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Box art
Collector's Edition (PC) box contents.
Collector's Edition (PS3) box contents.
Collector's Edition (Xbox 360) box contents.
Not to be confused with Terraria Special Edition.

Terraria Collector's Edition is published by Headup Games, distributed by Merge Games or NBG Multimedia, and sold through Amazon. It is available for Desktop version Desktop (Steam.svg Steam version), Xbox 360 Xbox, and PlayStation 3.

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • A physical copy of Terraria on CD.
  • A CD case with Terraria graphics.
  • A pickaxe key chain appearing in a random color along with the Terraria logo.[1]
  • A poster of a standard Terraria landscape with the Terraria logo.
  • Two Terraria trading cards.
  • The Carrot, an in-game item that summons the exclusive Pet Bunny.

The Xbox 360 Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions include an exclusive item crafting poster, a pickaxe flash drive, 3 stickers and the actual game.

Trading cards

For Steam trading cards and badges, see Steam Trading Card.

There is a total of 10 different trading cards that can come randomly with the Collector's Edition.

Cards' info

Superstar amongst blocks, the dirt block and it's [sic] cohorts lay claim to many acres in Terraria. When asked about rumours of it's [sic] recent relationship with the stone block, the dirt block failed to comment.
PlayerHeart.png 0 Iron Broadsword.png 0 Defense.png 0
"Few mortals know I can speak their languages"
The most magical of creatures, said to be made up of the essence of Terraria itself. It's rare to see more of a Wyvern than a shadow amongst the clouds. Once kind, the corruption has made them aggressive.
PlayerHeart.png 250 Iron Broadsword.png 0 Defense.png 15
"Pain, suffering, loneliness, Ahghhhh"
It is said that those who are devourered [sic] by an Eater of Souls become a Wraith. These denizens of damnation wander alone through Terraria desperate to reclaim a soul.
PlayerHeart.png 200 Iron Broadsword.png 75 Defense.png 18
"The sands of time are flowing. And well, you are not aging very gracefully..."
Servant to mother nature, the Dryad lives a life of solitude, prefering the company of Blinkroot and Daybloom to human contact.
PlayerHeart.png 250 Iron Broadsword.png 0 Defense.png 15
Once thought to be a myth, Werewolves appeared in the second age of Terraria. These elusive creatures spend most of their lives hidden, emerging only on full moons with a scent for blood.
PlayerHeart.png 400 Iron Broadsword.png 70 Defense.png 40
"You pathetic fool. You cannot hope to face my master as you are now."
Many have heard his sobbing echo from the depths of the dungeon that towers over Terraria. It is said that as the sun sets his sobs turn to twisted cackles. Then silence.. Save for the scraping of skeletal fingers on stone.
PlayerHeart.png 250 Iron Broadsword.png 0 Defense.png 15
"Squelch Squelch.."
Of all the species of Slime that inhabit Terraria, the Blue Slime is by far the most common. It's said that all Slimes originate from single source [sic], destroying that source may rid the lands of dreaded ooze forever.
PlayerHeart.png 25 Iron Broadsword.png 7 Defense.png 2
"They say there is a person who will tell you how to survive in this land... oh wait. That's me."
Little is known about The Guide's history. Some say he was the first to set foot on the lands of Terraria, some say he has always been there. His knowledge is unsurpassed, just remind him to lock the door.
PlayerHeart.png 250 Iron Broadsword.png 0 Defense.png 15
"Gguurrgllee Gguurrgllee"
Common to corrupt lands in Terraria, the Eater of Souls is the bane of an unseasoned traveler wandering too far from home. It is named for its gruesome appetite for flesh and ghastly looks.
PlayerHeart.png 40 Iron Broadsword.png 20 Defense.png 4
The Megashark™ is leading the market in shark based weaponry. With a rate of fire of 8 shots per second and 6 inch teeth. Buy today and become the ultimate predator.
Teeth length subject to shark supply, fins sold separately.
PlayerHeart.png NA Iron Broadsword.png 23 Defense.png NA

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  1. Some newer versions of the product do not include the key chain anymore. The front of the package clearly states what that specific version contains.