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Hello all, Spinfx here.

Terraria is a wonderful game, I haven't played any world building/exploring games previously (Minecraft?) so this is a novel experience for me. I can say it's easily one of the best purchases I've made ever, right along with the Exile/Avernum shareware series. I like indie games like those, commercial boxed games are all well and good but far too many of them nowadays are shallow and more glitter than substance.

One thing though - how the hell do you link to a UserWiki page (i.e. like this one)? Typing it out literally doesn't work: UserWiki:Spinfx. Without a link the only way of reaching this page is via the User page, like so: User:Spinfx.

2017-01-23: Phew, it's been a while! According to the earliest timestamp I can find from an older entry here, I first posted in 2012-09-02. That's like, 4+ years ago. Nice.

Finally completed a world last year - defeated the Moon Lord. Although tbh I hadn't fully survived the Halloween and Frost Legion events though. Anyway, my gaming rig died some time afterwards, but later along the line I picked up a PS Vita. Naturally, I decided to give Terraria a go on it. It's not bad, even if technically stuck at the equivalent of version (iirc these older platforms won't be getting the 1.3+ updates). All that's mostly missing are the Lunar Events and a bunch of wiring. Not too bad considering Terraria on the go! Gonna miss yoyos though, those were really useful.

The controls take some getting used to though. You can aim the crosshair using an analog stick only so fast, so crazy hook swinging shenanigans aren't probably going to happen. Boss fights are going to be really painful now for the lesser prepared, especially considering no yoyos. Finally, no easy peasy World Map terrain viewer, heh. The game does sport a built-in minimap mode now, although I suspect it was also there on the PC version later. It was too easy to simply type in a particular item and have the viewer's search function locate it for you though, now exploration is back to actually exploring. Not looking forward to those sky islands in particular.

2022-03-21: Hmm, so the wiki migrated to, eh? Fortunately importing the user profile was fairly painless - and it copied everything too, including all my personal guides linked below. Nice.


  • Old Guide - leftover text from my now deprecated original guide, circa Terraria v1.1.
  • Guide - I will be referring to the PC version of the game, and information current as of build
There will be spoilers, you have been warned. This guide serves as a rough walkthrough for the various arcs in the game - the outlines will be explained but the execution will be left up to the user.
  • Arenas - construction and combat tips

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