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Desktop version
Desktop-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop version of Terraria.
The video shown in the announcement post of Razer Chroma support.[1]

Terraria features built-in RGB lighting effects for supported Razer, Logitech, Corsair and SteelSeries peripherals.

The vendor's respective lighting software must be installed for these effects to function (e.g. Razer Synapse, Logitech G Hub, Corsair iCUE or SteelSeries Engine).

List of effects


Most background effects have two versions; one for "high detail" peripherals such as keyboards, and one for "low detail" peripherals such as mice, headphones and keypads.

Effects listed lower on the following table will take priority. While multiple effects can be active at any time, those that are not transparent will block out any previous effects. For example, the Rain effect will display on top of most effects due to it being transparent, but the Blizzard effect (which is listed lower and is not transparent) will override it.

Identifier Display condition Transparent Demonstration
Base layer
Sky Player is in the Space layer or it is nighttime in the world RGB Sky.gif
Surface Player is in the Surface layer without a Dirt Wall, Cave Wall or Rocks Wall
(any type; natural or player-placed) behind them[2]
RGB Surface.gif
Vines Player is in the Surface layer with a Dirt Wall, Cave Wall or Rocks Wall
(any type; natural or player-placed) behind them[2]
RGB Vines.gif
Underground Player is in the Underground layer RGB Underground.gif
Caverns Player is in the Cavern layer RGB Caverns.gif
Magma Player is in the Cavern layer and within 400 tiles of the bottom of the world RGB Magma.gif
Underworld Player is in the Underworld RGB Underworld.gif
Biomes layer
Surface Desert Player is in the Desert RGB Surface Desert.gif
Surface Jungle Player is in the Jungle RGB Surface Jungle.gif
Surface Ocean Player is in the Ocean RGB Surface Ocean.gif
Surface Snow Player is in the Snow biome RGB Surface Snow.gif
Surface Mushroom Player is in a Glowing Mushroom biome RGB Surface Mushroom.gif
Underground Mushroom Player is in an Underground Glowing Mushroom biome RGB Underground Mushroom.gif
Underground Corruption Player is in the Underground Corruption RGB Underground Corruption.gif
Underground Crimson Player is in the Underground Crimson RGB Underground Crimson.gif
Underground Hallow Player is in the Underground Hallow RGB Underground Hallow.gif
Underground Jungle Player is in the Underground Jungle RGB Underground Jungle.gif
Underground Ice Player is in the Ice biome RGB Underground Ice.gif
Underground Desert Player is in the Underground Desert RGB Underground Desert.gif
Surface Hallow Player is in the Hallow RGB Surface Hallow.gif
Surface Crimson Player is in the Crimson RGB Surface Crimson.gif
Surface Corruption Player is in the Corruption RGB Surface Corruption.gif
Hive Player is in front of any Hive Wall RGB Hive.gif
Meteorite Player is in a Meteorite biome RGB Meteorite.gif
Temple Player is in front of a natural Lihzahrd Brick Wall RGB Temple.gif
Dungeon Player is in the Dungeon RGB Dungeon.gif
Granite Player is in front of any Granite Wall RGB Granite.gif
Marble Player is in front of any Marble Wall RGB Marble.gif
Gem Cave Player is in front of a natural Gemstone Wall RGB Gem Cave.gif
Shimmer Player is in the Aether RGB Shimmer.gif
Corrupt Ice Player is in a corrupt Ice biome RGB Corrupt Ice.gif
Crimson Ice Player is in a crimson Ice biome RGB Crimson Ice.gif
Hallow Ice Player is in a hallow Ice biome RGB Hallow Ice.gif
Corrupt Desert Player is in a corrupt Desert RGB Corrupt Desert.gif
Crimson Desert Player is in a crimson Desert RGB Crimson Desert.gif
Hallow Desert Player is in a hallow Desert RGB Hallow Desert.gif
Events and bosses layer
Pumpkin Moon Pumpkin Moon is active RGB Pumpkin Moon.gif
Blood Moon Blood Moon is active and the Pumpkin Moon/Frost Moon is not active RGB Blood Moon.gif
Frost Moon Frost Moon is active RGB Frost Moon.gif
Solar Eclipse Solar Eclipse is active RGB Solar Eclipse.gif
Solar Pillar Player is within 4000 pixels (250 tiles) of the Solar Pillar's center RGB Solar Pillar.gif
Nebula Pillar Player is within 4000 pixels (250 tiles) of the Nebula Pillar's center RGB Nebula Pillar.gif
Vortex Pillar Player is within 4000 pixels (250 tiles) of the Vortex Pillar's center RGB Vortex Pillar.gif
Stardust Pillar Player is within 4000 pixels (250 tiles) of the Stardust Pillar's center RGB Stardust Pillar.gif
Eye of Cthulhu Eye of Cthulhu is alive RGB Eye of Cthulhu.gif
King Slime King Slime is alive RGB King Slime.gif
Goblin Army Goblin Army is active RGB Goblin Army.gif
Eater of Worlds Eater of Worlds is alive RGB Eater of Worlds.gif
Brain of Cthulhu Brain of Cthulhu is alive RGB Brain of Cthulhu.gif
Queen Bee Queen Bee is alive RGB Queen Bee.gif
Skeletron Skeletron is alive RGB Skeletron.gif
Wall of Flesh Wall of Flesh is alive RGB Wall of Flesh.gif
Frost Legion Frost Legion is active RGB Frost Legion.gif
Queen Slime Queen Slime is alive RGB Queen Slime.gif
The Twins Retinazer or Spazmatism is alive RGB The Twins.gif
Destroyer The Destroyer is alive RGB Destroyer.gif
Skeletron Prime Skeletron Prime is alive RGB Skeletron Prime.gif
Pirate Invasion Pirate Invasion is active RGB Pirate Invasion.gif
Plantera Plantera is alive RGB Plantera.gif
Golem Golem is alive RGB Golem.gif
Empress of Light Empress of Light is alive RGB Empress of Light.gif
Old One's Army Old One's Army is active RGB Old One's Army.gif
Martian Madness Martian Madness is active RGB Martian Madness.gif
Lunatic Cultist Lunatic Cultist is alive RGB Lunatic Cultist.gif
Duke Fishron Duke Fishron is alive RGB Duke Fishron.gif
Deerclops Deerclops is alive RGB Deerclops.gif
Moon Lord Moon Lord is alive RGB Moon Lord.gif
Weather layer
Rain Rain ✔️ RGB Rain.gif
Blizzard Blizzard RGB Blizzard.gif
Sandstorm Sandstorm RGB Sandstorm.gif
Slime Rain Slime Rain ✔️ RGB Slime Rain.gif
Alerts layer
Drowning Player's breath is below its maximum ✔️ RGB Drowning.gif
Keybinds Keybindings menu open ✔️ RGB Keybinds.gif
Lava Indicator Player is in lava RGB Lava Indicator.gif
Moon Lord Spawn Moon Lord countdown active RGB Moon Lord Spawn.gif
Critical alerts layer
Low Life Player is alive, at 50% or less health, has a healing potion in their inventory
and does not have Potion Sickness. The key bound to Quick Heal will flash every half-second.
✔️ RGB Low Life.gif
Death Player is dead RGB Death.gif
Menu layer
Base Title screen RGB Surface.gif
Surface Mushroom Title screen, while generating a drunk world RGB Surface Mushroom.gif

SteelSeries Engine events

Terraria also features integration with SteelSeries Engine, adding events for the player's life, mana and breath percentage.

Hidden settings

Config.json contains a few hidden RGB-related settings:

  • UseRazerRGB, UseLogitechRGB, UseCorsairRGB and UseSteelSeriesRGB can be used to enable/disable support for a specific vendor's peripherals.
  • RGBUpdatesPerSecond determines how many times per second a device will be sent new lighting information. Defaults to 45.


  • Desktop Fixed an issue where SteelSeries support was following the UseLogitechRGB setting instead of UseSteelSeriesRGB.
  • Desktop 1.4.1: Added support for SteelSeries peripherals and SteelSeries Engine events.
  • Desktop RGB-related error log entries now properly indicate that they are normal messages, and not errors. They also include a message indicating that RGB can be disabled.
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