Vile Spit

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Vile Spit
Vile Spit.png
Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
AI TypeSpell AI
Damage65/130116/195174 (Corruptor)
64 (Eater of Worlds)

96 (Eater of Worlds)
Max Life1
KB Resist100%
Inflicts debuff
Inflicts debuff
Inflicts debuff
Debuff tooltipPhysical abilities are decreased
Chance1/20 (5%)
Duration5 minutes10 minutes12 minutes 30 seconds
  • Internal NPC ID:
    112 (Corruptor) / 666 (Eater of Worlds)
  • Internal Buff ID: 33

Vile Spit is a projectile fired by Corruptors, which are only encountered in Hardmode Corruption biomes. It also fired by the Eater of Worlds in Expert Mode(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions). It moves steadily in a straight line at 36 mph and breaks if it comes in contact with any block. Upon striking a target, Vile Spit has a small chance to inflict the Weak debuff. It can be easily destroyed by hitting it with any weapon or tool capable of dealing damage.


  • As it is only fired from enemies that are native to the Corruption, one will not see Vile Spit in a Crimson world, unless an artificial Corruption biome is created.
  • Prior to the 1.2 update, Vile Spit would convert any blocks it came in contact with to their Corrupt counterparts.
  • Internally, Vile Spit is an NPC instead of a projectile. The reason for this is its ability to be destroyed.


  • Desktop 1.4.2:
    • Vile Spit fired by the Eater of Worlds now has an internal NPC ID of 666.
    • Vile Spit fired by Corruptors is now affected by the Corruptor Banner.
  • Desktop Damage of Vile Spit fired from the Eater of Worlds reduced from 65 to 64.
  • Desktop Damage of Vile Spit fired from the Eater of Worlds reduced from 130 to 65.
  • Mobile 1.2.8498:
    • Fixed bug where Corruptors, along with other enemies, would not spawn, effectively re-adding Vile Spit.
    • No longer spreads Corruption upon impact.