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This template displays the number of Bestiary entries that corresponds to a given progress percentage.

Often, certain conditions etc. are only given in percentages, but this information is less useful than a specific number of entries. This template facilitates quickly appending that number. Furthermore, it will update the number automatically should the total number of entries change in a later update.

{{b entries}} is an alias for {{bestiary entries}}.


{{ b entries | <progress percentage> | <unit> }}

First unnamed parameter

Ratio expression, such percent, fractal, etc, see examples below. The template will not output anything if the parameter is invalid.

Second unnamed parameter

If set, the template appends the unit ("entry"/"entries"). The parameter can be set to any value, but it should be entry or entries for clarity.


Code Result
{{b entries|31%}} 168
{{b entries|31%|entry}} 168 entries
{{b entries|0|entry}} 0 entries
{{b entries|0.1%|entry}} 1 entry
{{b entries|31%|entries}} 168 entries
{{b entries|31%|true}} 168 entries
{{b entries|100%}} (total number of entries) 540
{{b entries|0%}} 0
{{b entries|0}} 0
{{b entries|0.00}} 0
{{b entries|3.1415%}} 17
{{b entries|0.31}} 168
{{b entries|1/4}} 135
{{b entries|20%+5%}} 135
{{b entries|50%/2}} 135
{{b entries|0.2+1/20}} 135
{{b entries|-20%}} (invalid)
{{b entries|120%}} (invalid)
{{b entries|2}} (invalid, same as 200%)
Once 31% of the Bestiary has been filled ({{b entries|31%|entries}}), ... Once 31% of the Bestiary has been filled (168 entries), ...