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Some lava in a cave.
See also: Guide:Making Liquid

Lawa to płyn podobny do wody, lecz gdy do niego wskoczyć zadaje nam obrażenia. Najczęściej występuje w piekle. Lava is a glowing red/orange liquid found deep in the Cavern layer and in The Underworld, appearing instead of Woda at depths below 1,500 feet (750 tiles) in a small world, 2,300 feet (1,150 tiles) in a medium world, and 3,350 feet (1,675 tiles) in a large world. Contact with Lava deals 80 damage per hit on players and 50 damage per hit on enemies, and inflicts the On Fire! debuff on both. Lava also slows movement the way Woda does. Obsidian Skin Potion makes players immune to Lava damage, and the Lava Charm will allow players to be safely submerged in lava for 7 seconds.

Lava flows downwards and horizontally, settling and taking the shape of any block formations below and beside it, the way Woda does; however, Lava is more viscous than Woda, flowing more slowly. It also emits a medium amount of flickering light. Lava can be moved by the player via a bucket or pump.

Most dropped items of a Rarity lower than blue (which includes all Coins) will be destroyed when submerged in Lava past their vertical midpoint. Blocks cannot be placed directly within Lava, but falling blocks like Silt and Sand can fall into it, resulting in placement at its bottom, and these can be stacked until reaching the Lava's surface to form a safe bridge over it. Silt and Sand blocks placed this way will revert back to Lava if mined away.

Hellstone produces half a block's volume of Lava when mined in the Underworld.


An example of lava (together with Woda and honey) placed to be used as a crafting station. Notice the Crystal Ball above them.

Like water and honey, lava can be used as a minor crafting station. It works just like those two; in order to use it the player only has to stand nearby.

Used to craft


Lawa + Crystal Ball

Wynik Składniki
Lavafall Block.png Lavafall Block Glass.png Glass

Lava can also be used to make the following items, though not as a crafting station:

Item When combined with
Obsidian.png Obsidian Woda.png Woda
Crispy Honey Block.png Crispy Honey Block Plik:HoneyLiquid.png Honey


  • Defensive stats from Armor and other sources reduces the damage taken from Lava.
  • Water Walking Potion enables walking across Lava without taking damage, as long as the surface is completely settled.
  • Contact with Lava dislodges many placed furniture items, and also dislodges Wood Platforms. Statues, Pumps, and the obsidian versions of furniture, found in The Underworld, are unaffected.
  • Flying monsters rarely enter Lava, but walking enemies will walk into it.
  • The presence of Lava prevents grass from spreading to dirt within an approximate two-tile radius.
  • Some Accessories intended for Woda use will also aid Lava operations, which normally comes into play when an Obsidian Skin Potion is used (as no Accessory prevents Lava damage on its own):
    • Flippers and Diving Gear - Allows swimming in Lava.
    • Neptune's Shell - Has no effect in Lava.
    • Lava Waders - Allows you to walk on Lava and provides 7 seconds of immunity to it (triggered when you would normally take damage to the lava). The immunity acts like breathing (shows its own bar), but unlike breathing takes much longer to refill after exiting the lava. Note: when walking on lava, changing the level of the lava will cause you to fall in and you cannot walk on the lava until it has fully settled, be careful if you're doing this with little immunity left.
  • Lava Charm can be used to stand in Lava for up to 7 seconds without getting hurt. Also can be used with the Lava Waders to allow up to 14 seconds without getting hurt.
  • The Obsidian Rose can reduce damage caused by Lava.
  • The lava "Waterfalls" coming from the ceiling do not hurt you, unlike the dormant lava which deals damage.
  • Fishing in lava requires the Hotline Fishing Hook.
  • Only four white Rarity items are not destroyed by lava:


  • In the real world, lava is molten rock, but the term is usually applied only when it is expelled above ground as the result of a volcanic eruption. Lava, as found underground in Terraria, would typically be termed magma instead.
  • If you stand in lava too long, the death message says magma instead of lava.


  • 1.2.4: Now used to make Lavafall Block instead of Lavafall Wall.
  • 1.2.3:
    • Lava makes a bubbling noise when nearby.
    • Now functions as a crafting station.
    • Touching lava while in water will now properly put the fire buff out when you leave lava.
  • 1.2: When lava touches a half block, it will create a lavafall. Lava also no longer activates the breath meter.
  • 1.1: Now exists as a secondary 'layer' behind the placed blocks. Therefore can no longer be removed by dropping sand-like block in it. "Blocked" liquids now disappear only after restart of world.
  • 1.0.6:
    • The Lava's emitted light was reduced.
    • Now spawned when mining Hellstone.
    • Shallow lava can again hurt players and monsters.
    • Blocks can no longer be placed in lava.
    • Now causes the On Fire! Debuff.
  • 1.0.5:
    • Lava will remove Grass (including Jungle Grass, Mushroom Grass, and Corruption) from dirt and mud blocks.
    • No longer destroys items with a blue rarity or higher.
    • Very shallow lava won't hurt players or monsters anymore.