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Template-info.svg Documentation The documentation below is transcluded from Template:Trl/doc. (edit | history)

Shortcut template for translated links. This template is an equivalent of [[{{tr|<term>|link=y}}|{{tr|<term>}}]].


{{ trl | <link target> | <display text> (optional) | t = <display text> (optional) | lcfirst = y (optional) | lang = <target language> (optonal) }}

First unnamed parameter

Link target in English. The link will be translated to the target language automatically.

Second unnamed parameter

Text to display. This parameter translates as the first parameter. Translated first parameter by default.


Text to display. It overwrites the second unnamed parameter.


Uses {{lcfirst:}} on the displayed text. Boolean value.


Language code of language to translate the term to. Equals the value of {{lang}} by default.


Code Result
{{trl|lang=it|Dirt Block}} Blocco di terra
{{trl|lang=it|Dirt Wings}} Dirt Wings
{{trl|Dirt Block}} Земля