Madeira de Ébano

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Madeira de Ébano
  • sprite do item Madeira de Ébanosprite antigo do item Madeira de Ébano
  • Madeira de Ébano (colocado)
Uso automático
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Colocável✔️ (1 de longura × 1 de altura)
Vel. de Uso15 (Muito alta)
RaridadeNível de raridade: 0
PesquisaRequer 100

Ebonwood is The Corruption replacement for normal wood. Its properties are generally the same as that of normal wood, but it has the characteristic dark purple tint of the Corruption. It is obtained by cutting down trees within the Corruption. Ebonwood has better attributes than something made of normal wood. For example: the normal Wooden Sword does 7 damage (5 on the Versão para Nintendo 3DSVersão para Nintendo 3DS), while an Ebonwood Sword does (Versões para Computador, Console e Celular)11/(Versões para Old-gen console e 3DS)10 damage. Ebonwood is the second best wood for crafting equipment (tools and weapons), but is the third best for the variants of wood armors, only being beaten by Pearlwood and Spooky Wood, as it has higher damage, defense and tool power than most other woods.

Ebonwood, along with Shadewood, is the second best Pre-Hardmode wood for tools, weapons, and armor, only beaten by Madeira de Freixo(Versões para Computador, Console e Celular).

Trees that have grown in The Corruption will give Ebonwood instead of normal wood. Palm trees that have grown on Ebonsand will give this wood instead of Madeira de Palmeira(Versões para Computador, Console, Old-gen console e Celular), as there is no Corruption variant of Palm Wood.

Ebonwood cannot spread the Corruption.

Ebonwood (except for texture) is the exact same as Shadewood.



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