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This template provides formatting and organizational features for references and footnotes. It encapsulates the <references /> tag to show the list of references as defined by <ref> tags. It reduces the font size and has options for columns and groups. References can be defined within the body of the article or within this template.

The <ref> and <references /> tags are part of the Cite MediaWiki extension.


The template should be placed in a "References" or "Footnotes" section as per the style guide. All parameters are optional.

{{ reflist | refs = <list of <ref> tags> | group = <group name of references to display> | <column width> }}


While the references are usually defined in the article text where they are used, some or all of them can also be defined in this parameter (which requires defining them with <ref name="foobar">...</ref> and using them in the article with <ref name="foobar"/>). This keeps those references in one central location for easier maintenance and avoids cluttering the text. This is purely a source code change – the actual display of the reference in the text to a reader is unaffected.


This parameter limits the references to be displayed to the defined group. For instance, with |group=foobar the template will only display references which have been defined with <ref group="foobar">...</ref>. The groups upper-alpha, upper-roman, lower-alpha, lower-greek, and lower-roman have special meaning; they affect the display of the footnote marker (which is decimal by default). See {{footnote}}/{{footnotelist}} for lower-alpha.

First unnamed parameter

Minimum width of each column, in em.