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I was fighting the cultist, and then I accidentally summoned phantasm dragon, but the cultist’s clones didn’t have healthbars. Is this normal, (like true eye of Cthulhu,) or is this a bug? Overlordrunt777777 (talk) 02:22, 2 February 2024 (UTC)

Reference to Zelda

Does anybody else think this boss references Agahnim, or however you spell his name, from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past? Like Agahnim, he uses clones, has a lightning attack, an ice attack that shoots in six directions, and has some kind of glow projectile. It could be a coincidence, but I find it interesting that his attacks are very similar. — Preceding unsigned comment added by at 23:39, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

That is possible, and yes you spelled it correctly.

Possible bug with Treasure Bags

I've defeated two Lunatic Cultists on Expert Mode and didn't receive even one Treasure Bag, so there might either be a bug with them being dropped or their chance might not be exactly 100%. Did anyone else encounter a similar behaviour?--DoubleFloat (talk) 08:00, 12 July 2015

His treasure bag is unobtainable. The developers didn't include it.

I am [[User:Figmeister|Figmeister]]. If you want to talk to me, please leave a comment on my [[User_talk:Figmeister|talk page.]] (talk) 21:53, 20 August 2015 (UTC)

suggested merge for lunatic cultist and ancient light

the ancient light is a projectile-type enemy exclusive to the lunatic, so why keep it seperate when the page has only one sentence [which is redundent to this page, i might add]? FinaLemon 21:06, 29 October 2015 (UTC)

I agree, projectiles don't really need their own pages. One day when I have more time I'll go through and remove them. Gearzein (talk) 04:59, 30 October 2015 (UTC)

New tactic for battle! Piranha gun!

if you didn't already know, the Piranha gun is the ideal weapon for telling which is the real one when he uses duplicates. It follows the real one, reveals where it will apear and returns! not great at dealing damage but it will help the battle! — Preceding unsigned comment added by Halverly (talk • contribs) at 21:58, 3 May 2016 (UTC)


I have noticed that it is possible to tell if the cultist is going to do certain attacks:

  • Fireball/Ice ball/Ancient Light: It stays in place and raises it's arms until it is pointing forward and attacks
  • Force Lightning: It teleports right above the player and raises it's arms up and spawns the orb.
  • Clone: It phases the same way that Duke Fishron would when it is spawning sharknados and dissapears. It then attempts to make two extra clones each time and has an upper limit of seven clones. 09:50, 29 June 2016 (UTC)

So easy

Hard? I managed to defeat him on expert mode with all 5 clones(max) with the following gear:

  • Weapon: Razorblade Typhoon
  • Mount: UFO
  • Potions: Super Healing Potion(around 4), Super Mana Potion(around 50)
  • Armour: Solar Flare
  • Equipment: Fire Gauntlet, Mana Flower, Celestial Shell, Ankh Shield, Yoaiz0r's Spell(not used).
  • Minions: Stardust Cell(1)

My trick is to dodge attacks while spamming attacks.(I suck at dodging) 03:03, 20 August 2016 (UTC)

Did you managed to defeat him for the first time? Or did you managed to defeat him in post-Moon Lord/Endgame? I am asking you because Endgame players can pretty much defeat Lunatic Cultist. --IosKent (Talk Page - Contribs) 05:20, 20 August 2016 (UTC)--
im guessing he did it endgame telling from his armor and minion (ik im not in this arguement but just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) — Preceding unsigned comment added by at 18:52, 21 April 2021 (UTC)
Again, please make sure to sign your posts using four tildes (~~~~) instead of the {{unsigned}} or {{unsigned/doc}} templates. Something also to note is that this discussion is almost 5 years old - it's very unlikely that IosKent will see your reply. --Eraloiz (talk) 20:37, 21 April 2021 (UTC)

oh ok :\

Sound of Lunatic Cultist

So, just a quick question. Does Lunatic Cultist have the death sound of a train? I have not beaten the game yet, so I do not know if this is false. Can someone check? It is on this wiki for death sound. - Your boy, Dez — Preceding unsigned comment added by at 19:24, 7 March 2020 (UTC)

The sound listed under "Killed" in his infobox is his death sound. It is taken directly from Terraria's source code. Note that it is only the base sound – the game might play a version that is altered regarding pitch, volume, and/or duration. Unfortunately, we barely have the possibility to accurately represent these minor modifications on the wiki, since every single one would require a separate sound file. --Rye Greenwood (talk) 21:01, 7 March 2020 (UTC)

There's something that I find interesting

I added this to the page one time, but I guess it's not important enough to be on it, but when you kill him with the 'blood and gore' setting enabled, his head has the circular eyes of the clones. I feel like this could mean he teleported away and left a clone to die in his place. Just something that I thought was interesting. 02:11, 14 March 2020 (UTC)

new trick

use the pirana gun and the UFO mount,and dont forget to make a house for the nurse!(hold down the ATK button on the UFO and when you're at low health,go to the nurse,then go back to fighting)(oh!and do it 2 player) 05:27, 18 June 2020 (UTC)


Trivia says "It is the smallest boss, the only human one, and the only one without an awakening message." Is he confirmed to be a human?

Human size, human language and human voice (sort of) say yes 18:10, 30 July 2020 (UTC)


I am trying to beat the lunatic cultist.(I have beaten him twice,once I a large world,and once on a medium world,with 2 different characters) (oh!and the cultists only spawn if no events are active)any help?

never mind,I managed to blst him with my laser machine gun

I was playing multiplayer with some friends and someone angered the cultists; I remembered that the wiki said that lunatic despawns if even one player recalls so I finished off the normal cultists to reset them. To my dismay, the lunatic kept fighting the others after I recalled home. 16:48, 25 June 2020 (UTC) Topeka

Ancient cultist?

All official sources except for the enemy name in-game refer to it as “ancient cultist”. 1 source says lunatic cultist, all others say ancient cultist. Perhaps we should move it? 00:36, 24 July 2020 (UTC)

A thing with spectre armour

The projectiles created by the spectre armour with the mask will actually target the correct cultist during the clone summoning, even before it becomes visible. If anyone's having trouble with that attack, you can just use spectre armour.


Me and my friend are stuck on the lunatic cultist (We play on xbox btw) does anyone have any suggestions for a arena or potions to use

If you already made an arena for skeletron, I recommend using that.

Homing changes in 1.4.3

This note was included in the 1.4.3 changelog:

"* Updated, added to, and pruned dozens of entries from an inaccurate and outdated list of homing projectiles that the Lunatic Cultist has damage resistance against."

Do we know what the new list is? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Mathbrush1 (talkcontribs) at 05:11, 6 December 2021 (UTC)

Here's a list of new, removed and unchanged projectiles:
List of homing projectiles
Projectile Status
Magic MissileMagic MissileInternal Projectile ID: 16New
FlamelashFlamelashInternal Projectile ID: 34New
RainbowRainbowInternal Projectile ID: 79New
BeeBeeInternal Projectile ID: 181New
Possessed HatchetPossessed HatchetInternal Projectile ID: 182-
WaspWaspInternal Projectile ID: 189New
Mechanical PiranhaMechanical PiranhaInternal Projectile ID: 190-
Pygmy 1Pygmy 1Internal Projectile ID: 191Removed
Pygmy 2Pygmy 2Internal Projectile ID: 192Removed
Pygmy 3Pygmy 3Internal Projectile ID: 193Removed
Pygmy 4Pygmy 4Internal Projectile ID: 194Removed
Pygmy SpearPygmy SpearInternal Projectile ID: 195New
Chlorophyte BulletChlorophyte BulletInternal Projectile ID: 207-
Flower PetalFlower PetalInternal Projectile ID: 221New
Chlorophyte ArrowChlorophyte ArrowInternal Projectile ID: 225New
Crystal LeafCrystal LeafInternal Projectile ID: 226Removed
Crystal Leaf ShotCrystal Leaf ShotInternal Projectile ID: 227-
Flower PowFlower PowInternal Projectile ID: 247Removed
Flower Pow PetalFlower Pow PetalInternal Projectile ID: 248New
Magnet Sphere BallMagnet Sphere BallInternal Projectile ID: 254Removed
Magnet Sphere BoltMagnet Sphere BoltInternal Projectile ID: 255-
Baby SlimeBaby SlimeInternal Projectile ID: 266-
Nano BulletNano BulletInternal Projectile ID: 285New
Lost Soul (friendly)Lost Soul (friendly)Internal Projectile ID: 297-
Tiny EaterTiny EaterInternal Projectile ID: 307-
Frost HydraFrost HydraInternal Projectile ID: 308Removed
Frost Blast (friendly)Frost Blast (friendly)Internal Projectile ID: 309New
BatBatInternal Projectile ID: 316-
RavenRavenInternal Projectile ID: 317-
Flaming JackFlaming JackInternal Projectile ID: 321-
Snowman Rocket ISnowman Rocket IInternal Projectile ID: 338-
Snowman Rocket IISnowman Rocket IIInternal Projectile ID: 339-
Snowman Rocket IIISnowman Rocket IIIInternal Projectile ID: 340-
Snowman Rocket IVSnowman Rocket IVInternal Projectile ID: 341-
Spectre WrathSpectre WrathInternal Projectile ID: 356New
HornetHornetInternal Projectile ID: 373Removed
Hornet StingerHornet StingerInternal Projectile ID: 374-
Flying ImpFlying Imp(Desktop, Console, Old-gen console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 375Removed
Imp FireballImp FireballInternal Projectile ID: 376-
Spider EggSpider EggInternal Projectile ID: 378New
Baby SpiderBaby SpiderInternal Projectile ID: 379-
RetaniminiRetaniminiInternal Projectile ID: 387Removed
SpazmaminiSpazmaminiInternal Projectile ID: 388-
Mini Retina LaserMini Retina LaserInternal Projectile ID: 389-
Venom SpiderVenom SpiderInternal Projectile ID: 390-
Jumper SpiderJumper SpiderInternal Projectile ID: 391-
Dangerous SpiderDangerous SpiderInternal Projectile ID: 392-
One Eyed PirateOne Eyed PirateInternal Projectile ID: 393New
Soulscourge PirateSoulscourge PirateInternal Projectile ID: 394New
Pirate CaptainPirate CaptainInternal Projectile ID: 395New
Flairon BubbleFlairon BubbleInternal Projectile ID: 405-
TempestTempestInternal Projectile ID: 407-
Mini SharkronMini SharkronInternal Projectile ID: 408-
TyphoonTyphoonInternal Projectile ID: 409-
UFOUFO(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 423Removed
UFO RayUFO RayInternal Projectile ID: 433New
Influx WaverInflux Waver(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 451Removed
Crystal DartCrystal Dart(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 477-
Seedler NutSeedler NutInternal Projectile ID: 483Removed
Seedler ThornSeedler ThornInternal Projectile ID: 484-
Medusa RayMedusa RayInternal Projectile ID: 535-
Medusa Head RayMedusa Head RayInternal Projectile ID: 536-
Giant BeeGiant BeeInternal Projectile ID: 566New
Spore TrapSpore TrapInternal Projectile ID: 567New
Spore Trap 2Spore Trap 2Internal Projectile ID: 568New
Spore GasSpore GasInternal Projectile ID: 569New
Spore Gas 2Spore Gas 2Internal Projectile ID: 570New
Spore Gas 3Spore Gas 3Internal Projectile ID: 571New
Scutlix LaserScutlix LaserInternal Projectile ID: 606New
Stardust CellStardust Cell(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 613New
Stardust Cell ShotStardust Cell ShotInternal Projectile ID: 614New
Vortex RocketVortex RocketInternal Projectile ID: 616New
Nebula ArcanumNebula Arcanum(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 617New
Nebula Arcanum SubshotNebula Arcanum SubshotInternal Projectile ID: 618New
Nebula Arcanum Explosion ShotNebula Arcanum Explosion ShotInternal Projectile ID: 619New
Nebula Arcanum Explosion Shot ShardNebula Arcanum Explosion Shot ShardInternal Projectile ID: 620New
Stardust Dragon 1Stardust Dragon 1Internal Projectile ID: 625New
Stardust Dragon 2Stardust Dragon 2Internal Projectile ID: 626New
Stardust Dragon 3Stardust Dragon 3Internal Projectile ID: 627New
Stardust Dragon 4Stardust Dragon 4Internal Projectile ID: 628New
Nebula BlazeNebula Blaze(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 634New
Nebula Blaze ExNebula Blaze ExInternal Projectile ID: 635New
Luminite Arrow TrailLuminite Arrow TrailInternal Projectile ID: 640New
Lunar Portal LaserLunar Portal LaserInternal Projectile ID: 642New
Rainbow ExplosionRainbow ExplosionInternal Projectile ID: 644New
Spirit FlameSpirit Flame(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 659New
Flameburst Tower Shot (tier 1)Flameburst Tower Shot (tier 1)Internal Projectile ID: 664New
Flameburst Tower Shot (tier 2)Flameburst Tower Shot (tier 2)Internal Projectile ID: 666New
Flameburst Tower Shot (tier 3)Flameburst Tower Shot (tier 3)Internal Projectile ID: 668New
Ballista ShotBallista ShotInternal Projectile ID: 680New
GhastGhastInternal Projectile ID: 700New
Sanguine BatSanguine Bat(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 755New
Vampire FrogVampire Frog(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 758New
FinchFinchInternal Projectile ID: 759New
Cluster Rocket ICluster Rocket I(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 803New
Cluster Rocket IICluster Rocket II(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 804New
Wet RocketWet Rocket(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 805New
Lava RocketLava Rocket(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 806New
Honey RocketHoney Rocket(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 807New
Mini Nuke Rocket IMini Nuke Rocket IInternal Projectile ID: 808New
Mini Nuke Rocket IIMini Nuke Rocket IIInternal Projectile ID: 809New
Dry RocketDry Rocket(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 810New
Desert TigerDesert Tiger(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 832New
Desert Tiger (tier 1)Desert Tiger (tier 1)Internal Projectile ID: 833New
Desert Tiger (tier 2)Desert Tiger (tier 2)Internal Projectile ID: 834New
Desert Tiger (tier 3)Desert Tiger (tier 3)Internal Projectile ID: 835New
SkullSkullInternal Projectile ID: 837New
Stellar TuneStellar Tune(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 856New
Enchanted DaggerEnchanted Dagger(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 864New
ReapingReapingInternal Projectile ID: 916New
Cool FlakeCool FlakeInternal Projectile ID: 917New
Santank RocketSantank RocketInternal Projectile ID: 930New
NightglowNightglow(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 931New
Volatile GelatinVolatile Gelatin(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 937New
TerraprismaTerraprisma(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 946New
FlinxFlinx(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 951New
AbigailAbigail(Desktop, Console and Mobile versions)Internal Projectile ID: 963New
Houndius Shootius FireballHoundius Shootius FireballInternal Projectile ID: 967New
--Eraloiz (talk) 22:57, 6 December 2021 (UTC)

Immune to all debuffs except "Whip Debuffs"?

I'm currently looking into doing a playthrough of Terraria using primarily debuffs, and was curious as to what exactly the wiki means by whip debuffs. It's a bit vague in what it means since it could have a few different possible meanings. Does this mean debuffs like Hellfire and Frostbite work against it? Or is it something else more specific, like the dark energy from the Dark Harvest? Some elaboration would be nice. SkyanUltra (talk) 03:18, 31 January 2023 (UTC)

I don’t know if you have noticed, but most whips inflict a special debuff that increases the damage output off the player‘s minions (a.k.a tagging the hit enemy), some others instead inflict an damaging aoe effect. Those are „Whip Debuffs“, since they are only inflicted by whips and cannot be normaly inflicted through other means (except through 3rd-party programs, although that’s another story), and so is LC susceptible to them. Debuffs like hellfire or frostbite however, aren’t whip-exclusive debuffs, i.e. they can be inflicted through other weapons/means, and therefore is LC immune to them. Dodofart (talk) 11:04, 31 January 2023 (UTC)