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My to-dos (or anyone else's)

Ecto Mist Walls

A lot of the newly-craftable (Desktop, Console and Mobile versions) background walls are missing the itemID auto=#### in their infoboxes. This needs to be added, as it's pretty critical info for builders who use inventory editors.



I'm going to add Bestiary icons to this once I learn how the formatting works.

Flail animations

  • Move all old flail animations to File:Flailname (demo) (old).gif
  • Upload new flail animations, in the style of File:Sunfury_(demo).gif. They must show the flail being dropped and held on the floor.
  • Edit all pages so they have both animations.
What the animations should theoretically look like (but with better lighting and resolution).


Furniture pages that need to be fixed:


✔️ Formatting on this is borked. Thank you Philo04!