful early summon.
  • Using Sunflowers around common death spots such as arenas can help to prevent a Graveyard from being created without the need to constantly mine Tombstones. Another option is to mine one-tile gaps in the ground and platforms such that Tombstones cannot be placed when they drop.
  • Due to the high spawn rate, having a Graveyard can be useful for farming coins.
  • The Dryad sells Crimson Seeds in a Corrupt world and Corrupt Seeds in a Crimson world during Hardmode when housed in a Graveyard biome, meaning one can get both evil biomes in one world without bringing some items from other worlds.



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