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This is a list of community projects on Terraria Wiki.

How to make a new project

Create a new subpage of this page with the name of the project:

  • New translation project:
  • Other new project:

The project page itself should be clear on what the project is trying to achieve. It may include things like:

  • An overview of what the project aims to do.
  • A detailed to-do list for the project.

Once the project page is ready, remember to add it to the list of current projects below.

Current projects

  • Guides – Creating a comprehensive set of How–to Guides for Terraria.
    • Guide Rewrite – Updating outdated Guides to fit a modern standard.
  • Weapon Animations – Creating animated GIFs for every weapon.
  • DPS – Listing the average DPS of every weapon.
  • Critter cage animations - Make GIFs of every critter cage.
  • Fish – Creating separate pages for each fishing catch instead of having one table for all of them.
  • Mega Calculator – Creating a system to calculate weapon damage based on accessories, armor, etc.
  • Sort Everything – Categorizing and indexing all materials, files, and articles on the wiki.

Translation projects

The Terraria Wiki is currently being translated into the following 32 languages:
  • When translating, do not rely on online translating sites only, as they are often inaccurate. Let a native speaker (in case you are not one yourself) check the translations before saving if you do base them on online translators.

Translation projects status

Below is a list of the language translation projects for the Official Terraria Wiki.

Note that the magic word {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} (5,175) does not accurately represent the number of articles of the English Terraria Wiki, because it includes all non-English pages. The total number of English articles is 3,972.

Status table
Language (local) Language code
ISO 639-1/639-3
No. of pages Project page Main page Status Notes
Arabic (العربية) ar 3
Arabic translation Terraria Wiki/ar Abandoned
Bulgarian (български език) bg 5
Bulgarian translation Terraria Wiki/bg Abandoned
Cantonese (廣東話) yue 58
Cantonese translation Terraria Wiki/yue Abandoned
Chinese (中文) zh


Chinese translation zh:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


Czech (čeština) cs 135
Czech translation Terraria Wiki/cs Abandoned
Danish (dansk) da 8
Danish translation Terraria Wiki/da Abandoned
Dutch (Nederlands) nl 92
Dutch translation Terraria Wiki/nl Abandoned
Finnish (suomi) fi 9
Finnish translation Terraria Wiki/fi Abandoned
French (français) fr


French translation fr:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


  • Earlier also existed as unofficial French section (74 articles),
    now unified in one official section
German (Deutsch) de


German translation de:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


Greek (ελληνικά) el 2
Greek translation Terraria Wiki/el Abandoned
Hindi (हिन्दी) hi 1
Hindi translation Terraria Wiki/hi Abandoned
Hungarian (magyar) hu


Hungarian translation hu:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) id 207
Indonesian translation Terraria Wiki/id Abandoned
Italian (Italiano) it 92
Italian translation Terraria Wiki/it Abandoned
Japanese (日本語) ja 110
Japanese translation Terraria Wiki/ja Abandoned
Korean (한국어) ko


Korean translation ko:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


Latvian (latviešu valoda) lv 5
Latvian translation Terraria Wiki/lv Abandoned
Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba) lt 26
Lithuanian translation Terraria Wiki/lt Abandoned
Norwegian (Norsk) no 15
Norwegian translation Terraria Wiki/no Abandoned
Polish (język polski) pl


Polish translation pl:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


Portuguese (Português) pt


Portuguese translation pt:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


  • Earlier also existed as unofficial Brazilian Portuguese section (158 articles),
    now unified in one official section
Romanian (Română) ro 0
Romanian translation Terraria Wiki/ro Abandoned
Russian (русский) ru


Russian translation ru:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


Slovak (Slovenčina) sk 2
Slovak translation Terraria Wiki/sk Abandoned
Spanish (Español) es 191
Spanish translation Terraria Wiki/es Abandoned
  • To be migrated to the new subdomain
  • Spanish wiki is originally only one section at Fandom that still named as Official section
  • Exists as official wiki (3769 articles)
Spanish (formal) (Español (formal)) es-formal


Spanish (formal) translation es-formal:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


  • Temporarily named "es-formal" until the "es" articles are all migrated there
Swedish (Svenska) sv 1
Swedish translation Terraria Wiki/sv Abandoned
Thai (ไทย) th 19
Thai translation Terraria Wiki/th Abandoned
Turkish (Türkçe) tr 64
Turkish translation Terraria Wiki/tr Abandoned
Ukrainian (Українська) uk


Ukrainian translation uk:Terraria Wiki
Moved to subdomain


Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) vi 140
Vietnamese translation Terraria Wiki/vi Abandoned
Status Description
Active In the past month, more than 50 translation edits have been made in the project language.
Inactive In the past month, from 10 to 50 translation edits have been made in the project language.
Abandoned In the past month, less than 10 translation edits have been made in the project language.