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Naturally generated
Naturally generated
The content described on this page is only generated naturally and therefore cannot be collected.
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Placeable✔️ (3 wide × 3 high)
RarityRarity level: 0

The Larva is an object that summons the Queen Bee boss when destroyed with virtually any tool or weapon, or certain projectiles. Larvae are found naturally placed inside each of the Underground Jungle's Bee Hives.

Larvae are created during world generation, and each world has a limited number of them. Once all Larvae in a world have been destroyed, Queen Bee can still be summoned via the Abeemination, a crafted item.


  • In Not the bees(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) and Get fixed boi(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) worlds, the restriction for Larvae to exclusively generate in Bee Hive biomes is removed, allowing them to naturally generate at any depth and in any biome, as long as there is available tile space for one to spawn.


  • The Clentaminator's beam will not destroy Larvae.
  • Players who are unprepared to fight Queen Bee should be very cautious around Larvae, as they are very fragile. Similar to Pots and grass, a Larva is destroyed with a single hit from weapons or damaging tools. In addition, it is destroyed in the following ways:
    • From hooks, even if latched from below onto the blocks the Larva is placed on.
    • From any minion that deals contact damage.
    • By creating a block on one of the tiles that are occupied by the Larva.
      • This can happen if a Bee Hive becomes filled with water, as it forms Honey Blocks when coming in contact with the honey naturally present in the Bee Hive.
    • From Fallen Stars in Not the bees(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) worlds, where Larvae can generate on the surface.
  • Breaking more than one Larva at a time can spawn more than one Queen Bee, allowing the player to fight multiple Queen Bees simultaneously.
    • This usually happens in Drunk worlds(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions), as Bee Hives spawn with more than one Larva. If not intended, proceed with caution when fighting so as not to break another Larva by accident.
  • Ores generated by breaking a Altar can replace the blocks the Larva is on, but this will not break it.