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This page contains a sortable list of NPC IDs that are used internally in Terraria's game code to reference enemies, critters, and friendly town NPCs (otherwise just referred to as "NPCs"). This information can be useful for research purposes, or in the development of third-party software, like mods and map viewers.

The NPC IDs 76, 146, and 547 are unused. The ID 408 is used for the Flow Invader's minion/projectile: NPC 408.png.

ID list

ID Name Image Internal name
-65 Hornet
(Big Stingy Hornet)
Stingy Hornet.png BigHornetStingy
-64 Hornet
(Little Stingy Hornet)
Stingy Hornet.png LittleHornetStingy
-63 Hornet
(Big Spikey Hornet)
Spikey Hornet.png BigHornetSpikey
-62 Hornet
(Little Spikey Hornet)
Spikey Hornet.png LittleHornetSpikey
-61 Hornet
(Big Leafy Hornet)
Leafy Hornet.png BigHornetLeafy
-60 Hornet
(Little Leafy Hornet)
Leafy Hornet.png LittleHornetLeafy
-59 Hornet
(Big Honey Hornet)
Honey Hornet.png BigHornetHoney
-58 Hornet
(Little Honey Hornet)
Honey Hornet.png LittleHornetHoney
-57 Hornet
(Big Fatty Hornet)
Fatty Hornet.png BigHornetFatty
-56 Hornet
(Little Fatty Hornet)
Fatty Hornet.png LittleHornetFatty
-55 Zombie
(Big Raincoat Zombie)
Raincoat Zombie.png BigRainZombie
-54 Zombie
(Small Raincoat Zombie)
Raincoat Zombie.png SmallRainZombie
-53 Skeleton
(Big Pantless Skeleton)
Pantless Skeleton.png BigPantlessSkeleton
-52 Skeleton
(Small Pantless Skeleton)
Pantless Skeleton.png SmallPantlessSkeleton
-51 Skeleton
(Big Misassembled Skeleton)
Misassembled Skeleton.png BigMisassembledSkeleton
-50 Skeleton
(Small Misassembled Skeleton)
Misassembled Skeleton.png SmallMisassembledSkeleton
-49 Skeleton
(Big Headache Skeleton)
Headache Skeleton.png BigHeadacheSkeleton
-48 Skeleton
(Small Headache Skeleton)
Headache Skeleton.png SmallHeadacheSkeleton
-47 Skeleton
(Big Skeleton)
Skeleton.png BigSkeleton
-46 Skeleton
(Small Skeleton)
Skeleton.png SmallSkeleton
-45 Zombie
(Big Female Zombie)
Female Zombie.png BigFemaleZombie
-44 Zombie
(Small Female Zombie)
Female Zombie.png SmallFemaleZombie
-43 Demon Eye
(Demon Eye)
(Variant 2)
Demon Eye.png DemonEye2
-42 Demon Eye
(Purple Eye)
(Variant 2)
Purple Eye.png PurpleEye2
-41 Demon Eye
(Green Eye)
(Variant 2)
Green Eye.png GreenEye2
-40 Demon Eye
(Dilated Eye)
(Variant 2)
Dilated Eye.png DialatedEye2
-39 Demon Eye
(Sleepy Eye)
(Variant 2)
Sleepy Eye.png SleepyEye2
-38 Demon Eye
(Cataract Eye)
(Variant 2)
Cataract Eye.png CataractEye2
-37 Zombie
(Big Twiggy Zombie)
Twiggy Zombie.png BigTwiggyZombie
-36 Zombie
(Small Twiggy Zombie)
Twiggy Zombie.png SmallTwiggyZombie
-35 Zombie
(Big Swamp Zombie)
Swamp Zombie.png BigSwampZombie
-34 Zombie
(Small Swamp Zombie)
Swamp Zombie.png SmallSwampZombie
-33 Zombie
(Big Slimed Zombie)
Slimed Zombie.png BigSlimedZombie
-32 Zombie
(Small Slimed Zombie)
Slimed Zombie.png SmallSlimedZombie
-31 Zombie
(Big Pincushion Zombie)
Pincushion Zombie.png BigPincushionZombie
-30 Zombie
(Small Pincushion Zombie)
Pincushion Zombie.png SmallPincushionZombie
-29 Zombie
(Big Bald Zombie)
Bald Zombie.png BigBaldZombie
-28 Zombie
(Small Bald Zombie)
Bald Zombie.png SmallBaldZombie
-27 Zombie
(Big Zombie)
Zombie.png BigZombie
-26 Zombie
(Small Zombie)
Zombie.png SmallZombie
-25 Crimslime
(Big Crimslime)
Crimslime.png BigCrimslime
-24 Crimslime
(Little Crimslime)
Crimslime.png LittleCrimslime
-23 Crimera
(Big Crimera)
Crimera.png BigCrimera
-22 Crimera
(Little Crimera)
Crimera.png LittleCrimera
-21 Moss Hornet
(Giant Moss Hornet)
Moss Hornet.png GiantMossHornet
-20 Moss Hornet
(Big Moss Hornet)
Moss Hornet.png BigMossHornet
-19 Moss Hornet
(Little Moss Hornet)
Moss Hornet.png LittleMossHornet
-18 Moss Hornet
(Tiny Moss Hornet)
Moss Hornet.png TinyMossHornet
-17 Hornet
(Big Stinger)
Hornet.png BigStinger
-16 Hornet
(Little Stinger)
Hornet.png LittleStinger
-15 Armored Skeleton
(Heavy Skeleton)
Armored Skeleton.png HeavySkeleton
-14 Angry Bones
(Big Bones)
Angry Bones 1.png BigBoned
-13 Angry Bones
(Short Bones)
Angry Bones 1.png ShortBones
-12 Eater of Souls
(Big Eater)
Eater of Souls.png BigEater
-11 Eater of Souls
(Little Eater)
Eater of Souls.png LittleEater
-10 Jungle Slime Jungle Slime.png JungleSlime
-9 Yellow Slime Yellow Slime.png YellowSlime
-8 Red Slime Red Slime.png RedSlime
-7 Purple Slime Purple Slime.png PurpleSlime
-6 Black Slime Black Slime.png BlackSlime
-5 Baby Slime Baby Slime.png BabySlime
-4 Pinky Pinky.png Pinky
-3 Green Slime Green Slime.png GreenSlime
-2 Slimer
(Without Wings)
Corrupt Slime.png Slimer2
-1 Slimeling Slimeling.png Slimeling
1 Blue Slime Blue Slime.png BlueSlime
2 Demon Eye Demon Eye.png DemonEye
3 Zombie Zombie.png Zombie
4 Eye of Cthulhu Eye of Cthulhu (Phase 1).gif EyeofCthulhu
5 Servant of Cthulhu Servant of Cthulhu.png ServantofCthulhu
6 Eater of Souls Eater of Souls.png EaterofSouls
7 Devourer
(Devourer Head)
Devourer Head.png DevourerHead
8 Devourer
(Devourer Body)
Devourer Body.png DevourerBody
9 Devourer
(Devourer Tail)
Devourer Tail.png DevourerTail
10 Giant Worm
(Giant Worm Head)
Giant Worm Head.png GiantWormHead
11 Giant Worm
(Giant Worm Body)
Giant Worm Body.png GiantWormBody
12 Giant Worm
(Giant Worm Tail)
Giant Worm Tail.png GiantWormTail
13 Eater of Worlds
(Eater of Worlds Head)
Eater of Worlds Head.png EaterofWorldsHead
14 Eater of Worlds
(Eater of Worlds Body)
Eater of Worlds Body.png EaterofWorldsBody
15 Eater of Worlds
(Eater of Worlds Tail)
Eater of Worlds Tail.png EaterofWorldsTail
16 Mother Slime Mother Slime.png MotherSlime
17 Merchant Merchant.png Merchant
18 Nurse Nurse.png Nurse
19 Arms Dealer Arms Dealer.png ArmsDealer
20 Dryad Dryad.png Dryad
21 Skeleton Skeleton.png Skeleton
22 Guide Guide.png Guide
23 Meteor Head Meteor Head.png MeteorHead
24 Fire Imp Fire Imp.png FireImp
25 Burning Sphere Burning Sphere.png BurningSphere
26 Goblin Peon Goblin Peon.png GoblinPeon
27 Goblin Thief Goblin Thief.png GoblinThief
28 Goblin Warrior Goblin Warrior.png GoblinWarrior
29 Goblin Sorcerer Goblin Sorcerer.png GoblinSorcerer
30 Chaos Ball Chaos Ball.png ChaosBall
31 Angry Bones Angry Bones 1.png AngryBones
32 Dark Caster Dark Caster.png DarkCaster
33 Water Sphere Water Sphere.png WaterSphere
34 Cursed Skull Cursed Skull.png CursedSkull
35 Skeletron
(Skeletron Head)
Skeletron Head.png SkeletronHead
36 Skeletron
(Skeletron Hand)
Skeletron Hand (NPC).png SkeletronHand
37 Old Man Old Man.png OldMan
38 Demolitionist Demolitionist.png Demolitionist
39 Bone Serpent
(Bone Serpent Head)
Bone Serpent Head.png BoneSerpentHead
40 Bone Serpent
(Bone Serpent Body)
Bone Serpent Body.png BoneSerpentBody
41 Bone Serpent
(Bone Serpent Tail)
Bone Serpent Tail.png BoneSerpentTail
42 Hornet Hornet.png Hornet
43 Man Eater Man Eater.png ManEater
44 Undead Miner Undead Miner.png UndeadMiner
45 Tim Tim.png Tim
46 Bunny Bunny.png Bunny
47 Corrupt Bunny Corrupt Bunny.png CorruptBunny
48 Harpy Harpy.png Harpy
49 Cave Bat Cave Bat.gif CaveBat
50 King Slime King Slime.gif KingSlime
51 Jungle Bat Jungle Bat.gif JungleBat
52 Doctor Bones Doctor Bones.png DoctorBones
53 The Groom The Groom.png TheGroom
54 Clothier Clothier.png Clothier
55 Goldfish Goldfish swimming.png Goldfish
56 Snatcher Snatcher.png Snatcher
57 Corrupt Goldfish Corrupt Goldfish.png CorruptGoldfish
58 Piranha Piranha.png Piranha
59 Lava Slime Lava Slime.png LavaSlime
60 Hellbat Hellbat.gif Hellbat
61 Vulture Vulture.png Vulture
62 Demon Demon.png Demon
63 Blue Jellyfish Blue Jellyfish.png BlueJellyfish
64 Pink Jellyfish Pink Jellyfish.png PinkJellyfish
65 Shark Shark.png Shark
66 Voodoo Demon Voodoo Demon.png VoodooDemon
67 Crab Crab.png Crab
68 Dungeon Guardian Dungeon Guardian.png DungeonGuardian
69 Antlion Antlion.png Antlion
70 Spike Ball Spike Ball.png SpikeBall
71 Dungeon Slime Dungeon Slime.png DungeonSlime
72 Blazing Wheel Blazing Wheel.png BlazingWheel
73 Goblin Scout Goblin Scout.png GoblinScout
74 Bird Bird (NPC).png Bird
75 Pixie Pixie.png Pixie
77 Armored Skeleton Armored Skeleton.png ArmoredSkeleton
78 Mummy Mummy.png Mummy
79 Dark Mummy Dark Mummy.png DarkMummy
80 Light Mummy Light Mummy.png LightMummy
81 Corrupt Slime Corrupt Slime.png CorruptSlime
82 Wraith Wraith.png Wraith
83 Cursed Hammer Cursed Hammer.png CursedHammer
84 Enchanted Sword Enchanted Sword (NPC).gif EnchantedSword
85 Mimic Mimic.png Mimic
86 Unicorn Unicorn.png Unicorn
87 Wyvern
(Wyvern Head)
Wyvern Head.png WyvernHead
88 Wyvern
(Wyvern Legs)
Wyvern Legs.png WyvernLegs
89 Wyvern
(Wyvern Body)
Wyvern Body.png WyvernBody
90 Wyvern
(Wyvern Body 2)
Wyvern Body 2.png WyvernBody2
91 Wyvern
(Wyvern Body 3)
Wyvern Body 3.png WyvernBody3
92 Wyvern
(Wyvern Tail)
Wyvern Tail.png WyvernTail
93 Giant Bat Giant Bat.gif GiantBat
94 Corruptor Corruptor.gif Corruptor
95 Digger
(Digger Head)
Digger Head.png DiggerHead
96 Digger
(Digger Body)
Digger Body.png DiggerBody
97 Digger
(Digger Tail)
Digger Tail.png DiggerTail
98 World Feeder
(World Feeder Head)
World Feeder Head.png SeekerHead
99 World Feeder
(World Feeder Body)
World Feeder Body.png SeekerBody
100 World Feeder
(World Feeder Tail)
World Feeder Tail.png SeekerTail
101 Clinger Clinger.png Clinger
102 Angler Fish Angler Fish.png AnglerFish
103 Green Jellyfish Green Jellyfish.png GreenJellyfish
104 Werewolf Werewolf.png Werewolf
105 Bound Goblin Bound Goblin.png BoundGoblin
106 Bound Wizard Bound Wizard.png BoundWizard
107 Goblin Tinkerer Goblin Tinkerer.png GoblinTinkerer
108 Wizard Wizard.png Wizard
109 Clown Clown.png Clown
110 Skeleton Archer Skeleton Archer.png SkeletonArcher
111 Goblin Archer Goblin Archer.png GoblinArcher
112 Vile Spit Vile Spit.png VileSpit
113 Wall of Flesh
(Wall of Flesh Mouth)
Wall of Flesh.gif WallofFlesh
114 Wall of Flesh
(Wall of Flesh Eye)
Wall of Flesh Eye.png WallofFleshEye
115 The Hungry The Hungry.png TheHungry
116 The Hungry
(The Hungry II)
The Hungry II.png TheHungryII
117 Leech
(Leech Head)
Leech.png LeechHead
118 Leech
(Leech Body)
Leech Body.png LeechBody
119 Leech
(Leech Tail)
Leech Tail.png LeechTail
120 Chaos Elemental Chaos Elemental.png ChaosElemental
121 Slimer Slimer.png Slimer
122 Gastropod Gastropod.png Gastropod
123 Bound Mechanic Bound Mechanic.png BoundMechanic
124 Mechanic Mechanic.png Mechanic
125 Retinazer Retinazer.png Retinazer
126 Spazmatism Spazmatism.png Spazmatism
127 Skeletron Prime Skeletron Prime.png SkeletronPrime
128 Prime Cannon Prime Cannon.png PrimeCannon
129 Prime Saw Prime Saw.png PrimeSaw
130 Prime Vice Prime Vice.png PrimeVice
131 Prime Laser Prime Laser.png PrimeLaser
132 Zombie
(Bald Zombie)
Bald Zombie.png BaldZombie
133 Wandering Eye Wandering Eye.png WanderingEye
134 The Destroyer
(The Destroyer Head)
The Destroyer Head.png TheDestroyer
135 The Destroyer
(The Destroyer Body)
The Destroyer Body.png TheDestroyerBody
136 The Destroyer
(The Destroyer Tail)
The Destroyer Tail.png TheDestroyerTail
137 Illuminant Bat Illuminant Bat.gif IlluminantBat
138 Illuminant Slime Illuminant Slime.png IlluminantSlime
139 Probe Probe.png Probe
140 Possessed Armor Possessed Armor.png PossessedArmor
141 Toxic Sludge Toxic Sludge.gif ToxicSludge
142 Santa Claus Santa Claus.png SantaClaus
143 Snowman Gangsta Snowman Gangsta.png SnowmanGangsta
144 Mister Stabby Mister Stabby.png MisterStabby
145 Snow Balla Snow Balla.png SnowBalla
147 Ice Slime Ice Slime.png IceSlime
148 Penguin Penguin blue.png Penguin
149 Penguin
(Black Variant)
Penguin.png PenguinBlack
150 Ice Bat Ice Bat.gif IceBat
151 Lava Bat Lava Bat.gif Lavabat
152 Giant Flying Fox Giant Flying Fox.gif GiantFlyingFox
153 Giant Tortoise Giant Tortoise.png GiantTortoise
154 Ice Tortoise Ice Tortoise.png IceTortoise
155 Wolf Wolf.png Wolf
156 Red Devil Red Devil.png RedDevil
157 Arapaima Arapaima.png Arapaima
158 Vampire
(Vampire Bat)
Vampire Bat.png VampireBat
159 Vampire Vampire.png Vampire
160 Truffle Truffle.png Truffle
161 Frozen Zombie Frozen Zombie.png ZombieEskimo
162 Frankenstein Frankenstein.png Frankenstein
163 Black Recluse Black Recluse (ground).png BlackRecluse
164 Wall Creeper Wall Creeper (ground).png WallCreeper
165 Wall Creeper
(On Wall)
Wall Creeper.png WallCreeperWall
166 Swamp Thing Swamp Thing.png SwampThing
167 Undead Viking Undead Viking.png UndeadViking
168 Corrupt Penguin Corrupt Penguin.png CorruptPenguin
169 Ice Elemental Ice Elemental.png IceElemental
170 Pigron
(Corruption Pigron)
Corruption Pigron.png PigronCorruption
171 Pigron
(Hallow Pigron)
Hallow Pigron.png PigronHallow
172 Rune Wizard Rune Wizard.png RuneWizard
173 Crimera Crimera (animated).gif Crimera
174 Herpling Herpling.png Herpling
175 Angry Trapper Angry Trapper.png AngryTrapper
176 Moss Hornet Moss Hornet.png MossHornet
177 Derpling Derpling.png Derpling
178 Steampunker Steampunker.png Steampunker
179 Crimson Axe Crimson Axe.png CrimsonAxe
180 Pigron
(Crimson Pigron)
Crimson Pigron.png PigronCrimson
181 Face Monster Face Monster.png FaceMonster
182 Floaty Gross Floaty Gross.png FloatyGross
183 Crimslime Crimslime.png Crimslime
184 Spiked Ice Slime Spiked Ice Slime.png SpikedIceSlime
185 Snow Flinx Snow Flinx.png SnowFlinx
186 Zombie
(Pincushion Zombie)
Pincushion Zombie.png PincushionZombie
187 Zombie
(Slimed Zombie)
Slimed Zombie.png SlimedZombie
188 Zombie
(Swamp Zombie)
Swamp Zombie.png SwampZombie
189 Zombie
(Twiggy Zombie)
Twiggy Zombie.png TwiggyZombie
190 Demon Eye
(Cataract Eye)
Cataract Eye.png CataractEye
191 Demon Eye
(Sleepy Eye)
Sleepy Eye.png SleepyEye
192 Demon Eye
(Dilated Eye)
Dilated Eye.png DialatedEye
193 Demon Eye
(Green Eye)
Green Eye.png GreenEye
194 Demon Eye
(Purple Eye)
Purple Eye.png PurpleEye
195 Lost Girl Lost Girl.png LostGirl
196 Nymph Nymph.png Nymph
197 Armored Viking Armored Viking.png ArmoredViking
198 Lihzahrd Lihzahrd.png Lihzahrd
199 Lihzahrd
(Crawler Form)
Lihzahrd (crawler).png LihzahrdCrawler
200 Zombie
(Female Zombie)
Female Zombie.png FemaleZombie
201 Skeleton
(Headache Skeleton)
Headache Skeleton.png HeadacheSkeleton
202 Skeleton
(Misassembled Skeleton)
Misassembled Skeleton.png MisassembledSkeleton
203 Skeleton
(Pantless Skeleton)
Pantless Skeleton.png PantlessSkeleton
204 Spiked Jungle Slime Spiked Jungle Slime.png SpikedJungleSlime
205 Moth Moth.png Moth
206 Icy Merman Icy Merman.png IcyMerman
207 Dye Trader Dye Trader.png DyeTrader
208 Party Girl Party Girl.png PartyGirl
209 Cyborg Cyborg.png Cyborg
210 Bee Bees.png Bee
211 Bee
(Small Bee)
Bee (Small).png BeeSmall
212 Pirate Deckhand Pirate Deckhand.png PirateDeckhand
213 Pirate Corsair Pirate Corsair.png PirateCorsair
214 Pirate Deadeye Pirate Deadeye.png PirateDeadeye
215 Pirate Crossbower Pirate Crossbower.png PirateCrossbower
216 Pirate Captain Pirate Captain.png PirateCaptain
217 Cochineal Beetle Cochineal Beetle.png CochinealBeetle
218 Cyan Beetle Cyan Beetle.png CyanBeetle
219 Lac Beetle Lac Beetle.png LacBeetle
220 Sea Snail Sea Snail.png SeaSnail
221 Squid Squid.png Squid
222 Queen Bee Queen Bee.gif QueenBee
223 Raincoat Zombie Raincoat Zombie.png ZombieRaincoat
224 Flying Fish Flying Fish.png FlyingFish
225 Umbrella Slime Umbrella Slime.png UmbrellaSlime
226 Flying Snake Flying Snake.png FlyingSnake
227 Painter Painter.png Painter
228 Witch Doctor Witch Doctor.png WitchDoctor
229 Pirate Pirate.png Pirate
230 Goldfish
(Goldfish Walker)
Goldfish Walker.png GoldfishWalker
231 Hornet
(Fatty Hornet)
Fatty Hornet.png HornetFatty
232 Hornet
(Honey Hornet)
Honey Hornet.png HornetHoney
233 Hornet
(Leafy Hornet)
Leafy Hornet.png HornetLeafy
234 Hornet
(Spikey Hornet)
Spikey Hornet.png HornetSpikey
235 Hornet
(Stingy Hornet)
Stingy Hornet.png HornetStingy
236 Jungle Creeper Jungle Creeper (ground).png JungleCreeper
237 Jungle Creeper
(On Wall)
Jungle Creeper.png JungleCreeperWall
238 Black Recluse
(On Wall)
Black Recluse.png BlackRecluseWall
239 Blood Crawler Blood Crawler (ground).png BloodCrawler
240 Blood Crawler
(On Wall)
Blood Crawler.png BloodCrawlerWall
241 Blood Feeder Blood Feeder.png BloodFeeder
242 Blood Jelly Blood Jelly.png BloodJelly
243 Ice Golem Ice Golem.png IceGolem
244 Rainbow Slime Rainbow Slime.gif RainbowSlime
245 Golem
(Golem Body)
Golem Core.png Golem
246 Golem Head Golem Head.png GolemHead
247 Golem Fist
(Left Golem Fist)
Left FistRight Fist
Left Golem Fist.pngRight Golem Fist.png
249 Golem Head
(Free Golem Head)
Free Golem Head.png GolemHeadFree
250 Angry Nimbus Angry Nimbus.png AngryNimbus
251 Eyezor Eyezor.png Eyezor
252 Parrot Parrot.png Parrot
253 Reaper Reaper.png Reaper
254 Spore Zombie
(Mushroom Zombie)
Spore Zombie.png ZombieMushroom
255 Spore Zombie
(Hat Mushroom Zombie)
Mushroom Zombie2.png ZombieMushroomHat
256 Fungo Fish Fungo Fish.png FungoFish
257 Anomura Fungus Anomura Fungus.png AnomuraFungus
258 Mushi Ladybug Mushi Ladybug.png MushiLadybug
259 Fungi Bulb Fungi Bulb.png FungiBulb
260 Giant Fungi Bulb Giant Fungi Bulb.png GiantFungiBulb
261 Fungi Spore Fungi Spore.png FungiSpore
262 Plantera Plantera (First form).gif Plantera
263 Plantera's Hook Plantera's Hook.png PlanterasHook
264 Plantera's Tentacle Plantera's Tentacle.png PlanterasTentacle
265 Spore Spore.png Spore
266 Brain of Cthulhu Brain of Cthulhu (First Phase).gif BrainofCthulhu
267 Creeper Creeper.png Creeper
268 Ichor Sticker Ichor Sticker.png IchorSticker
269 Rusty Armored Bones
(Axe Rusty Armored Bones)
Rusty Armored Bones 1.png RustyArmoredBonesAxe
270 Rusty Armored Bones
(Flail Rusty Armored Bones)
Rusty Armored Bones 2.png RustyArmoredBonesFlail
271 Rusty Armored Bones
(Sword Rusty Armored Bones)
Rusty Armored Bones 3.png RustyArmoredBonesSword
272 Rusty Armored Bones
(Sword No Armor Rusty Armored Bones)
Rusty Armored Bones 4.png RustyArmoredBonesSwordNoArmor
273 Blue Armored Bones Blue Armored Bones 1.png BlueArmoredBones
274 Blue Armored Bones
(Mace Blue Armored Bones)
Blue Armored Bones 2.png BlueArmoredBonesMace
275 Blue Armored Bones
(No Pants Blue Armored Bones)
Blue Armored Bones 3.png BlueArmoredBonesNoPants
276 Blue Armored Bones
(Sword Blue Armored Bones)
Blue Armored Bones 4.png BlueArmoredBonesSword
277 Hell Armored Bones Hell Armored Bones 1.png HellArmoredBones
278 Hell Armored Bones
(Spike Shield Hell Armored Bones)
Hell Armored Bones 2.png HellArmoredBonesSpikeShield
279 Hell Armored Bones
(Mace Hell Armored Bones)
Hell Armored Bones 3.png HellArmoredBonesMace
280 Hell Armored Bones
(Sword Hell Armored Bones)
Hell Armored Bones 4.png HellArmoredBonesSword
281 Ragged Caster Ragged Caster.png RaggedCaster
282 Ragged Caster
(Open Coat Ragged Caster)
Ragged Caster 2.png RaggedCasterOpenCoat
283 Necromancer Necromancer.png Necromancer
284 Necromancer
(Armored Necromancer)
Necromancer 2.png NecromancerArmored
285 Diabolist
(Red Diabolist)
Diabolist.png DiabolistRed
286 Diabolist
(White Diabolist)
White Diabolist.png DiabolistWhite
287 Bone Lee Bone Lee.png BoneLee
288 Dungeon Spirit Dungeon Spirit.png DungeonSpirit
289 Giant Cursed Skull Giant Cursed Skull.png GiantCursedSkull
290 Paladin Paladin.png Paladin
291 Skeleton Sniper Skeleton Sniper.png SkeletonSniper
292 Tactical Skeleton Tactical Skeleton.png TacticalSkeleton
293 Skeleton Commando Skeleton Commando.png SkeletonCommando
294 Angry Bones
(Big Angry Bones)
Big Angry Bones.png AngryBonesBig
295 Angry Bones
(Big Muscle Angry Bones)
Big Muscle Angry Bones.png AngryBonesBigMuscle
296 Angry Bones
(Big Helmet Angry Bones)
Big Helmet Angry Bones.png AngryBonesBigHelmet
297 Blue Jay Blue Jay.png BirdBlue
298 Cardinal Cardinal.png BirdRed
299 Squirrel Squirrel.png Squirrel
300 Mouse Mouse (NPC).png Mouse
301 Raven Raven.png Raven
302 Slime
(Bunny Slime)
Bunny Slime.png SlimeMasked
303 Bunny
(Slimed Bunny)
Slimed Bunny.png BunnySlimed
304 Hoppin' Jack Hoppin' Jack.png HoppinJack
305 Scarecrow Scarecrow 1.png Scarecrow1
306 Scarecrow
(Variant 2)
Scarecrow 2.png Scarecrow2
307 Scarecrow
(Variant 3)
Scarecrow 3.png Scarecrow3
308 Scarecrow
(Variant 4)
Scarecrow 4.png Scarecrow4
309 Scarecrow
(Variant 5)
Scarecrow 5.png Scarecrow5
310 Scarecrow
(Variant 6)
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow6
311 Scarecrow
(Variant 7)
Scarecrow 7.png Scarecrow7
312 Scarecrow
(Variant 8)
Scarecrow 8.png Scarecrow8
313 Scarecrow
(Variant 9)
Scarecrow 9.png Scarecrow9
314 Scarecrow
(Variant 10)
Scarecrow 10.png Scarecrow10
315 Headless Horseman Headless Horseman.png HeadlessHorseman
316 Ghost Ghost (enemy).png Ghost
317 Demon Eye
(Owl Demon Eye)
(Halloween Variant 1)
Owl Demon Eye.png DemonEyeOwl
318 Demon Eye
(Spaceship Demon Eye)
(Halloween Variant 2)
Spaceship Demon Eye.png DemonEyeSpaceship
319 Zombie
(Doctor Zombie)
(Halloween Variant 1)
Doctor Zombie.png ZombieDoctor
320 Zombie
(Superman Zombie)
(Halloween Variant 2)
Superman Zombie.png ZombieSuperman
321 Zombie
(Pixie Zombie)
(Halloween Variant 3)
Pixie Zombie.png ZombiePixie
322 Skeleton
(Top Hat Skeleton)
(Halloween Variant 1)
Top Hat Skeleton.png SkeletonTopHat
323 Skeleton
(Astronaut Skeleton)
(Halloween Variant 2)
Astronaut Skeleton.png SkeletonAstonaut
324 Skeleton
(Alien Skeleton)
(Halloween Variant 3)
Alien Skeleton.png SkeletonAlien
325 Mourning Wood Mourning Wood.gif MourningWood
326 Splinterling Splinterling.png Splinterling
327 Pumpking Pumpking.png Pumpking
328 Pumpking
(Pumpking Blade)
Pumpking Blade.png PumpkingBlade
329 Hellhound Hellhound.png Hellhound
330 Poltergeist Poltergeist.png Poltergeist
331 Zombie
(Xmas Zombie)
(Christmas Variant 1)
Xmas Zombie.png ZombieXmas
332 Zombie
(Sweater Zombie)
(Christmas Variant 2)
Sweater Zombie.png ZombieSweater
333 Slime
(White Present Slime)
White Present Slime.png SlimeRibbonWhite
334 Slime
(Yellow Present Slime)
Yellow Present Slime.png SlimeRibbonYellow
335 Slime
(Green Present Slime)
Green Present Slime.png SlimeRibbonGreen
336 Slime
(Red Present Slime)
Red Present Slime.png SlimeRibbonRed
337 Bunny
(Xmas Bunny)
Xmas Bunny.png BunnyXmas
338 Zombie Elf Zombie Elf.png ZombieElf
339 Zombie Elf
(Beard Zombie Elf)
Beard Zombie Elf.png ZombieElfBeard
340 Zombie Elf
(Girl Zombie Elf)
Girl Zombie Elf.png ZombieElfGirl
341 Present Mimic Present Mimic.png PresentMimic
342 Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man.png GingerbreadMan
343 Yeti Yeti.png Yeti
344 Everscream Everscream.gif Everscream
345 Ice Queen Ice Queen.png IceQueen
346 Santa-NK1 Santa-NK1.png SantaNK1
347 Elf Copter Elf Copter.png ElfCopter
348 Nutcracker Nutcracker.png Nutcracker
349 Nutcracker
(Spinning Nutcracker)
Nutcracker 2.png NutcrackerSpinning
350 Elf Archer Elf Archer.png ElfArcher
351 Krampus Krampus.png Krampus
352 Flocko Flocko.png Flocko
353 Stylist Stylist.png Stylist
354 Webbed Stylist Webbed Stylist.png WebbedStylist
355 Firefly Firefly (NPC).png Firefly
356 Butterfly Julia Butterfly (NPC).png Monarch Butterfly (NPC).png Purple Emperor Butterfly (NPC).png Red Admiral Butterfly (NPC).png
Sulphur Butterfly (NPC).png Tree Nymph Butterfly (NPC).png Ulysses Butterfly (NPC).png Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly (NPC).png
357 Worm Worm (NPC).png Worm
358 Lightning Bug Lightning Bug (NPC).png LightningBug
359 Snail Snail (NPC).png Snail
360 Glowing Snail Glowing Snail (NPC).png GlowingSnail
361 Frog Frog.png Frog
362 Duck
(Mallard Duck)
Mallard Duck (NPC).png Duck
363 Duck
(Mallard Duck 2)
Mallard Duck (flying).png Duck2
364 Duck
(White Duck)
Duck (NPC).png DuckWhite
365 Duck
(White Duck 2)
Duck (flying).png DuckWhite2
366 Scorpion
(Black Scorpion)
Black Scorpion.png ScorpionBlack
367 Scorpion Scorpion.png Scorpion
368 Traveling Merchant Traveling Merchant.png TravellingMerchant
369 Angler Angler.png Angler
370 Duke Fishron Duke Fishron (First Form).gif DukeFishron
371 Detonating Bubble Detonating Bubble.png DetonatingBubble
372 Sharkron
(Variant 1)
Sharkron.png Sharkron
373 Sharkron
(Variant 2)
Sharkron.png Sharkron2
374 Truffle Worm Truffle Worm (NPC).png TruffleWorm
375 Truffle Worm Truffle Worm2 (NPC).png TruffleWormDigger
376 Sleeping Angler Sleeping Angler.gif SleepingAngler
377 Grasshopper Grasshopper (NPC).png Grasshopper
378 Chattering Teeth Bomb Chattering Teeth Bomb.gif ChatteringTeethBomb
379 Cultist Archer Cultist Archer.png CultistArcherBlue
380 Cultist Archer White Cultist Archer.png CultistArcherWhite
381 Brain Scrambler Brain Scrambler.png BrainScrambler
382 Ray Gunner Ray Gunner.png RayGunner
383 Martian Officer Martian Officer.png MartianOfficer
384 Bubble Shield Bubble Shield.png ForceBubble
385 Gray Grunt Gray Grunt.png GrayGrunt
386 Martian Engineer Martian Engineer.png MartianEngineer
387 Tesla Turret Tesla Turret.gif MartianTurret
388 Martian Drone Martian Drone.png MartianDrone
389 Gigazapper Gigazapper.png GigaZapper
390 Scutlix Gunner Scutlix Gunner.png ScutlixRider
391 Scutlix Scutlix (creature).png Scutlix
392 Martian Saucer Martian Saucer.png MartianSaucer
393 Martian Saucer Turret Martian Saucer Turret.png MartianSaucerTurret
394 Martian Saucer Cannon Martian Saucer Cannon.png MartianSaucerCannon
395 Martian Saucer
(Martian Saucer Core)
Martian Saucer Core.png MartianSaucerCore
396 Moon Lord Moon Lord's Head.gif MoonLordHead
397 Moon Lord's Hand Moon Lord's Hand.gif MoonLordHand
398 Moon Lord's Core Moon Lord's Core.gif MoonLordCore
399 Martian Probe Martian Probe.png MartianProbe
400 True Eye of Cthulhu True Eye of Cthulhu.png MoonLordFreeEye
401 Moon Leech Clot Moon Leech Clot.png MoonLordLeechBlob
402 Milkyway Weaver
(Milkyway Weaver Head)
Milkyway Weaver Head.png StardustWormHead
403 Milkyway Weaver
(Milkyway Weaver Body)
Milkyway Weaver Body.png StardustWormBody
404 Milkyway Weaver
(Milkyway Weaver Tail)
Milkyway Weaver Tail.png StardustWormTail
405 Star Cell Star Cell.png StardustCellBig
406 Mini Star Cell Mini Star Cell.png StardustCellSmall
407 Flow Invader Flow Invader.png StardustJellyfishBig
409 Twinkle Popper Twinkle Popper.png StardustSpiderBig
410 Twinkle Twinkle.png StardustSpiderSmall
411 Stargazer Stargazer.png StardustSoldier
412 Crawltipede
(Solar Crawltipede Head)
Solar Crawltipede Head.png SolarCrawltipedeHead
413 Crawltipede
(Solar Crawltipede Body)
Solar Crawltipede Body.png SolarCrawltipedeBody
414 Crawltipede
(Solar Crawltipede Tail)
Solar Crawltipede Tail.png SolarCrawltipedeTail
415 Drakomire Drakomire.png SolarDrakomire
416 Drakomire Rider Drakomire Rider.png SolarDrakomireRider
417 Sroller Sroller.png SolarSroller
418 Corite Corite.png SolarCorite
419 Selenian Selenian.png SolarSolenian
420 Nebula Floater Nebula Floater.png NebulaBrain
421 Brain Suckler Brain Suckler.png NebulaHeadcrab
422 Vortex Pillar Vortex Pillar.png LunarTowerVortex
423 Evolution Beast Evolution Beast.png NebulaBeast
424 Predictor Predictor.png NebulaSoldier
425 Storm Diver Storm Diver.png VortexRifleman
426 Alien Queen Alien Queen.png VortexHornetQueen
427 Alien Hornet Alien Hornet.png VortexHornet
428 Alien Larva Alien Larva.png VortexLarva
429 Vortexian Vortexian.png VortexSoldier
430 Zombie
(Armed Zombie)
Armed Zombie.png ArmedZombie
431 Frozen Zombie
(Armed Frozen Zombie)
Armed Frozen Zombie.png ArmedZombieEskimo
432 Zombie
(Armed Pincushion Zombie)
Armed Pincushion Zombie.png ArmedZombiePincussion
433 Zombie
(Armed Slimed Zombie)
Armed Slimed Zombie.png ArmedZombieSlimed
434 Zombie
(Armed Swamp Zombie)
Armed Swamp Zombie.png ArmedZombieSwamp
435 Zombie
(Armed Twiggy Zombie)
Armed Twiggy Zombie.png ArmedZombieTwiggy
436 Zombie
(Armed Female Zombie)
Armed Female Zombie.png ArmedZombieCenx
437 Mysterious Tablet Mysterious Tablet.gif CultistTablet
438 Lunatic Devotee Lunatic Devotee.gif CultistDevote
439 Lunatic Cultist Lunatic Cultist.gif CultistBoss
440 Lunatic Cultist Ancient Cultist.png CultistBossClone
441 Tax Collector Tax Collector.png TaxCollector
442 Gold Bird Gold Bird.png GoldBird
443 Gold Bunny Gold Bunny.png GoldBunny
444 Gold Butterfly Gold Butterfly.png GoldButterfly
445 Gold Frog Gold Frog.png GoldFrog
446 Gold Grasshopper Gold Grasshopper (NPC).png GoldGrasshopper
447 Gold Mouse Gold Mouse (NPC).png GoldMouse
448 Gold Worm Gold Worm (NPC).png GoldWorm
449 Skeleton
(Bone Throwing Skeleton)
Skeleton.png BoneThrowingSkeleton
450 Skeleton
(Bone Throwing Headache Skeleton)
Headache Skeleton.png BoneThrowingSkeleton2
451 Skeleton
(Bone Throwing Misassembled Skeleton)
Misassembled Skeleton.png BoneThrowingSkeleton3
452 Skeleton
(Bone Throwing Pantless Skeleton)
Pantless Skeleton.png BoneThrowingSkeleton4
453 Skeleton Merchant Skeleton Merchant.png SkeletonMerchant
454 Phantasm Dragon
(Phantasm Dragon Head)
Phantasm Dragon (Head).png CultistDragonHead
455 Phantasm Dragon
(Phantasm Dragon Body 1)
Phantasm Dragon (Body1).png CultistDragonBody1
456 Phantasm Dragon
(Phantasm Dragon Body 2)
Phantasm Dragon (Body2).png CultistDragonBody2
457 Phantasm Dragon
(Phantasm Dragon Body 3)
Phantasm Dragon (Body3).png CultistDragonBody3
458 Phantasm Dragon
(Phantasm Dragon Body 4)
Phantasm Dragon (Body4).png CultistDragonBody4
459 Phantasm Dragon
(Phantasm Dragon Tail)
Phantasm Dragon (Tail).png CultistDragonTail
460 Butcher Butcher.png Butcher
461 Creature from the Deep Creature from the Deep.png CreatureFromTheDeep
462 Fritz Fritz.png Fritz
463 Nailhead Nailhead.png Nailhead
464 Vicious Bunny Vicious Bunny.png CrimsonBunny
465 Vicious Goldfish Vicious Goldfish.png CrimsonGoldfish
466 Psycho Psycho.png Psycho
467 Deadly Sphere Deadly Sphere.png DeadlySphere
468 Dr. Man Fly Dr. Man Fly.png DrManFly
469 The Possessed The Possessed.png ThePossessed
470 Vicious Penguin Vicious Penguin.png CrimsonPenguin
471 Goblin Warlock Goblin Warlock.png GoblinSummoner
472 Shadowflame Apparition Shadowflame Apparition.png ShadowFlameApparition
473 Corrupt Mimic Corrupt Mimic2.png BigMimicCorruption
474 Crimson Mimic Crimson Mimic2.png BigMimicCrimson
475 Hallowed Mimic Hallowed Mimic2.png BigMimicHallow
476 Jungle Mimic Jungle Mimic2.png BigMimicJungle
477 Mothron Mothron.png Mothron
478 Mothron Egg Mothron Egg.png MothronEgg
479 Baby Mothron Baby Mothron.png MothronSpawn
480 Medusa Medusa.png Medusa
481 Hoplite Hoplite.png GreekSkeleton
482 Granite Golem Granite Golem.png GraniteGolem
483 Granite Elemental Granite Elemental.gif GraniteFlyer
484 Enchanted Nightcrawler Enchanted Nightcrawler (NPC).png EnchantedNightcrawler
485 Grubby Grubby (NPC).png Grubby
486 Sluggy Sluggy (NPC).png Sluggy
487 Buggy Buggy (NPC).png Buggy
488 Target Dummy Target Dummy (placed).gif TargetDummy
489 Blood Zombie Blood Zombie.png BloodZombie
490 Drippler Drippler.gif Drippler
491 Flying Dutchman Animated Flying Dutchman.gif PirateShip
492 Dutchman Cannon Dutchman Cannon.png PirateShipCannon
493 Stardust Pillar Stardust Pillar.png LunarTowerStardust
494 Crawdad Crawdad.png Crawdad
495 Crawdad Crawdad2.png Crawdad2
496 Giant Shelly Giant Shelly.png GiantShelly
497 Giant Shelly Giant Shelly2.png GiantShelly2
498 Salamander Salamander.png Salamander
499 Salamander
(Variant 2)
Salamander 2.png Salamander2
500 Salamander
(Variant 3)
Salamander 3.png Salamander3
501 Salamander
(Variant 4)
Salamander 4.png Salamander4
502 Salamander
(Variant 5)
Salamander 5.png Salamander5
503 Salamander
(Variant 6)
Salamander 6.png Salamander6
504 Salamander
(Variant 7)
Salamander 7.png Salamander7
505 Salamander
(Variant 8)
Salamander 8.png Salamander8
506 Salamander
(Variant 9)
Salamander 9.png Salamander9
507 Nebula Pillar Nebula Pillar.png LunarTowerNebula
508 Giant Antlion Charger Giant Antlion Charger.png GiantWalkingAntlion
509 Giant Antlion Swarmer Giant Antlion Swarmer.png GiantFlyingAntlion
510 Dune Splicer
(Dune Splicer Head)
Dune Splicer Head.png DuneSplicerHead
511 Dune Splicer
(Dune Splicer Body)
Dune Splicer Body.png DuneSplicerBody
512 Dune Splicer
(Dune Splicer Tail)
Dune Splicer Tail.png DuneSplicerTail
513 Tomb Crawler
(Tomb Crawler Head)
Tomb Crawler Head.png TombCrawlerHead
514 Tomb Crawler
(Tomb Crawler Body)
Tomb Crawler Body.png TombCrawlerBody
515 Tomb Crawler
(Tomb Crawler Tail)
Tomb Crawler Tail.png TombCrawlerTail
516 Solar Flare Solar Flare.png SolarFlare
517 Solar Pillar Solar Pillar.png LunarTowerSolar
518 Drakanian Drakanian.png SolarSpearman
519 Solar Fragment Solar Fragment (NPC).png SolarGoop
520 Martian Walker Martian Walker.png MartianWalker
521 Ancient Vision Ancient Vision.png AncientCultistSquidhead
522 Ancient Light Ancient Light.png AncientLight
523 Ancient Doom Ancient Doom.png AncientDoom
524 Ghoul Ghoul.png DesertGhoul
525 Vile Ghoul Vile Ghoul.png DesertGhoulCorruption
526 Tainted Ghoul Tainted Ghoul.png DesertGhoulCrimson
527 Dreamer Ghoul Dreamer Ghoul.png DesertGhoulHallow
528 Lamia
(Light Lamia)
Lamia.png DesertLamiaLight
529 Lamia
(Dark Lamia)
Lamia2.png DesertLamiaDark
530 Sand Poacher Sand Poacher.png DesertScorpionWalk
531 Sand Poacher
(On Wall)
Sand Poacher2.png DesertScorpionWall
532 Basilisk Basilisk.png DesertBeast
533 Desert Spirit Desert Spirit.png DesertDjinn
534 Tortured Soul Tortured Soul.png DemonTaxCollector
535 Spiked Slime Spiked Slime.png SlimeSpiked
536 The Bride The Bride.png TheBride
537 Sand Slime Sand Slime.png SandSlime
538 Red Squirrel Red Squirrel.png SquirrelRed
539 Gold Squirrel Gold Squirrel.png SquirrelGold
540 Bunny
(Party Bunny)
Party Bunny.png PartyBunny
541 Sand Elemental Sand Elemental.png SandElemental
542 Sand Shark Sand Shark.png SandShark
543 Bone Biter Bone Biter.png SandsharkCorrupt
544 Flesh Reaver Flesh Reaver.png SandsharkCrimson
545 Crystal Thresher Crystal Thresher.png SandsharkHallow
546 Angry Tumbler Angry Tumbler.png Tumbleweed
548 Eternia Crystal Eternia Crystal (NPC).png DD2EterniaCrystal
549 Mysterious Portal Mysterious Portal.png DD2LanePortal
550 Tavernkeep Tavernkeep.png DD2Bartender
551 Betsy Animated Betsy.gif DD2Betsy
552 Etherian Goblin
Etherian Goblin.png DD2GoblinT1
553 Etherian Goblin
Etherian Goblin 2.png DD2GoblinT2
554 Etherian Goblin
Etherian Goblin 3.png DD2GoblinT3
555 Etherian Goblin Bomber
Etherian Goblin Bomber.png DD2GoblinBomberT1
556 Etherian Goblin Bomber
Etherian Goblin Bomber 2.png DD2GoblinBomberT2
557 Etherian Goblin Bomber
Etherian Goblin Bomber 3.png DD2GoblinBomberT3
558 Etherian Wyvern
Etherian Wyvern.png DD2WyvernT1
559 Etherian Wyvern
Etherian Wyvern 2.png DD2WyvernT2
560 Etherian Wyvern
Etherian Wyvern 3.png DD2WyvernT3
561 Etherian Javelin Thrower
Etherian Javelin Thrower.png DD2JavelinstT1
562 Etherian Javelin Thrower
Etherian Javelin Thrower 2.png DD2JavelinstT2
563 Etherian Javelin Thrower
Etherian Javelin Thrower 3.png DD2JavelinstT3
564 Dark Mage
Dark Mage.gif DD2DarkMageT1
565 Dark Mage
Dark Mage.png DD2DarkMageT3
566 Old One's Skeleton
Old One's Skeleton.png DD2SkeletonT1
567 Old One's Skeleton
Old One's Skeleton.png DD2SkeletonT3
568 Wither Beast
Wither Beast.png DD2WitherBeastT2
569 Wither Beast
Wither Beast.png DD2WitherBeastT3
570 Drakin
Drakin.png DD2DrakinT2
571 Drakin
Drakin 2.png DD2DrakinT3
572 Kobold
Kobold.png DD2KoboldWalkerT2
573 Kobold
Kobold.png DD2KoboldWalkerT3
574 Kobold Glider
Kobold Glider.png DD2KoboldFlyerT2
575 Kobold Glider
Kobold Glider.png DD2KoboldFlyerT3
576 Ogre
Ogre.gif DD2OgreT2
577 Ogre
Ogre.png DD2OgreT3
578 Etherian Lightning Bug Etherian Lightning Bug.png DD2LightningBugT3
579 Unconscious Man Unconscious Man.png BartenderUnconscious
580 Antlion Charger Antlion Charger.png Giant Antlion Charger.png WalkingAntlion
581 Antlion Swarmer Antlion Swarmer.png Giant Antlion Swarmer.png FlyingAntlion
582 Antlion Larva Antlion Larva.png LarvaeAntlion
583 Pink Fairy Pink Fairy.png FairyCritterPink
584 Green Fairy Green Fairy.png FairyCritterGreen
585 Blue Fairy Blue Fairy.png FairyCritterBlue
586 Zombie Merman Zombie Merman.png ZombieMerman
587 Wandering Eye Fish Wandering Eye Fish.png EyeballFlyingFish
588 Golfer Golfer.png Golfer
589 Golfer
(Golfer Rescue)
Golfer Rescue.png GolferRescue
590 Zombie
(Torch Zombie)
Torch Zombie.png TorchZombie
591 Zombie
(Armed Torch Zombie)
Armed Torch Zombie.png ArmedTorchZombie
592 Gold Goldfish Gold Goldfish (NPC).png GoldGoldfish
593 Gold Goldfish
(Gold Goldfish Walker)
Gold Goldfish Walker.png GoldGoldfishWalker
594 Windy Balloon White variant Red variant Orange variant Yellow variant Green variant Blue variant Purple variant WindyBalloon
595 Black Dragonfly Black Dragonfly (NPC).png BlackDragonfly
596 Blue Dragonfly Blue Dragonfly (NPC).png BlueDragonfly
597 Green Dragonfly Green Dragonfly (NPC).png GreenDragonfly
598 Orange Dragonfly Orange Dragonfly (NPC).png OrangeDragonfly
599 Red Dragonfly Red Dragonfly (NPC).png RedDragonfly
600 Yellow Dragonfly Yellow Dragonfly (NPC).png YellowDragonfly
601 Gold Dragonfly Gold Dragonfly (NPC).png GoldDragonfly
602 Seagull Seagull.png Seagull
603 Seagull Seagull (flying).png Seagull2
604 Ladybug Ladybug.png LadyBug
605 Gold Ladybug Gold Ladybug.png GoldLadyBug
606 Maggot Maggot (NPC).png Maggot
607 Pupfish Pupfish.png Pupfish
608 Grebe Grebe.png Grebe
609 Grebe Grebe (flying).png Grebe2
610 Rat Rat (NPC).png Rat
611 Owl Owl.png Owl
612 Water Strider Water Strider (NPC).png WaterStrider
613 Gold Water Strider Gold Water Strider (NPC).png GoldWaterStrider
614 Explosive Bunny Explosive Bunny.png ExplosiveBunny
615 Dolphin Dolphin.png Dolphin
616 Turtle Turtle (NPC).png Turtle
617 Jungle Turtle Jungle Turtle (NPC).png TurtleJungle
618 Dreadnautilus Dreadnautilus.png BloodNautilus
619 Blood Squid Blood Squid.png BloodSquid
620 Hemogoblin Shark Hemogoblin Shark.png GoblinShark
621 Blood Eel
(Blood Eel Head)
Blood Eel Head.png BloodEelHead
622 Blood Eel
(Blood Eel Body)
Blood Eel Body.png BloodEelBody
623 Blood Eel
(Blood Eel Tail)
Blood Eel Tail.png BloodEelTail
624 Gnome Gnome.png Gnome
625 Sea Turtle Sea Turtle.png SeaTurtle
626 Seahorse Seahorse.png Seahorse
627 Gold Seahorse Gold Seahorse.png GoldSeahorse
628 Angry Dandelion Angry Dandelion.png Dandelion
629 Ice Mimic Ice Mimic.png IceMimic
630 Blood Mummy Blood Mummy.png BloodMummy
631 Rock Golem Rock Golem.png RockGolem
632 Maggot Zombie Maggot Zombie.png MaggotZombie
633 Zoologist Normal Zoologist Fox Zoologist BestiaryGirl
634 Spore Bat Spore Bat.gif SporeBat
635 Spore Skeleton Spore Skeleton.png SporeSkeleton
636 Empress of Light Empress of Light.gif HallowBoss
637 Town Cat Town Cat.png TownCat
638 Town Dog Town Dog.png TownDog
639 Amethyst Squirrel Amethyst Squirrel.png GemSquirrelAmethyst
640 Topaz Squirrel Topaz Squirrel.png GemSquirrelTopaz
641 Sapphire Squirrel Sapphire Squirrel.png GemSquirrelSapphire
642 Emerald Squirrel Emerald Squirrel.png GemSquirrelEmerald
643 Ruby Squirrel Ruby Squirrel.png GemSquirrelRuby
644 Diamond Squirrel Diamond Squirrel.png GemSquirrelDiamond
645 Amber Squirrel Amber Squirrel.png GemSquirrelAmber
646 Amethyst Bunny Amethyst Bunny.png GemBunnyAmethyst
647 Topaz Bunny Topaz Bunny.png GemBunnyTopaz
648 Sapphire Bunny Sapphire Bunny.png GemBunnySapphire
649 Emerald Bunny Emerald Bunny.png GemBunnyEmerald
650 Ruby Bunny Ruby Bunny.png GemBunnyRuby
651 Diamond Bunny Diamond Bunny.png GemBunnyDiamond
652 Amber Bunny Amber Bunny.png GemBunnyAmber
653 Hell Butterfly Hell Butterfly.png HellButterfly
654 Lavafly Lavafly (NPC).png Lavafly
655 Magma Snail Magma Snail.png MagmaSnail
656 Town Bunny Town Bunny.png TownBunny
657 Queen Slime Queen Slime.png QueenSlimeBoss
658 Crystal Slime Crystal Slime.png QueenSlimeMinionBlue
659 Bouncy Slime Bouncy Slime.png QueenSlimeMinionPink
660 Heavenly Slime Heavenly Slime.png QueenSlimeMinionPurple
661 Prismatic Lacewing Prismatic Lacewing (NPC).png EmpressButterfly
662 Pirate's Curse Pirate's Curse.png PirateGhost
663 Princess Princess.png Princess
664 The Torch God The Torch God.png TorchGod
665 Chaos Ball Chaos Ball.png ChaosBallTim
666 Vile Spit Vile Spit.png VileSpitEaterOfWorlds
667 Golden Slime Golden Slime.png GoldenSlime
668 Deerclops Deerclops.png Deerclops
669 Stinkbug Stinkbug.png Stinkbug
670 Nerdy Slime Nerdy Slime.png TownSlimeBlue
671 Scarlet Macaw Scarlet Macaw.png ScarletMacaw
672 Blue Macaw Blue Macaw.png BlueMacaw
673 Toucan Toucan.png Toucan
674 Yellow Cockatiel Yellow Cockatiel.png YellowCockatiel
675 Gray Cockatiel Gray Cockatiel.png GrayCockatiel
676 Shimmer Slime Shimmer Slime.png ShimmerSlime
677 Faeling Faeling.png Shimmerfly
678 Cool Slime Cool Slime.png TownSlimeGreen
679 Elder Slime Elder Slime.png TownSlimeOld
680 Clumsy Slime Clumsy Slime.png TownSlimePurple
681 Diva Slime Diva Slime.png TownSlimeRainbow
682 Surly Slime Surly Slime.png TownSlimeRed
683 Mystic Slime Mystic Slime.png TownSlimeYellow
684 Squire Slime Squire Slime.png TownSlimeCopper
685 Old Shaking Chest Old Shaking Chest.png BoundTownSlimeOld
686 Clumsy Balloon Slime Clumsy Balloon Slime.png BoundTownSlimePurple
687 Mystic Frog Mystic Frog.png BoundTownSlimeYellow
1001 Albino Antlion Albino Antlion.png
1002 Orca Orca.png
1003 Vampire Miner Vampire Miner.png
1004 Shadow Slime Shadow Slime.png
1005 Shadow Hammer Shadow Hammer.png
1006 Shadow Mummy Shadow Mummy.png
1007 Spectral Gastropod Spectral Gastropod.png
1008 Spectral Elemental Spectral Elemental.png
1009 Spectral Mummy Spectral Mummy.png
1010 Dragon Snatcher Dragon Snatcher.png
1011 Dragon Hornet Dragon Hornet.png
1012 Dragon Skull Dragon Skull.png
1013 Arch Wyvern Head Arch Wyvern Head.png
1014 Arch Wyvern Legs Arch Wyvern Legs.png
1015 Arch Wyvern Body Arch Wyvern Body.png
1016 Arch Wyvern Body 2 Arch Wyvern Body 2.png
1017 Arch Wyvern Body 3 Arch Wyvern Body 3.png
1018 Arch Wyvern Tail Arch Wyvern Tail.png
1019 Arch Demon Arch Demon.png
1020 Ocram Ocram animated 2.gif
1021 Servant of Ocram Servant of Ocram animated.gif
1022 Lepus Lepus.png
1023 Lepus Egg Suspicious Looking Egg.png Suspicious Looking Egg.png
1024 Diseaster Bunny Diseaster Bunny.png
1025 Turkor Head Turkor Head.png
1026 Turkor Body Turkor Body.png
1027 Turkor Neck Turkor Neck.png
1028 Mc MoneyPants Mc MoneyPants.png
1029 Mythical Wyvern Head Mythical Wyvern Head.png


  • Desktop 1.2: Added IDs 147–296 and −18 through −65.
  • Desktop 1.1:
    • Added IDs 74–141.
    • Added IDs −1 through −17. These NPCs previously did not have any ID.