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Flails are weapons that are used in a limited ranged manner, and inflict melee damage. A flail consists of an object linked to the player by a chain, and divides into two types: thrown and launched.

Their best modifier is normally Godly or Demonic, both of which increase the average damage output by the same amount. The exception is flails found in chests, which have a chance of spawning with a Legendary modifier in Celebrationmk10 worlds.


There are currently 15 different flails available in Terraria, 8 of which are Hardmode-exclusive. There are two types of flails: thrown and launched.


Thrown flail in use (1.4).
Thrown flail in use.
Thrown flail in use (pre-1.4).
Thrown flail in use.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, and Mobile version Mobile version, thrown flails have special mechanics unlike any other weapon. Holding down Use / Attack will cause the flail to be rapidly swung around the player, dealing 60% of the flail's base damage (displayed in its tooltip). Letting go of Use / Attack during this state will throw the flail in the direction of the cursor, dealing full base damage and piercing enemies infinitely.[1] After the flail is thrown, holding Use / Attack again will cause the flail to suddenly drop to the ground and stay there, dealing half of the flail's base damage to enemies for as long as Use / Attack is held.

On the Old-gen console version Old-gen console version and Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version versions, thrown flails have special physics that allow the player to swing them around continuously without refiring. When pressing Use / Attack, thrown flails are heavily influenced by gravity, making them good weapon to attack from above with. However, by holding down Use / Attack when throwing, the player can execute a more powerful throw, making the flail fly farther. Thrown flails will ricochet off walls, but pierce through multiple enemies on both their forward and return trips.

Name Damage Velocity Use time Knockback Crit Autoswing HM Rarity Sell Source
Ball O' Hurt Ball O' Hurt
Internal Item ID: 162
30 /
12 45
(Very slow)
4% Rarity level: 1 150 /
Dropped by Shadow Orbs and found in Corrupt and Defiled Crates.
Blue Moon Blue Moon
Internal Item ID: 163
54 /
12 45
(Very slow)
4% Rarity level: 2 175 Found in Locked Gold Chests and Golden Lock Boxes.
Dao of Pow Dao of Pow
Internal Item ID: 389
100 /
15 45
(Very slow)
4% ✔️ Rarity level: 5 288 Crafted: Dark Shard + Light Shard + 7 Soul of Night + 7 Soul of Light ( @ Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil )
Drippler Crippler Drippler Crippler
Internal Item ID: 4272
110 15.9 40
(Very slow)
4% ✔️ Rarity level: 4 4 Dropped by Blood Eel.
Flaming Mace Flaming Mace
Internal Item ID: 5012
18 11 45
(Very slow)
4% Rarity level: 1 2 Crafted: Mace + 99 Torch
Flower Pow Flower Pow
Internal Item ID: 1259
130 /
15.9 40
(Very slow)
4% ✔️ Rarity level: 7 6 Dropped by Plantera.
Mace Mace
Internal Item ID: 5011
18 11 45
(Very slow)
4% Rarity level: 1 2 Found in Gold Chests underground.
Sunfury Sunfury
Internal Item ID: 220
64 /
12 45
(Very slow)
6.75 (Strong) /
7 (Strong)
11% /
Rarity level: 3 250 Found in Shadow Chests and Obsidian Lock Boxes.
The Meatball The Meatball
Internal Item ID: 801
34 /
12 45
(Very slow)
4% Rarity level: 1 54 Crafted: 10 Crimtane Bar + 5 Tissue Sample ( @ Iron Anvil / Lead Anvil )


Launched flail in use.
Launched flail in use.

Launched flails lack the physics of thrown flails, cannot pierce, and cannot be swung around by holding the attack button. However, they make up for this by firing rapidly and being unaffected by gravity (except for the Anchor). This generally makes it easier to aim launched flails, particularly upwards, and grants them higher damage potential. Rather than smoothly stretching and then swinging back, a launched flail will extend at a fixed speed until it strikes a block or reaches its maximum length, and then retract at a slightly faster, fixed speed.

Most launched flails can auto-fire, which makes them extremely effective at short ranges. Enemies that are vulnerable to knockback can be pushed away easily, and enemies that are immune to knockback, like bosses, can be quickly dealt a large amount of damage by the rapidly-firing flail.

Name Damage Velocity Use time Knockback Crit Autoswing HM Rarity Sell Source
Anchor Anchor
Internal Item ID: 2424
70 /
20 20 (Very fast) /
30 (Average)
8 (Very strong) /
5 (Average)
4% ✔️ Rarity level: 3 1 Found in Wooden Crates or Pearlwood Crates.
Chain Guillotines Chain Guillotines
Internal Item ID: 3012
59 9 14
(Very fast)
4% ✔️ ✔️ Rarity level: 5 8 Dropped by Corrupt Mimics.
Chain Knife Chain Knife
Internal Item ID: 1325
12 12 20
(Very fast)
4% Rarity level: 1 25 Dropped by Cave Bats.
Flairon Flairon
Internal Item ID: 2611
66 14 20
(Very fast)
4% ✔️ ✔️ Rarity level: 8 5 Dropped by Duke Fishron.
Golem Fist Golem Fist
Internal Item ID: 1297
90 /
28 24
12 (Insane) /
9 (Very strong)
4% ✔️ ✔️ Rarity level: 7 7 Dropped by Golem.
KO Cannon KO Cannon
Internal Item ID: 1314
40 /
15 28
4% ✔️ ✔️ Rarity level: 4 350 Dropped by Clown.


  • Technically, the actual base damage of thrown flails is half value of the base damage listed on this wiki. The listed damage in the item tooltip is two times of the actual base damage. [2] For example, the Sunfury has a base damage of 64, while its actual base damage is 32.
  • The Piranha Gun and the Harpoon are similar to launched flails, but inflict ranged damage.
  • Thrown flails are not affected by the autoswing granted by Feral Claws and its upgrades, unless the flail reaches its maximum range and is automatically retracted.


  • Thrown flails can be used to attack enemies on both sides of the player by throwing the flail without letting go of the Use / Attack button, and heading in the opposite direction when the ball reaches its maximum distance and is about to return, which will make it go to the other side, where the process can be repeated. Furthermore, holding the button and not moving lets the ball part of the flail fall to the ground, where it will damage enemies who walk, fly, or burrow into it, which works exceptionally well against worms.


  • Desktop 1.4.4:
    • Knockback when spinning flails has been increased from 25% to 35% of normal knockback.
    • Spinning flails now hit up to 4 times a second instead of 3 times a second. Flails which already hit 4 times a second have been increased to 5 times a second.


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