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German translation of the Terraria Wiki
Deutsche Übersetzung des Terraria Wikis
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May 19, 2024, 13:58:14 (UTC) (Nicht erhältliche Gegenstände)

This translation project has been moved to its own subdomain: terraria.wiki.gg/de

Main goals

  • German player support. It is really annoying to search for information on a game and only find something in English if you cannot understand English that well.
  • Bring new people to Wiki (those who will read articles written on their native language and make new articles with it).


  • Translate all existing articles to German.
  • Add new information to German Wiki that does not exist in English one.


  • As with every translation of a text, sharp distinction between translations of certain terms should be kept: e.g. "Player" translates to "Spieler" and "Spielercharakter". "Spieler" is the human player themselves, so this should only be used when referring to actions a human can execute (e.g. rethinking a strategy), whereas "Spielercharakter" involves everything around the character that is played in the game (e.g. taking damage).