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The theme selection dropdown is accessed by clicking on "Overworld".
On mobile, the dropdown is accessed by tapping the paintbrush icon.

Themes change the look of the Terraria Wiki in a very similar way to the styles of the Official Terraria Forums. They can be selected via the dropdown in the top bar between the "Log in"/"Log out" button and the search bar (the paintbrush icon on mobile). Registered users can also select their preferred theme via their preferences.

The following 8 themes are available:

  • Overworld (default)
  • Underground [CSS]
  • Snow [CSS]
  • Jungle [CSS]
  • Hallowed [CSS]
  • Crimson [CSS]
  • Corruption [CSS]
  • Legacy [CSS]

Special:ThemeUsage shows the number of registered users with each theme set as their preferred.

See also

Extension:ThemeToggle on mediawiki.org, which provides the theme functionality