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This template displays a note linking to the Don't Starve Wiki article on a Don't Starve Together crossover entity. The page will be categorized accordingly.


{{ dts link | <name of the entity> (optional) | <display text of the entity> (optional) }}

Place the template in a bullet point under a See also heading.

First unnamed parameter

The name of the entity and page title at the Don't Starve Wiki. Defaults to the page title on the Terraria Wiki.

Second unnamed parameter

The display text for the entity. Defaults to {{tr|<the name of the entity>}}.

Note that, for language wikis with an own subdomain, an interwiki link needs to be set up for the link to work correctly: dts – https://dontstarve.wiki.gg/wiki/$1


Code Result
{{dts link|Deerclops}} Deerclops at the Don't Starve Wiki

See also