Robotic Skull

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Robotic Skull
  • Robotic Skull item sprite
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Use time20 (Very fast)
TooltipSummons a miniature Skeletron Prime
'We can rebuild it.'
RarityRarity level: Fiery red
Research1 required
Grants Buff
BuffMini PrimeMini Prime
Buff tooltipEach tool can commit murder
Summons Pet
  • Mini Prime
    Mini Prime
Obtained from Obtained from
Master mode icon.png Master
Skeletron PrimeSkeletron Prime.pngSkeletron Prime125%
Not to be confused with Mechanical Skull, which summons Skeletron Prime.

The Robotic Skull is a pet-summoning item dropped by Skeletron Prime in Master Mode with a 25*1/4 (25%) chance. It summons Mini Prime, who follows the player around indefinitely.


  • Despite what the buff's tooltip may suggest, Mini Prime does not inflict damage.