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Devido à forma como a Alpha foi tratada, a seguir está uma lista mostrando a ORDEM das coisas adicionadas ao jogo, com o item mais no topo sendo o primeiro e o último item sendo o mais recente. Esta é uma lista geral que mantive ao lado, já que não rastreamos um changelog real até o lançamento, devido a novos itens sendo adicionados a cada hora e não nas 'atualizações de versão'. Observe também que nem todos os itens estão listados. Isso é simplesmente para mostrar o fluxo geral de adições para aqueles que estão interessados em tal 'história'.


1.0 Essa foi a versão de lançamento do jogo.

Adições ("histórico")[2][3]

Veja a lista completa: Entidades introduzidas no Lançamento para Computador
Versão Data do Lançamento Resumo das Adições
0.9.3 15 May, 2011
  • Female Characters now have their own hurt sound.
  • Corrected Hornet Backgrounds
  • Corrected Giant Worms dropping epic gear.
0.9.2 11 May, 2011
  • Steam integration has begun
  • Gold and silver bars require 4 ore to craft.
  • Added black slime in the rock layer. This will reduce the mother slime spawn chance.
  • Buffed Skeletron hands.
  • Slightly decreased spawn rate in rock layer
  • Decreased giant worm spawn rate deep underground
  • Decreased spawn rate for Pinky.
  • Bomb prices have been cut in half.
  • Life crystals are slightly more common
  • Iron spawn rate in the dirt layer has been increased
  • Underground sand gen rate has been reduced
  • The amount of underground lakes have been reduced.
  • The player can hold their breathe a little longer.
  • Life drains a bit slower when out of breathe.
  • Workbenches are no longer needed to make wooden platforms.
  • Goggles now only provide 1 defense, but they no longer require iron to create
  • Rebalanced armor recipes. Helmets are not the least expensive to craft.
  • Mining helmet costs 8 gold now
  • It now takes 3 NPCs to stop monsters from spawning in town.
  • Bombs can no longer destroy chests
  • Lava now destroys beds and clay pots.
  • Client-server tile data progress is now accurate again.
  • The player only drops half their coins on death now
  • You can now grapple-jump under water
  • Potions now require 2 bottles. Lesser mana potions now create 2 instead of one.
  • Openning and closing doors no longer sponges water.
  • Doors now destroy vines when opened.
0.9.1 10 May, 2011
  • Lots of minor balance changes.
  • Jungle enemies are more difficult.
  • Jungle and hell items have been balanced.
  • Hellstone armor is craftable.
  • Phoenix blaster is craftable with a handgun and hellstone.
  • Demon Alters now glow.
  • Cobalt and Hellstone armor now have correct stats and set bonuses.
  • Dungeon items have been balanced.
  • Gold now only generates on floating islands and in the stone layer.
0.7.9 10 May, 2011
  • Added intro theme.
  • Updated gore for the new NPCs and monsters.
  • Updated artwork for some items.
0.7.8 8 May, 2011
  • Added all armor graphics.
  • Added cobalt and molten armor.
  • Fixed a bug with players announcing their death on multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug with player gibs after death.
  • Wooden arrows now require 1 stone and 1 wood to craft 5.
  • Natures gift now has a 1 in 1000 chance of growing.
  • Jungle rose now only has a 50% chance of dropping from jungle roses.
  • Jungle chest spawn rate during world gen has been lowered.
  • Phaseblades now do 21 damage. (increase of 2)
0.7.7 7 May, 2011
  • Finished the player sprites
  • Added game protection
0.7.6 6 May, 2011
  • Musket Balls do more damage
  • Musket does more damage
  • Flintlock Pistol does more damage
  • Devourers have less life and do slightly less damage
  • Pricing for demonite and meteorite has been adjusted
  • Meteor Heads have been tweaked and no longer drop meteorite
  • Pots no longer drop shurikens, and only drop hearts and stars if the player needs them
  • Goblins now have less life and defense
  • Shadow armor has higher defense and increases attack speed by 10%
  • Meteorite armor has less defense
  • Space gun has been weakend all around
0.7.5 4 May, 2011
  • Hellforge now works like a regular forge
  • Added new player hair sprites
  • Adjusted pricing for bars, ore, and gems
  • Added Restoration Potion and Lesser Restoration Potion (Heal Life and Mana) - Crafted from mana and healing potions
  • Potions now only stack to 20
  • Potion cooldown has been increased to 15 seconds
  • Meteorites won't fall within 10% of the spawn point
  • Meteorites now have a max limit
  • Bloodmoon only happens if a player on the server has 6 or more hearts
  • If the Eye of Cthulu has never been defeated, and any player has over 10 hearts, there is a 1 in 3 chance he will appear at night.
  • Dead NPCs only drop Hearts and Stars if the player needs them.
  • All Bows and Arrows have received a slight damage increase.
  • Eye of Cthulu's defense was raised, but his max health was lower
  • Eye of Cthulu new flees when all players are dead.
0.7.4 3 May, 2011 NPCs
  • Fixed NPC sprites


  • Shuriken does less damage
  • Metal ores now have a sell price
  • Item rarity has been set. (copper/iron/silver/gold) (demonite/meteorite) (dungeon/underground jungle/underworld)
  • Added Silk - Crafted from 10 webs
  • Added Beds - Crafted from 15 wood and 5 silk
  • Whoopie Cushion drop chance has been lowered
  • Beds now set spawn point by right clicking them. They have to be in a house.


  • Mother Slime does more damage


  • Started adding new player sprites (Armor doesn't show for now)
  • Added some extensive error handling. Multiplayer should be more stable.
0.7.3 2 May, 2011 Items
  • Added the Molten Hamaxe
  • Added Flamelash - Magic Missile style item found in the Underworld
  • Unholy Arrows can now be crafted with an arrow and a worm tooth.
  • Hellstone Bar is now craftable - Requires 6 Hellstone and 2 Obsidian
  • Added Phoenix Blaster - Underworld Handgun
  • Added Sunfury - Underworld flail
  • Added Hellforges that are used to create Hellstone Bars - Spawned in Hell Houses
  • Added Clay Pots that grow flowers - Created with 6 clay at furnace.
  • Added Nature's Gift - A flower that grows rarely in the Jungle. Equip to start with max life and mana after death.
  • Shiney Red Balloon is now Shiny Red Balloon.


  • The player drops all money on death
  • Epic trees now grow to a max of 30 tiles, instead of 50
  • Acorns drop chance is reduced to 50%
  • There is now a red X that shows items on cool down.
  • Friendly NPC moves smoothly.
  • Player files are now encrypted. Character wipe imminent.
  • Lets do a world wipe while we're at it!
  • Player file is now saved on death.
  • FPS Toggle is now F12

'Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause clients to get stuck at "Receiving Client Data"


  • Greatly optimized server speed when connections are maxed out.
0.7.2 1 May, 2011 Items
  • Added Feral Claws (10% melee speed) - Found in Jungle Chests
  • Added Anklet of the Wind (10% movement speed) - Found in Jungle Chests
  • Added Staff of Regrowth (grows grass on dirt tiles) - Found in Jungle Chests
  • Added Hellstone Brick - Created with Hellstone and Stone Block
  • Potions now require two lesser potions and only make 1
  • Added Whoopie Cushion - Rare drop from Giant Worm
  • Added Shackle - Rare drop from zombies
  • Star Cannon now does 75 damage, but the stars are no longer recollect-able.


  • Added Jungle chests that spawn in gold brick gazebos
  • You can only sell things to vendors by clicking on the empty boxes
  • Smashing 3 Shadow Orbs will now summon an Eater of Worlds
  • Smashing a Shadow Orb now only has a 50% chance to spawn a meteor
  • Monster spawn rate around friendly NPC has been reduce
  • World spawn can no longer be underground


  • Added Hell Houses in the Underworld
  • Increased Pot Spawn rate in the Underworld


  • Added the Rare Pink Slime that drops 1 gold coin.
  • Only Green Slimes will spawn near the player spawn point.
  • Purple Slimes must be 8 screen lengths from the player spawn point to spawn.
0.7.1 30 April, 2011 Items
  • Added Star Cannon - Created with a Minishark, 20 Meteorite Bars, and 5 Fallen Stars
  • Added Phaseblades - Created with 20 Meteorite Bars and 10 Gems(for color)
  • Added Buckets - Created with 3 Iron Bars.
  • Added Jungle Rose - Used to craft Jungle items.
  • Added Meteor Hamaxe - Crafted with 35 Meteorite Bars.
  • Added Stingers - Dropped from Hornets
  • Added Vine - 20 % chance to drop from Man-Eaters
  • Ivy Whip is now craftable - Requires 1 Grappling Hook, 30 Jungle Roses, and 3 Vines
  • Blade of Grass is now craftable - Requires Silver Broadsword, 30 Jungle Roses, and 20 Stingers
  • Thorn Chakram is now craftable - Requires 40 Jungle Roses, and 30 Stingers


  • Added custom controls.
  • Added throw item key.
  • Added parallax scrolling. (Option in settings)

'Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused water to stop moving when it shouldn't
  • Fixed a NPC spawning bug
0.7 19 April, 2011 User Interface
  • Added volume control options in the settings menu
  • Added Hide/Show User Interface Button, F11


  • Added Obsidian Blocks
  • Added Obsidian Skull
  • Added Wooden Hammer
  • Added Glow Grass and Jungle Grass seeds.


  • NPCS are now attracted to homes built underground.
  • NPCS will now only open and pass through a door 10% of the time. At night, they will always go inside to safety.


  • Spawn Rates have been adjusted.
0.6.5 April, 2011
0.6 March, 2011
0.5.5 March, 2011
0.5 Febuary, 2011
0.4 Febuary, 2011
  • The Merchant
  • Wood Walls, Wood Blocks, (Wood scaffolds now require crafting before placement and are called planks.)
  • The Nurse
  • Muskets and Pistols.
  • Nightmare Pickaxe, The Breaker, Shadow armor
  • Thorny Bushes
  • Arms Dealer (Sells Flintlock Pistols, Ammo and Minisharks.)
  • Colored Messages, System = Yellow, Death = Red, Boss Kill = Purple, Blue = NPCs Arrival, Green = World Events.
  • /Playing Command
  • Dryads (Sells plants, seeds, and purification powder)
  • Chandeliers
  • Placeable Candles
  • Mana Potions
  • Mana Meter (Blue Stars)
  • Goblin Enemies / Invading Armies
0.3.5 Febuary, 2011
0.3 January, 2011
  • Chests (Placeable Storage Container)
  • Mouse Color Setting
  • Magic Mirror (Warps you to the original Spawn point.)
  • Stars at Night
  • Falling Damage
  • Unholy Arrows
  • Boomerang
  • Cloud in a Bottle (Double Jump), Hermes Boots (Speed)
  • Random Spawn Chests with Items
  • Evil Grass
  • Dropped 1 Heart Recovery Items from Enemies.
  • Chasms / Evil Areas / Ebonstone / Eater of Souls Enemy
  • Sunflowers
  • Grass Seeds
  • Demon Altars
  • Vile Mushrooms
  • Caverns New Background.
  • Starfury Sword (Requires Fallen Stars)
  • Vilethorn
0.2 Janeiro, 2011
  • Netplay (Multiplayer)
  • Netplay Complemento : Nome do jogador/HP exibido, com o mouse apontado
  • Netplay Complemento : Sicronia em: Blocos, Itens, Portas e Saúde
  • Netplay Complemento : Sons Locais, e Redução do Som a Distância
  • Netplay Complemento : Inimigos Sincronizados
  • Netplay Complemento : Bate-Papo / Emojis
  • Criar e Personalizar Personagens
  • Entradas (slots) de Acessórios
  • Nome dos Itens Coloridos (Baseado na Raridade/Valor)
  • Forja / Estação de Criação / Bancada de Trabalho / Bigorna
  • Acessório: Relógio (Informa as Horas)
  • Mesas e Cadeiras
  • Acessório: Medidor de Profundidade (Exibe Coordenadas)
  • Plataformas de Madeira
  • Crescimento de Novas Árvores.
  • Nomes de personagens limitados a 16 caracteres e nomes dos mundos a 20 caracteres.
  • Olho Demoníaco / Dropa Lentes
  • Zumbis / Quebram Portas Abertas
  • Óculos de Proteção
  • Removido a capacidade de atacar através das paredes.
  • Arcos, Flechas e Flechas Flamejantes / Shurikens
  • Olho de Cthulhu
  • Drops Especiais dos Chefes
  • PVP (Deve colocar o ícone de espada em "cruzar" para atacar outros jogadores com espadas de cruzadas também.)
0.1 Janeiro, 2011
  • Terra
  • Pedra
  • Árvores
  • Ferramentas Básicas e Armas de Madeira
  • Nuvens
  • Dicas/Informações nos Itens
  • Cogumelos
  • Número de Danos
  • Dividir Itens
  • Medidor de FPS


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