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An Ocean Biome

Ocean jest dużym zbiornikiem wodnym znajdującym się na każdej mapie po jej prawej i lewej stronie. obejmuje 250 (500 ft) bloków na wschodzie i 250 bloków (500 ft) na zachodzie (na malej mapie 150). Rozciąga się na głębokość jaskiń

W oceanie znajdują się skrzynie ,w których można znaleźć przedmioty związane z wodą. Ocean zamieszkują unikalne moby takie jak rekiny i kraby


Postacie Unikatowe skarby Unikatowy drop
Pink Jellyfish.png Pink Jellyfish
Crab.png Crab
Shark.png Shark
Trident.png Trident
Flipper.png Flipper

From Pink Jellyfish:

Glowstick.png Glowstick

From Sharks:

Shark Fin.png Shark Fin
Diving Helmet.png Diving Helmet (rare)

From vegetation:

Coral.png Coral


  • Ocean enemies will only detect you and swim toward you if your character is in the water to at least one tile depth.
  • Coral requires water to grow in.
  • If the Ocean has enough "dry" sand surface Desert enemies may spawn there, but the area near the water does not start growing desert plants unless there is an actual bordering desert.


If you have the Vilethorn, you can easily farm the Ocean for Pink Jellyfish (which drop large amounts of coins) and Sharks (for Sharkfin, or to find the Diving Helmet). To do this, take a supply of about 50 Blocks with you (any type except Sand) and sink to the bottom. Quickly seal yourself into a cage of blocks with at least two tiles of head room height above you. Bail out the room you've created with a Bucket (or several). You have now created an air pocket where you can breathe, and you'll even have natural light during the day, as the sky will show through your air pocket. Alternately, once you have sealed yourself in on the sea floor with your choice of block, dig into the sand below, thus causing the water to drain into the newly made hole. Then (if you wish), once you have a decent air pocket, you can place blocks over the water that drained into the sand blocks you just made. That way, you don't have to constantly jump.

When you're ready to collect all the drops, you will probably need to extend your cage towards them. Place blocks outside your cage to thicken the left or right wall (whichever direction you need to travel) and then mine away the inner blocks. Repeat until you reach your destination.

Better yet, make a grinder. Put Wood Platforms in the top tile of water, then put a thin layer of lava over that (at least six tiles wide, but narrow enough you can grab all the drops automatically). Then build a cup of water to stand in, not connected to the ocean, directly over the center of the lava. Wield water candle and drink Battle Potions if desired, and leave the game running unpaused while you do something else.


  • You must keep the water depth in your cage at least one tile depth in order for enemies to continue approaching you. If you are not standing in at least one tile depth of water, enemies will ignore you and swim about the ocean.
  • Ocean enemies seem to require three block spaces of height in order to enter an area, so it may be possible to use the cage method with other weapons that don't travel through walls, by leaving a space for another ranged weapon to penetrate.
  • The Goblin Army can invade while you're underwater, and the initial wave will indeed spawn on the Ocean floor and attempt to attack your cage. If you have the Vilethorn, this should not be much of a problem. Just remain in your cage and hit them as they come. Sorcerers will always teleport within range on at least the second or third jump, and until then their projectiles are easily deflected. Additional waves will only spawn after you return to your Town.

Other strategies

Unique items attainable in the Ocean include the Shark Fin and Diving Helmet (dropped by Sharks), and Coral (grows on the Ocean floor). There are also chests, though they rarely contain items that aren't also available elsewhere.

  • If players without proper accessories try to swim to the side of the map, there is a serious risk of drowning. In addition to plenty of healing potions, it is advisable to bring items and potions that aid in breathing, such as the Breathing Reed and Gills Potion, a Magic Mirror for returning home quickly, and Flippers to aid swimming. The Grappling Hook or Ivy Whip may also be of some help in returning to the surface for breath.
  • Players may attempt to drain the ocean by tunneling down to the Underworld, where water evaporates. The Ocean is in fact drainable this way, and this method will allow the player to go back to the Ocean floor and easily pick up all the Coral without worry of suffocating. However, no Sharks will spawn once the Ocean is drained, and previously-spawned Sharks will have vanished. Therefore, draining will not allow a player to obtain Shark Fins and the Diving Helmet.
  • For looting Ocean chests, generate a small or medium-sized map. Then, using the Shadow armor, Hermes Boots, Anklet of the Wind and other speed boost items, run from one side of the map to the other. Since there is a good chance to have some Chests in the ocean, it is an easy way to get medium-tier items. The chests will usually contain items such as Breathing Reeds, Shurikens, Magic Mirrors, Dynamite and Coins. When doing this, a Magic Mirror is also helpful, so that you don't need to run all the way back.


Plik:Anomaly.png Anomaly.When you are in an air pocket and you placed other blocks then sand on the ocean floor, other monsters, like zombies, or goblin scouts, may spawn there.
Bug.png Bug: Chests will always spawn in the ocean but will often generate past the edge of the map making them inaccessible.
Bug.png Bug: Sometimes, one part of the ocean may not be generated, causing a hole to be made that extends from the top to the bottom of the map in that spot.


  • 1.1: Now have own specific background.
  • 1.0.5:
    • Ocean generation layout has been improved and it become slightly larger.
    • Coral now grows in the ocean.
    • New enemies: Crab, Pink Jellyfish, Shark