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Arabic translation of the Terraria Wiki
الترجمة العربية لـ موسوعة تيراريا
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Current status: Abandoned Number of articles of this project: 3 (5 total pages)
#17 among all translation projects with no own subdomain
Latest contribution to this project:
March 8, 2022, 11:57:14 (Presents/ar)

Main goals

  • Make information about Terraria accessible for Arabic players.
مساعدة اللاعبين العرب على الوصول للمعلومات بلغتهم


  • Translate every English article.
ترجمة أي صفحة انجليزية تستطيع ترجمتها


  • add /ar After the title of new translation pages you will made
  • please don't create a new page if you won't create a complete page of its English version

still in progressing