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See Template:Verify/l10n for the localization of this template.
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This template is intended for use when the accuracy of a statement is in doubt or is being questioned by an editor. It is an open request for confirmation or refutation, and/or more research, and any appropriate editing to bring the statement toward a more acceptable phrasing.

The template provides a link to the talk page of the page that it was added to, where any discussion of the question should be raised and conducted.


{{ verify | <comment> (optional) | nocat = y/yes (optional) | header = y/yes (optional) }}


By default, the template produces a superscript "verify" after the text which needs verification. Use this parameter to enable "header mode", which displays a banner instead, intended for larger sections of text requiring verification.

First unnamed parameter

An additional comment on the verification, will be displayed in the hover text. In header mode, this will be displayed in the banner.


By default, the template automatically categorizes the page in Category:Verify (pages not in mainspace and not in the Guide namespace will be sorted under -). Use this parameter to disable categorization.