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Hello, my name is Alexey aka Alex Great[1]. I am an administrator of the Russian, English and Ukrainian sections of Terraria Wiki. All my edits can be seen in my contribution (in Russian section). I am also the unofficial lead translator of Terraria into Russian. My team and I would like to contact developers to integrate an improved version of the Russian language in the game, but we cannot reach them. 😔

In fact I was registered at 4th of December, 2011. You can see my profile at the former official wiki there.

How to contact me?

You can contact me through:

I am also exist at the Terraria Wiki Official Server in Discord and at the Translators Team Server.


  1. Not Alexander, please! It's different name. In Russia exist both separated from Alexander names that also comes from Greek: Alexey and Andrey. Or just in simple: Alex(ey) + Andr(ey) = (Alex)(ander).