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This template is i18n-ready, which means it is easy to localize for different languages. Please see I18n & l10n for templates to learn more.
See Template:Flavor text/l10n for the localization of this template.
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This is a simple helper template for displaying a flavor text at the top of a page, consisting of a big italicized text surrounded by an image on either side.


{{ flavor text | <text> | image = <custom image> (optional) | size = <image size> (optional) | link = <image link> (optional) | imagealt1 = <completely custom image (left)> (optional) | imagealt2 = <completely custom image (right)> (optional) }}

First unnamed parameter

Text to display.


Image to be displayed; just the file name, without the [[File:]] syntax. Defaults to <page name> Trophy.png (due to being used on every boss page), if possible. No image is displayed otherwise or if the parameter is set to an empty value.


Custom size of the image; defaults to 25px.


Link target for the images. They are unlinked by default.

imagealt1, imagealt2

Completely custom image display on the left ($imagealt1) and right ($imagealt2) sides of the text, with full [[File:]] syntax.