Journey's End Vanity Contest

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The image used in the winner announcement post.

The Journey's End Vanity Contest was a community event by Re-Logic in 2020, giving players the opportunity to submit their original ideas for a vanity set that would be implemented in Terraria as part of the Journey's End update. As a result of the contest, six sets have been added to the game in 1.4.1.

The event was initially announced in the forums post Journey's End Vanity Contest! on March 13, 2020, two months prior to the release of Journey's End. Players had until April 13 to submit their entry, and on April 17, the finalists selected by Re-Logic were revealed in the forums post Journey's End Vanity Contest - Finalists & Voting Instructions. First, second, and third choice votes for the 25 finalists could be cast via Google Forms until April 24.

On April 27, 2020, Re-Logic announced the winning entries in the forums post Terraria: Journey's End Vanity Contest Winners!:

  1. Plaguebringer's setPlaguebringer's setPlaguebringer's set by SodaHunter
  2. Wandering setWandering setWandering set by crowflux
  3. Timeless Traveler's setTimeless Traveler's set by DisRicardo

Re-Logic selected two additional sets to implement into the game:

Then a sixth set was selected later on:

The six vanity sets have been introduced into Terraria in the 1.4.1 update on October 13, 2020.

In total, over 7,000 entries had been submitted and over 143,000 votes had been cast.[1]


  • All of the sets can be acquired in pre-Hardmode, though the Timeless Traveler's set and the Plaguebringer's set require materials that can only be found in either the Corruption or the Crimson, respectively.