Picareta de Cacto

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Picareta de Cacto
  • sprite do item Picareta de Cactosprite antigo do item Picareta de Cacto
Balanço automático
Stack digit 1.png
  • Pickaxe mask.png 35%
  • Hammer mask.png 0%
  • Axe mask.png 0%
Dano4 (Físico)
Recuo2 (Muito fraco)
Chance de
ataque crítico
Vel. de Uso25 (Alta)
Vel. de
RaridadeNível de raridade: 0
Vender4 SC
PesquisaRequer 1

The Cactus Pickaxe is an early-game pickaxe that has the same power (35%) as the Copper and Tin Pickaxes, which is the lowest in the game. However, it has +1 range advantage over the Copper Pickaxe (the Copper Pickaxe has a range deduction, while the Cactus Pickaxe does not). Like other low-tier pickaxes, it can mine blocks and ores weaker than Meteorite (which can be mined with a Tungsten Pickaxe or better), and seems to have an almost identical mining time to that of its copper counterpart. This pickaxe differs from all other early-game pickaxes, though, as it is made entirely from Cactus, and is crafted at a Work Bench rather than an Anvil, meaning the player can craft it before even venturing underground. It can also function as a decent weapon early in the game as it deals 5 damage, 1 higher than the Copper Pickaxe.

Seu melhor modificador é Leve para fins de colheita e Lendário para fins de combate.



ResultadoIngredientesEstação de criação
Picareta de CactoPicareta de CactoBancada de TrabalhoBancada de Trabalho


  • Desktop 1.2: Introduced.
  • Mobile 1.2.6508: Introduced.
  • 3DS-Release: Introduced.