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DynamicPageList is a versatile MediaWiki extension that allows a wiki page to display lists of data compiled "live" from wiki pages.

Gamepedia Wikis use DPL version 3 (DPL3), a version built and maintained by Gamepedia Staff, based on the original legacy DPL/DPL2 code.


A DPL manual is also provided at Gamepedia Help Wiki: Extension:DPL3/Manual. That manual was created using a new proprietary format.

The documentation here was taken directly from the repository available at It retains the legacy format of the official DPL documentation, and is provided as an alternative to the Gamepedia Help version, as some users found it confusing.

General info

  • Authors and History
  • Source and Installation
  • Compatibility
  • General Usage and Invocation Syntax
    • There are two different methods of invoking DPL, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This is an important distinction, so be sure to check this section.

Bug reporting and feature requests

Please post all bug reports, feature requests or calls for help on this extension's Mediawiki talk page.


  • dpl -- this is the main module. The list below describes its parameters.
  • #dplvar: A small cache that can hold a few variable values.
  • #dplnum: A small function that extracts numbers from strings.
  • #dplreplace: A function for string replacement, based on regular expressions (regex).
  • #dplmatrix: A small matrix generator that takes an indented list as input.
  • #dplchapter: A function that transcludes portions of another article (not described / not public so far).

DPL parameters