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Ez a cikk future Terraria updates szól. A past updates, lásd: Desktop version history and Console version history.

Re-Logic staff members occasionally announce and/or hint at various details of Terraria updates that are still in development. This page lists those details.

Since the updates described here have not been released yet, and many of these details are only conjectured based on comments or screenshots provided by the staff, all items here may be subject to change, or may not end up in a future Terraria update at all.

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Cenx's post on Twitter, featuring a build of Terraria versioned "v1.4.4 r003 DEBUG".[tweets 1]

1.4.4 (titled "Labor of Love"[forums 1]) will feature various balance and quality of life changes.[youtube 1][forums 2] It is planned to be released sometime during 2022.[forums 3]


  • One or two new secret world seeds[forums 4], described by Redigit as "something special for the brave of heart".[tweets 2]
  • A few new achievements.[discord 1]


  • Several new items:
  • Several changes to existing items:
    • Most stackable items will have their max stack limit increased to 9999.[forums 3]
    • Pressing Kinyitás/Bekapcsolás on the Eternia Crystal Stand will skip the remaining wait time between Old One's Army waves.[youtube 1]
    • The cost of Defender Medal purchases from the Tavernkeep has been reduced significantly (averaging 33-40% less medals for the majority of items).[youtube 1]
    • Sharpened, Clairvoyance, Ammo Box and Bewitched buffs now last until death.[youtube 1]
    • Duration of all sentries has been increased from 2 to 10 minutes.[youtube 1]
    • Paintings and statues will now glow with the Spelunker buff.[youtube 1]
    • Some informational accessories readouts will dim when inactive.[tweets 8]
    • The change in to only allow accessories with a visual component to be equipped in vanity accessory slots will be reverted.[reddit 2]
    • Projectile Tombstones will deal damage (similar to Boulders) in "a certain seed".[reddit 3]
    • Ropes can now overlap with other background tiles like platforms and Minecart Tracks.[tweets 7]
    • A crafting recipe for the Magic Mirror will be added.[reddit 4]
    • Metal Detector will be able to detect Gelatin Crystals.[tweets 9]
    • The War Table will grant a buff that increases the maximum amount of sentries, similar to the Bewitching Table.[reddit 5]
    • Life Crystals and Mana Crystals can now be placed down.[tweets 10]
    • Crafting cost of Celestial Sigil has been reduced from 20 of each Lunar Fragment to 12, and summoning the Moon Lord with the Celestial Sigil now has only a 12 second summoning period instead of 60.[forums 5]
    • Hive Pack now increases the fire rate of the Hornet minion and increases the damage and armor penetration of the Wasp Gun.[forums 5]
    • Town pets can now be exchanged by using another pet license, and pet licenses can be purchased infinitely from the Zoologist.[forums 5]
    • The Drill Mount can now destroy background walls.[forums 5]
    • Changes to the Night's Edge and Starfury.[discord 2][discord 3]
    • Dark Lance[youtube 1]
      • Damage increased from 29 to 34.
      • Now inflicts Shadowflame on hit.
      • Now has approximately 15-20% more reach.
    • Frostbrand[youtube 1]
      • Now fires its projectile more often.
      • Projectile now inflicts Frostburn.
    • Flairon[youtube 1]
      • Detection range for bubbles to chase after enemies increased by 30%.
      • Bubbles now last 33% longer.
    • Scourge of the Corruptor[youtube 1]
      • Now has more consistent and higher overall average number of Tiny Eaters.
      • Tiny Eaters now move and chase enemies faster.
    • Star Wrath
      • Projectile stars will now use their own independent immunity timer (allowing each star to hit an enemy; previously only one could hit at a time).[youtube 1]
    • Lunar Portal Staff
      • The Lunar Portal Lasers now move much faster and are fired twice as fast.[tweets 11]
    • Excalibur
    • True Excalibur
      • Now has a longer reach and a new visual effect when swung.[tweets 12]
    • True Night's Edge
    • Terra Blade


  • New NPCs:
  • Several changes to existing NPCs:
    • There is one more possible name for the silver Cat, Tula.[tweets 15]
    • Slime bonus drops may now include Fallen Stars.[tweets 4]
    • The Angler will now have a chance to give an extra furniture loot drop (in addition to his main reward) upon completing a quest. The odds of this will increase as the player completes more quests.[youtube 1]
    • Drop rate for all rare pirate drops have been doubled on regular pirates and Pirate Captains.[youtube 1]
      • The Flying Dutchman now has a dramatically increased chance to drop any of these items (in some cases, ×10 as likely), and will always drop 1 piece of golden furniture.[youtube 1]
    • Changes to the Flinx spawning conditions.[discord 4]
    • Changes to Golem.[discord 5]

World generation

  • Bast Statues can now be randomly found placed inside Desert Underground Cabins, in addition to being found inside chests.[youtube 1]
  • A Plantera's Bulb will now spawn immediately after defeating all three mechanical bosses.[youtube 1]




With Journey's End being designed to be a conclusion to Terraria, no new major content updates are planned for the Asztali számítógépes változat Asztali számítógépes változat. However, Re-Logic has stated that they would like to implement cross-play[forums 7], allowing Multiplayer between the Asztali számítógépes változat Asztali számítógépes változat, Konzolos változat Konzolos változat, és Mobilos változat Mobilos változat. This will require feature parity between all three versions to function properly, as Cenx has stated[tweets 17].

Terraria 2

Teljes cikk: Terraria 2

In the past, Redigit has mentioned plans to release Terraria 2[other 1], a separate game from the cancelled[forums 8] Terraria: Otherworld, although little information is known about the nature or content in the possible upcoming sequel at this time, including whether it still exists.







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