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Herbs are plants used to craft potions. They can be found all across the world or in Herb Bags, and can be harvested with almost any weapon or tool. Each herb will bloom when certain requirements are met. Herbs harvested while blooming will drop 1–3 seeds of their kind in addition. Herbs appear randomly on their respective soil but can also be planted in that soil with their kind of seed.


There are currently 7 different types of herbs. In addition to their natural soil, herbs can also be grown in Clay Pots, or within Planter Boxes. The Daybloom can also be dropped from Angry Dandelions.

Plant Seeds Suitable soil Blooming condition
Blinkroot Blinkroot
Internal Item ID: 315
Blinkroot Seeds At random
Daybloom Daybloom
Internal Item ID: 313
Daybloom Seeds Daytime (4:30 AM to 7:29 PM)
Deathweed Deathweed
Internal Item ID: 316
Deathweed Seeds Blood Moon and Full Moon at nighttime (7:30 PM to 4:29 AM)
Fireblossom Fireblossom
Internal Item ID: 318
Fireblossom Seeds Sunset (3:45 PM to 7:30 PM) unless it is raining
Submersion in lava
Moonglow Moonglow
Internal Item ID: 314
Moonglow Seeds Nighttime (7:30 PM to 4:29 AM)
Shiverthorn Shiverthorn
Internal Item ID: 2358
Shiverthorn Seeds Enough time having passed - blooms permanently until harvested
Waterleaf Waterleaf
Internal Item ID: 317
Waterleaf Seeds Rain
Submersion in water


Herb growth (from left to right: Blinkroot, Daybloom, Moonglow, Shiverthorn, Waterleaf, Fireblossom, Deathweed)

Herb growth has three distinct stages:

  • Sprout stage – A very small stump or bud of the plant is noticeably growing out of the ground. This stage can be observed at the moment when seeds are just sown. Trying to harvest the plant at this stage will yield neither a herb nor seeds (not even the seeds that were used to plant in the first place).
  • Mature stage – The plant's vegetative parts show reasonable growth, and are quite noticeable. Flowers are absent, however. Harvesting at this point will yield a herb but no seeds. The player can however use the Staff of Regrowth at this stage to yield seeds, and may be favorable over waiting for the herb to bloom, but this cannot be done when they're planted on Planter Boxes.
  • Blooming stage – This is characterized by the appearance of flowers (possibly with other secondary effects, such as sparks, glows, flashes of light, etc.) and will occur only when the required conditions are met. Weather or event-dependent blooming will last for the duration of these (e.g. Moonglow blooms at night and closes during the day). Generally, this is the best stage at which to harvest plants, as doing so will yield both a herb and its seeds. These seeds can be replanted to regenerate the supplies of herbs, or may be used to initiate farming (if their quantity is large enough).


  • Herbs can grow anywhere in the world, as long as their respective soil is present. Since some soil types are more prevalent in certain biomes, the respective herbs will be found more often there as well. For instance, Snow and Ice Blocks make up the majority of the Snow/Ice biomes, hence Shiverthorn is going to be found there in large quantities.
  • There is a "density" limit for naturally growing herbs: A new herb can only spawn on a block if there are fewer than five other herbs (of any type) within a 31×31-tile (small worlds) / 45×45-tile (medium worlds) / 61×61-tile (large worlds) rectangle centered on the block.[1]
    • Herbs will never spawn on half-blocks or sloped blocks.
  • A herb will bloom on every occasion which provides its blooming conditions, not just once. For example, Moonglow will bloom each time it is night, not just once.[2]
  • Despite there being a Planter Box for each herb, any Planter Box (and additionally Clay Pots) can be used to grow any herb, regardless of its type or what biome it is placed in. Using them also avoids the problem of swinging tools breaking nearby herbs.
  • Herb seeds are named after their herb, e.g. Blinkroot Seeds for Blinkroot. There are also plain Seeds that are ammunition for the Blowpipe. These latter Seeds cannot be planted.
  • All herbs sell for 20, while their seeds sell for 16.



  • The Daybloom is the only herb that can be dropped by enemies.

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  • Desktop 1.0.5: Introduced Blinkroot, Daybloom, Deathweed, Fireblossom, Moonglow, Waterleaf.


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