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Main Goal

The main goal of this project is to make a calculator that will allow the user to see how the stats of a weapon will change based on user-selected options. This will allow Terraria runs to be planned out and executed more efficiently since you won't have to keep searching for things on the wiki and then doing the math yourself. This project is focused on eliminating the redundancies of using the wiki during a playthrough. This project will also help new players see how things like modifiers, potions, and buffs affect the stats of weapons.

Features (hopefully)

This project has the potential to do lots of things that all Terraria players can find a use for. The following list is what is hopefully going to be added by the end of the project this list will be updated based on how the project gets built. Do keep in mind that the main function of this project is to calculate how armor sets, accessories, and modifiers affect a weapon stats these are luxuries and might not be possible at the end of the day so please don't get your hopes up about these.

  • Calculating the final damage a weapon has on an enemy taking in defense and armor penetration
  • Calculating the odds of beating a boss, mini-boss, or mob based on the items you select
  • Show what is needed to obtain what you have selected (crafting materials, mobs for buffs, NPC's, fishing power, etc.)
  • A way to allow you to share your findings with friend
  • Saving your loadout as a picture or something to your local computer

How you can help

This project is going to require lots of programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. If you have experience with any of these languages and want to contribute to this project head over to the GitHub page and start making your thing. Once you're done make a pull request and it will be reviewed.

For those who are not programmers but want to help there is currently not much that needs to be done but once an alpha or beta version gets released test it out and leave issue report if there are problems you encounter.

(Could someone create a Chatting and planning page for this?) (Talk page is here)