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I'm not sure how much I've been playing Terraria until now, but I've been having such a wonderful time learning everything there is to know about it. Also addicted to note-taking.

Storytime: It's funny because I've been playing Terraria since early 2015-2016 when I downloaded a pirated copy of the game from someplace on the internet I've long since forgotten about. This version of the game never updated past, but I enjoyed playing it so much that I decided to get my own Steam account to buy the official version (along with Celeste, both are the GOAT). There was a sale for the game at the time, making it cost a little more than $5. I bought the game, and to my surprise, the game downloaded with all of the progress saved from the pirated version, with a playtime that read more or less 1,000 hours. Terraria truly stands as one of the best parts of growing up for me personally, and writing for this wiki truly is a gift for everything that I've learned about the game as years pass by.

Also, sometimes I get really carried away with editing sometimes, and I'm sorry if it hampers the wiki down. I sincerely apologize for whatever edits I make that cause disruption or damage to the wiki in any way. Some moments I worry that articles need to be as specific and detailed as possible, but I realize now that it's better to have articles that are easier to pick up for casual readers. I accept that I do make a lot of mistakes and that I may unintentionally add or remove info that would whatever reason "summarize things" or go to unnecessary lengths to include too much excess detail.

If it ever feels like an edit I make has bogged down the simplicity, consistency, or efficiency of using this wiki, I'm totally fine with other editors adding newer info or, for my edit being undone by professional editors who clearly know a lot more than I do. I'm fairly new to editing, but I hold immense respect, love, and fascination for this game, as it truly did make a great impact on my childhood and I really can't get enough of it (I'm sure it probably has had a positive impact on a lot of people.). But if my fascination gets in the way of creating a good wiki, then please call me out for it. I hold as much respect for all Terraria enthusiasts as I respect the people behind this project.

Thanks. Love ya guys, :) I hope everybody here has much fun using and editing this wiki as I had these past few months. I hope to learn all the ropes, eventually.

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Milk and cookies.
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Cell Phone pins.

(Bro tries too hard.)