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I was previously. The abilities of IPs are painfully limited, so I bit the bullet and made an account. (This is not my IP anymore.)

Now I'm a sysop. I don't care too much for the term "admin" as it conveys too much authority. Ideally I'm just a janitor. Still, I can do all the duties of someone with that title, so if you have a specific issue you need help with, feel free to let me know. Don't feel bad about asking stuff- I'd rather answer a question about how to do something right than set it right after it's gone wrong.


This is largely for my own enrichment, as I'll forget these are here if I don't actually make note of them.

  • I am currently working on rewritten pages for various states in the game, starting with Hardmode. Because of its significance, I was also considering the proposal of a new Post-Plantera page, though this was prior to the release of 1.3 when it was much more widely seen as a major step in progression.
  • I'm working on reorganizing a lot of things, which is hard, because I'm terribly organized. This entails the following:
    • The proposal of new master templates, or at least a survey and cleaning up of the existing ones. These would cover weapons, equipment, wiring, wiring tools, blocks, consumables, et cetera...
    • The standardization of pages for top-level weapon types, such as Ranged weapons, and their subtypes in things like Guns, Launchers and Bows.
    • The compression of Dyes into as small a collection as is possible. Don't forget that you're working on this.
    • Enforcing the rigidity of consistency on even the most minute of details.
  • I am Sisyphus, and my stone is the Guides project. Someday I'll write up Guide:Armor and toss it to the wolves.
    • Weren't we supposed to get videos for the guides at some point...?
  • I'm looking into seeing if mediawiki's magic words for date and time could be used to cobble together some sort of category that automatically indexes talk pages that have been edited in the last 30 days.
  • I routinely comb the forums and the official unofficial subreddit for spoilers and dev comments. Now that 1.3 is out, no one seems as excited about all those hot Otherworld screenshots. Somebody's gotta upload them and tack them onto their one page. Maybe I should have rewritten Upcoming features to mention it in some way OH WELL