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Conteúdo exclusivo para Computador/Console/Celular Estas informações se aplicam somente às versões para Computador, Console e Celular do Terraria.
The patch notes listed below pertain to the Versão para Computador Desktop version.
Added items are likely included in Versão para Console Versão para Console and Versão para Celular Versão para Celular as well. Bug fixes for Console and Mobile can be found in Console history and Mobile history, respectively. fixed a few issues.

Histórico de alterações


  • The Angler's Accessory Drop Duplicate Protection has been adjusted to make it more flexible and player friendly. Instead of only selectively applying duplicate protection to the 2 triple sets of accessories independently, he now applies the duplicate protection to all 7 accessories, including the Fishing Bobber. If the player has any of the 7 accessories (either in their individual form or their tinkered forms, such as Shellphone) in their inventory, the Angler will always give a non-duplicate accessory whenever he rolls to drop an accessory at all. He will only begin dropping duplicates again once the player has all 7 in their inventory. This will also result in a general increase in the number of accessories he drops.
  • As a follow-up change to the above, the Mermaid and Fish Costume have been moved to be before Accessories in priority order since Accessories will be more common.
  • Pulling items out of stacks now speeds up faster after a few seconds to account for the larger stack size.
  • Adjusted some unintuitive spawning conditions with unsafe Dungeon and Underground Desert Backwalls, where they required a wall to be placed behind the block where the enemies would be spawning instead of just above it. This is no longer the case.
  • It has come to our attention that the Goblin Summoner does not, in fact, drop any Summoner items. This is an unacceptable discrepancy, so the Goblin Summoner has been demoted to Goblin Warlock.
  • Master For the worthy and Everything Seeds now show their difficulty as "Legendary" on the main menu
  • Stinkbugs are now more common on days where Stinkbugs can spawn
  • Added recipes to craft Sandstone and Hardened Sand Blocks at a Solidifier
  • Christmas and Halloween Slimes can now be transformed into the Squire Slime if no Blue Slimes are available due to seasonal spawns
  • Sandstorm in a Bottle and Flying Carpet can now be transmuted into Pharaoh Vanities
  • Lava Charm can now be transmuted into Magma Stone
  • Increased the visibility of the Oiled debuff to make it more clear when it is active
  • Silver and Tungsten Bullets will now give 1 ore when decrafted in Shimmer, instead of 1 bar
  • Copper Shortsword, Copper Axe, and Copper Pickaxe will now give 1 Copper Ore and 1 Wood when decrafted in Shimmer (instead of not being decraftable at all)
  • Reduced the sell value of the Glass Kiln
  • Crispy Honey Blocks are now highlighted by Dangersense Potions on FTW Seeds
  • Cacti are now highlighted by Dangersense Potions on Constant Seeds
  • FTW Random Angel Statue replacement should no longer impact Dungeon Chests, including the HM Biome Chests

Correções de bugs

  • Fixed an issue where Ice Golems, Angry Nimbi, and Rainbow Slimes wouldn't spawn reliably on Remix seed. They should now properly spawn during rain/blizzards.
  • Fixed Molecart being able to dig through Demon Altars pre-Hardmode, and also being able to dig through chests with items in them
  • Fixed an issue where Pumpkin Moon enemies were scaling way too much in multiplayer, including an entirely unintended damage scaling
  • Fixed an issue where Frost Moon enemies were NOT scaling in multiplayer as intended (they should behave the same as the now fixed Pumpkin Moon scaling)
  • Fixing (again) Brain of Cthulhu telefragging players
  • Fixed the Guide to Peaceful Coexistence being flagged as a material when it was not a material
  • Fixed an issue where ipv6 addresses were not functioning correctly for multiplayer servers
  • NPCs or Critters spawned via spammable sources (by placing them, by statues, etc) are now flagged as such, and will be automatically replaced by regular spawns if they reach the spawn limit. This also applies to Queen Bee's Bees.
  • Related fix to the above, the game will now spawn more faelings at once from critters dropped into Shimmer, as they will no longer interfere with natural spawns
  • Fixed Hand Of Creation having a lower rarity than Architect Gizmo Pack
  • Fixed several world name generator words that used an inconsistent apostrophe
  • Revised a number of tooltips relating to Ammo and Mana Consumption to be more consistent
  • Revised Celestial Shell accessory line's tooltips to be on more lines so that the text didn't scroll off the screen on small resolutions.
  • Revised tooltips for a few other armor pieces to have more consistent order/phrasing
  • Fixed some minor grammatical issues in some bestiary entries (Note: Localization/tooltip adjustments in and are only to English at this time, and will be added in other languages in a subsequent hotfix)
  • Fixed an issue causing players in Everything seed to get boosted boss death timers when in single player
  • Fixed the Inner Tube not being able to float in Honey, and it will now also work in Shimmer if the Chromatic Cloak is equipped
  • Fixed an issue where Gem Trees would not draw their foliage if there was no block below the block they grew out of
  • Fixed Block Swapping Sand in the Celebration seed not painting it cyan
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes result in Underground Desert chests generating as the wrong type of chest, usually Gold Chests (and with the wrong type of loot)
  • Fixed an issue where some equipment slots could have "nothing" right clicked into them
  • Fixed Halloween and Christmas Bunnies not transforming into Faelings in Shimmer
  • Fixed an issue where the Guide to Environmental Preservation effect would prevent traps from breaking tiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Deerclops' enemy slot count from properly reducing spawns like other enemies and bosses
  • Fixed an issue where Horseman's Blade projectiles would sometimes decide to target critters, even though they aren't meant to target critters
  • Fixed an issue with boss projectile NPCs being inconsistently killable in Single vs Multiplayer on FTW/Everything seeds
  • Fixed an issue where Fertilizer would not work on trees in certain Underground layers of Remix/Everything seed
  • Fixed an inconsistency with the collision size of some dart trap darts
  • Added a buffer zone to infection and grass spread outside the edge of the world to prevent scenarios where infection could reach places where it couldn't be purified

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