Light Shard

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Light Shard
  • Light Shard item spriteold Light Shard item sprite
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Tooltip'Sometimes carried by creatures in light deserts'
RarityRarity level: 2
Sell9 SC
Research1 required
Obtained from Obtained from
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
Dreamer GhoulDreamer Ghoul.pngDreamer Ghoul16.67%
Light MummyLight Mummy.pngLight Mummy110%
Spectral MummySpectral Mummy.pngSpectral Mummy1–210%
Crystal Thresher(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Crystal Thresher.pngCrystal Thresher(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)14%

The Light Shard is a Hardmode crafting material used in the crafting of the Dao of Pow and the Sky Fracture. It has a 1/10 (10%) chance to drop from Light Mummies and Spectral Mummies (Old-gen console and 3DS versions) which spawn in Hallowed deserts.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, the Light Shard also has a 1/15 (6.67%) chance to drop from Dreamer Ghouls in the Hallowed Underground Desert, and a 1/25 (4%) chance of dropping from Crystal Threshers.

Its Corruption/Crimson counterpart is the Dark Shard.


Used in

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Dao of PowDao of PowMythril AnvilMythril Anvil
Orichalcum AnvilOrichalcum Anvil
Sky FractureSky Fracture(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)


  • The Light Shard represents the "Yang" of the "Yin Yang" (Taijitu) symbol on the Dao of Pow.


  • Mobile
    • Now dropped by Dreamer Ghouls in the Hallowed Underground Desert.
    • No longer dropped by the Spectral Mummy due to its removal.