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Objects, or background objects, are a general type of tile which occupy space but can be passed by the player. Blocks cannot be created on top of them until they are removed. Most types of objects are scattered across the world during world generation, though some (namely pieces of Furniture) can be manually placed by the player. Unlike blocks, objects do not form terrain and act as separate and independent tiles. There are a large number of objects which serve no purpose, and instead are only used for their appearance.

Many background objects yield items when harvested by the player by using a pickaxe or explosives. Notable exceptions include:

Objects list

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Gem Stashes

Diamond rock.png Ruby rock.png Emerald rock.png Sapphire rock.png Topaz rock.png Amethyst rock.png

Enchanted Sword in Stone

Enchanted Sword comparison.png

Coin Stashes

Small Stashes.png Large Copper Stashes.png Large Silver Stashes.png Large Gold Stashes.png

Coin Piles

Copper Coin (placed).png Silver Coin (placed).png Gold Coin (placed).png Platinum Coin (placed).png

Life Crystal and Repaired Life Crystal(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)

Life Crystal (placed).gif

Repaired Mana Crystal(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)

Repaired Mana Crystal (placed).gif

Ambient objects

Ambient objects.png

Ambient objects 2.png

Ambient objects 3.png

Tiny ambient objects.png

Large ambient objects.png


Sunflower (placed).png


Pumpkin Plant.png

Life Fruit

Life Fruit (placed).png

Nature's Gift

Nature's Gift (placed).png

Jungle Rose

Jungle Rose (placed).png

Jungle Spores

Jungle Spores (placed).png

Plantera's Bulb

Plantera's Bulb.png

Dye plants

Dye Plants.png

Strange Plants

Strange Plant (placed).png


Daybloom (placed).png Blinkroot (placed).png Moonglow (placed).png Shiverthorn (placed).png Fireblossom (placed).png Deathweed (placed).png Waterleaf (placed).png

Glowing Mushrooms, Mushroom, Vile Mushroom, Vicious Mushroom

Glowing Mushrooms.png Mushroom (placed).png Vile Mushroom (placed).png Vicious Mushroom (placed).png

Planter Boxes

Daybloom Planter Box (placed).png Moonglow Planter Box (placed).png Blinkroot Planter Box (placed).png Shiverthorn Planter Box (placed).png Waterleaf Planter Box (placed).png Fireblossom Planter Box (placed).png Deathweed Planter Box (placed).png Crimsonweed Planter Box (placed).png




Coral (placed).png

Seashells, Starfish

Seashell (placed).png Starfish (placed).png Tulip Shell.png Lightning Whelk Shell.png Junonia Shell.png


Queen Bee Larva.gif

Bee Hive

Bee Hive (placed).png


Placed Statues (Functional).png

Storage items

Placed Chests.png

Books & Water Bolt

Book (placed).png

Lesser Healing Potion, Lesser Mana Potion

Lesser Healing Potion (placed).png Lesser Mana Potion (placed).png


Placed Campfires.gif


Fireplace (placed).gif


Water Fountains.gif



Cooking Pot

Cauldron (placed).gif


Placed Bunnies.gif

Placed Gemstone Bunnies.gif

Placed Birds.gif

Placed Squirrels.gif

Placed Gemstone Squirrels.gif

Placed Ducks.gif

Placed Grebe.gif

Placed Scorpions.gif

Placed Worms.gif

Placed Jungle Bugs.gif

Placed Grasshoppers.gif

Placed Snails.gif

Placed Stinkbug.gif

Placed Frogs.gif

Placed Mice.gif

Placed Rat.gif

Placed Penguin.gif

Placed Maggot.gif

Placed Macaws.gif

Placed Cockatiels.gif

Placed Toucan.gif

Placed Owl.gif

Placed Seagull.gif

Candles, Water Candle, and Peace Candle

Placed Candles.png

Lanterns, Heart Lantern, and Star in a Bottle

Placed Lanterns.png


Placed Lamps.png


Placed Candelabras.png


Placed Chandeliers.png

Jack 'O Lantern

Jack 'O Lantern Variants.png

Skull Lantern

Skull Lantern.png

Living Fire Blocks

Living Fire Block (placed).gif Living Cursed Fire Block (placed).gif Living Demon Fire Block (placed).gif Living Frost Fire Block (placed).gif Living Ichor Block (placed).gif Living Ultrabright Fire Block (placed).gif


Placed Trophies.png

Special Crafting Stations

Bone Welder (placed).gif Glass Kiln (placed).gif Honey Dispenser (placed).gif Ice Machine (placed).gif Living Loom (placed).png Sky Mill (placed).gif Solidifier (placed).gif Steampunk Boiler (placed).gif Flesh Cloning Vat (placed).gif Lihzahrd Furnace (placed).gif

Alchemy Table

Alchemy Table (placed).gif

Buff-granting activated furniture

Bewitching Table (placed).gif Crystal Ball (placed).png Sharpening Station (placed).gif Ammo Box.png Slice of Cake (placed).png


Tree (Forest).png Tree (Crimson).png Tree (Corruption).png Tree (Jungle).png Tree (Hallow).png Tree (Snow).png Tree (Ocean).png Tree (Ash).png Giant Glowing Mushroom (surface).png Tree (Amethyst).png Tree (Topaz).png Tree (Sapphire).png Tree (Emerald).png Tree (Ruby).png Tree (Diamond).png Tree (Amber).png Cactus Plant.png Tree (Bamboo).png


Demon Altar.png Crimson Altar.png

Lihzahrd Altar

Lihzahrd Altar.png


  • If an object (such as a stalagmite) is sitting in lava, and water is pouring onto the same spot, a block of Obsidian will not form, but the water will be consumed and lost regardless.
  • Planter Boxes are special in the regard that the player can stand on top of them.