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See User:Equazcion2 for the account I used during Gamepedia's migration issues.


I'm an administrator at Terraria Wiki.

  • I reside in NYC, USA.
  • I'm an incurable techie R.E.K. 3000.png I play drums Drum Set (placed).png and I love cute furry animals Orange Tabby Cat.png.
  • I've been here since 1 August 2011, been an admin since 2014, and a Gamepedia contractor since 2017.
  • Before Terraria Wiki, I was a Wikipedia editor for 7 years.


Feel free to ask me things. I prefer to use my classic wiki talk page for posted messages. I also hang out on the Terraria Wiki Discord server.

If you have a standard admin-type request, like reporting a user that needs to be blocked, you're better off posting to the admin noticeboard.


If you see the edit summary "ce" from me, it means I made some general "copy edits" for format, language, grammar, etc. I have a habit of going over entire pages, cleaning things up and sharpening language, and I'm too lazy to explain everything in the edit summary.

I like to keep the language quality high here, and I'm something of a grammar nazi, so apologies in advance if I put something you wrote through a blender. It's all for the cause.

Other notes

  • I'm good with wiki code, templates, Javascript, and CSS. If you're a recent changes junkie, you may see me fiddling with templates/JS/CSS from time to time as I try out ideas. Pay no mind.
  • I also operate the bot account EquazcionBot, which makes relatively simple mass-edits via AWB.


These are for my own reference.