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Welcome to ricalou's userpage.
User since March 20, 2013<PT>Member since March 29, 2013

About me

Specie Human
Gender Male
Lives in Porto, Portugal (UTC-London)
Music Unknown
Browser Chrome
OS 64-Bit Windows 8
Games Terraria, Minecraft, Bf3, TF2
Computer specs
CPU Intel Xeon 2.40 GHz
Memory Unknown (Yet)
Graphics Unknown (Yet)
Monitor Apple Thunderbolt

Im a editor at the PT/ENG wiki, I enjoy listening to all types of music, and surfing on the net. I like to keep track of all the new gadgets, as well as OWNING people in Black Ops II/BF3/MOHW/TF2

Contact ricalou

You can contact me via my talk page. That is the best way since I get a little notification bar when I got a message. I should be available on this wiki randomly most of the weekend.

The Past

User ricalou is a new member of the Terraria wiki, and an a active editor on Wikipedia, he has also been an editor for IGN, mainly in the SimCity wiki, but with other remarcable work on the battlefield 3 wiki.

His Objective

He has now joined the Terraria community, hopping to give a fair contribution to the game-play of new(and sometimes older) users that take information of this wiki.

Some links

--Ricalou 14:46, 31 March 2013 (UTC)