Parrot Cracker

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Parrot Cracker
  • Parrot Cracker item spriteold Parrot Cracker item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Use time20 (Very fast)
TooltipSummons a Pet Parrot
RarityRarity level: 3
Research1 required
Grants Buff
BuffPet ParrotPet Parrot
Buff tooltipPolly wants the cracker
Summons Pet
  • Parrot
This article is about the pet. For the enemy that spawns during the Pirate Invasion, see Parrot.

Sure, me and the Pirate are pals, but I hate it when his parrot does his business on me. That stuff's corrosive!

The Cyborg

The Parrot Cracker is a pet-summoning item that summons a pet Parrot which follows the player around. If the player stays still for long enough, it will perch on a nearby solid block, staying still until the player moves away from it. It can be purchased from the Pirate for 375, if he is spoken to in an Ocean biome.


  • The Parrot Cracker is the second most expensive item to buy, more expensive than the Clentaminator (2) and Autohammer (1), but is surpassed by the Companion Cube (5).
  • The pet Parrot is similar to the Parrot enemy, which can potentially cause confusion among idle parrots during a Pirate Invasion.
  • The tooltip of the pet buff reads "Polly wants the cracker". It is a reference to the phrase "Polly want a cracker", which is said to have its origin in the adventure novel Treasure Island by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, published 1883, or the popular slogan for the original saltine cracker by the American cookie and snack manufacturer Nabisco (1876). However, the phrase can be verified to have been in use even before those dates.[1]
    • "Wants" contains an errant apostrophe.


  • Desktop
    • Pet sprite updated. Old pet sprite was Parrot (pet) (old).png
    • Buff tooltip changed from "Polly want's the cracker" to "Polly wants the cracker".