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Am I seeing this right? The buy price is 375 gold (three-hundred and seventy-five)? Yet the sell price, which is usually 1/5 (one-fifth) of the buy price, is only 15 gold (fifteen)? Quick math 15/375 = 1/25th (one-twenty-fifth) or (1/5 x 1/5). Is this pricing a bug or intentional?

Resolved this myself. Turns out the sell-to-NPC price is 75 gold (and NOT 15 gold as was listed for a while), which is exactly 1/5th (one-fifth) of the buy price, just like nearly every other buyable-from-NPC item in Terraria (barring super cheap items, like bullets and such).

Holy moly, it really does cost 3 platinum and 75 gold! Is this the most expensive NPC item sold?