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Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeSlime AI
Max Life150/300330660/450495990
KB Resist-40%/-26%/-12%
BannerPinky BannerPinky Banner(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Immune toPoisoned
Coins1 GCPre-Hardmode: 2 GC50 SCHardmode: 2 GCPost-Plantera: 4 GC
  • Item (Quantity)Rate
  • GelGel (1–2)
    100% (Old-gen console and 3DS versions)
  • Pink GelPink Gel(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) (25–50)

Pinky is a rare slime which occasionally spawns in the Forest biome, as well as in the Underground and Cavern layers, where it is difficult to spot. Despite its small size, Pinky has more health and defense than nearly all other pre-Hardmode slimes, though it has one of the lowest values of damage and knockback resistance in the game. It is also the only source of Pink Gel(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions).

Like most other slimes, the Pinky will be passive towards any player with the Royal Gel(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) accessory equipped.

On Desktop version Desktop, Console version Console, Mobile version Mobile, and 3DSNintendo 3DS version, they can rarely be found carrying bonus drops, which the player receives upon the slime's death.

It is one of the few entities that can be detected by the Lifeform Analyzer(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) or its upgrades. The Pinky requires 25 kills to be awarded completion of its Bestiary entry and corresponding banner, as opposed to the usual 50 kills.


  • Pinky has a 1/180 (0.56%) chance of spawning in place of any standard slime.
  • It has a 1/100 (1%) / 1/70 (1.43%) chance to drop the Slime Staff, unlike other slimes.
  • (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) Pinky has a chance to spawn attached to a Windy Balloon during Windy Days.


Achievement Pretty in Pink.png
Pretty in Pink • Kill pinky.
Defeat Pinky for the first time. (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Category: Slayer Slayer
Achievement Gelatin World Tour.png
Gelatin World Tour • Defeat every type of slime there is!
Defeat at least one of every type of slime. (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)
Category: Challenger Challenger
Achievement Slimer.png
Slimer • “You have killed every type of slime!”
Defeat at least one of every type of slime. (Old-gen console version)


  • The best time to attempt to find Pinky is during the Slime Rain(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) event, as the spawn rate for slimes is greatly increased.
  • The large amount of money it drops makes it a very valuable enemy in the early game, especially for attracting the Merchant to your town.
  • (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) The Pink Gel that Pinky drops can be used to create Pink Torches, which can be crafted into a Peace Candle. This item might prove useful early-game, as it decreases enemy spawn rate.
  • Since Pinky is the smallest slime, using a Hunter Potion can be very useful if in dark areas like the Underground for finding or detecting them.


  • Pinky's knockback resistance is tied with the Golden Slime's(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) for the lowest in the game, beating even the Slimer without wings at double the vulnerability.
    • Pinky and the Golden Slime are the only enemies in the game to have negative knockback resistance in Master Mode(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions).
  • The BestiaryBestiary entry for Pinky: "The smallest slime ever recorded, their extreme cellular density makes them incredibly durable for their small size. They eat money."
  • Its habit of eating money mentioned here is represented in its high amount of dropped coins.


  • Desktop
    • Now drops the newly introduced Pink Gel.
    • Can now drop its own respective banner.
  • Console 1.0.750.0: (PlayStation 4)
    • Now drops the newly introduced Pink Gel.
    • Can now drop its own respective banner.
  • Mobile
    • Now drops the newly introduced Pink Gel.
    • Can now drop its own respective banner.
  • 3DS-Release: Introduced with mechanics from Desktop 1.0.5.