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Info on Guide input

Anyone is more than welcome to edit this for changes, however I would ask a few things:

1. Concise: Don't add something that isn't important. There is a reason most appliances come with a Getting Started guide that is one page with few words: People hate reading through information. Make your words small, and important.

2. Don't use "You": Present the guide as neutrally as possible. Inside of using you, use "the player" or "the character".

3. KISS - Keep it Simple, Stupid: Don't complicate things more than needed. The less words you use, the better.

4. Subtract, not Add: Increasing the size of the guide is bad. Making it smaller is good.

I will revert any changes that I feel do not make this guide better.


For the PC version of the guide, go HERE

For the PS3 version of the guide, go HERE


Just add whatever you like.